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Aaron Dammit's WWE NXT Recap

First off I think I have rights to chime in on my opinion of Raw last night. All I got to see was the footage that provided since, as I said, NXT has been 98 percent of the wrestling I have watched on TV recently. From what I saw the debuted them on RAW well. Some think the talent or lack there of in individuals such as Young or Orangutang will hold them back. If I recall NWO days correctly it didn't take that much to get over. The group chooses who they get to beat down. First two people that make contact go down and are not seen from again unless they are standing around. Beat down happens. Beat downs don't need talent. And maybe a couple good moves are used to make it seem brutal. EASY. I like the angle and the only flaw I see behind it is that the WWE creative team is behind it. While a good start, it too is doomed. I hope Bryan Danielson will survive the fall.


And we start out with an awsome package again of the attack on Monday night. YES. We have Wild on Young back and Bryan Alvarez is writhing in agony as he watching this. From angrymarks chat so is Nickolye.

And announcing we have.....Cole and.... Striker in the ring. Striker says that everybody in the graduating class of NXT left injuries and destruction in their wake. Other than Striker of course.

Some nice Lucky Charms packages with Lucky Cannon's picture on them.

Miz in season 2 and Cole announces him the Vince Lambardi of NXT. Blah. Miz introduces Alex Riley. Morrison brings out Eli Cottonwood. Chairs on the ramp so we get all season long. Blah. Next with Cody Rhodes bringing out Husky Harris. Husky at least has some personality when he comes to the ring. Lay Cool now bringing out LoKi/Kaval. Kaval is playing the clown. I thought he would of given them his face of doom. Mark Henry now bringing out Lucky Cannon. I don't get anything from him. Kofi is over at least. Kofi with Michael Mcgillicutty. Looks like Noble but maybe a little taller. He is trying a little crazy but it isn't working. MVP is out with Showtime Percy Washington. Hmmmm. Jury is out on him but I want to like him. Zach Ryder brings out Titus Oneal. So far all rookies seem to be with their coaches other than Kaval. And we are done? I am liking the way Husky carries himself in the ring. Striker letting us know that the pros get 50 percent of the vote and gets the other part. This season is only 12 weeks long. There is only three weeks before the first meaningless pros poll. In 6 weeks time we have our first elimination. Husky jumping the mic. Scuffold breaks out I guess. The giant does not look that big. And we go to a commercial.

Cole now putting over last night's NXT. LMAO children crying from last night.

Morrison and Eli vs Zach and Titus

Ryder and Morrison start out. I am sure they are taking notes on Ryder for elimination. Eli now with a failed headlock. Nice collision with the rookies in there. What the fuck. Zach telling Titus to bark and he did. My mouth is agape. Something happened with Titus going to the outside when Morrison comes in. Cottonwood and Morrison are said to be working well together.

Commercial midmatch. Great.

Morrison and Zach back in the ring saving the match from Cottonwood. Titus working with Morrison. Kick by Morrison. Not the worst bump taken by Titus. Morrison with starship pain as Cottonwood takes out Zach. Rookies were REALLY stiff in their working. Striker now interviewing Morrison who says everybody has an opinion on them. Now Miz saying that they did not entertain. It was not the best. Cole is saying the Miz is like Bill Parcels. Cottonwood does a better psycho that the old Gallows or some others but his talent is not there. Titus is head and heels above Otunga but that isn't saying much.

Now a Riley package. Eh. Riley is better on the mic. Has some heel charisma. Ring moves they showed looked decent.

Commercial break

Percy and MVP vs Husky and Cody

Percy and Cody start it out. These two are perhaps the two I am most interested in seeing how they do. Percy with this glasses. Percy looking passable. Cody visually in the hard cam giving Percy instructions. Percy's bumps look good. Husky comes in. Is not looking that bad either. Can do a suplex. Cody back in. Ref calling for the tag. Cody taunting MVP. Showtime Watson is being worked over rather well.

Commercial break

Cody still in the ring working over Percy. Cody playing the cocky pro pretty well. Husky actually is looking good. Great butt/fall/thump. Great air time. Wish that was his finisher. Mvp with a hot tag. Ball-in elbow over. Been a while since I seen it. Cody distracting. MVP takes out Rhodes. Percy brought in. Showtime with a go around DDT. Eh it is a finisher at least. Slater never had one. Still the floatover DDT looked forced. Why not just keep it a DDT. Now Striker ruining things again. Cody giving his opinion on Husky Harris. Ummm. He basically says that Husky doesn't look like an athlete but can be molded into one.

Mike McGuilicutty package. I know he can work but his package did nothing to impress me or to set him apart. Some Perfect moves though. His entire selling point is the family and McGillicuty is his last name. I agree with most people with the FAIL. If he fails in the ring I tease his ring name, if he impresses first match I think I will upgrade him to LilPerfect.


(at this point I wrote live but my report dropped so I am doing the rest by memory)

Quicker version of what I wrote before. Pros and rookies are in the ring. Pros on one side, rookies on the other. They show the clip from Monday night. Some thoughts on this viewing. Slater does a lot of talking to Cena. Slater looks good as a heel. Young is fucking brilliant and keeps his wrestling moves to other people to a minimum and instead goes after the furniture or walks around looking bad ass. Danielson's kick looked awesome. Otunga was a dipshit and tried to wrestle. It won't take much to get Gabriel's 450 splash over.

After the clip Striker decided to put the mic in the faces of the rookies. Mizs twin thought he was allergic to Striker which was good. The only one that REALLY stunk up the mic was Tidus. Mic gets pulled away from LilPerfect. Striker says that since the safety of all at WWE are at stake he would like to welcome the new rookies to the WWE. With that the pros get together and beat up the rookies. Nice look, made sense, nobody stunk up the ring THAT much, and it was effective. Nice way to finish things off.

Final thoughts. Erkel and Harris impressed me. Tidus not so much and Eli can suck it. Please keep him out as much as you managed to with Skippy last season.

With that I give you my new NXT award. The Hudsondude Orangatang Award of Max Suckage. Or the HOAMS. First winner is Eli Cottonwood. We will see but he has all the workings to give Hudsondude a run for his money for max suckage.

All in all I am a whole HELL of a lot happier I watched this show going out than going in. There was some BAD but there was more good than expected and we still have Kaval, Miz's rookie, LilPerfect, and Lucky Cannon that all look like they have potential. Well Kaval is a wrestling God the rest I'm hoping for SOMETHING out of. So with that I close and bid you a fair DAMMIT OFF.

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