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Tonight's guest host for Monday Night Raw will be Wayne Brady. The guest host on May 10 will be Flava Flav, and the host for May 24 will be Jon Lovitz. {WWE} That's right - Jon Lovitz. I have no idea what he'll be promoting or if anybody in the "WWE Universe" will care.

Next Thursday, due to a Chicago Cubs game, WWE Superstars on WGN America will air at 10 PM but still repeat at 12 AM and then 12 PM Sunday. {PWI}

Mike Mooneyham of The Charleston Post And Courier has a really good interview up with World Champion Jack Swagger to promote this Tuesday's Smackdown taping in South Carolina. You can read the full article HERE.

Edge is featured on the poster for the upcoming WWE Over the Limit PPV. {PWI}

The official DVD release for WWE's Wrestlemania 26 will be this Tuesday. The DVD will be released as a two or three DVD "Collector's edition." The 3 DVD set will include the complete Wrestlemania 26 PPV card, the complete WWE 2010 Hall of Fame ceremony and the following extras:

* Wrestlemania 26 Man Battle Royal

Hall of Famer Matches:

* Mad Dog Vachon vs. Rick McGraw
Primetime Wrestling January 1, 1985

* WWE Women’s Championship
Wendi Richter vs. Fabulous Moolah
Madison Square Garden July 23, 1984

* Japanese Heavyweight Championship
Antonio Inoki vs. The Great Hossein (aka Iron Sheik)
Madison Square Garden December 17, 1979

* Gorgeous George vs. Frankie Talliber
AWA 1951

* Ted DiBiase vs. Jake Roberts
WrestleMania 6 April 1, 1990

Jim Ross has blogged recently about Stone Cold's Twitter account, Chris Jericho's WWE beginnings, his thoughts on Tony Atlas being released and more. You can check the article HERE.

The Hartford Courant has a political cartoon of Linda McMahon HERE.

An interview with CM Punk, who is now being billed as the first straight edge wrestler of all-time, is available HERE.

Ryoto Hama, who was considered an unlikely winner of All Japan's Triple Crown earlier this year, dropped that title to Minoru Suzuki in his first defence earlier today in Nagoya, Japan. {WO}

Wrestlelicious will resume airing new episodes on May 7. The promotion had taken a few weeks off to allow all their syndicated outlets to catch up. Each outlet will now air the same show in the same week. {PWI} is hinting that Rob Van Dam may be defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the winner of the new ranking system promoted on the site.

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett has been added to the TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view. {TNA}

On NASCAR Live on SPEED, Hermie Sadler & Steve Byrnes hosted it and interviewed Matt Morgan on the SPEED stage. Morgan said was at his first ever NASCAR race. He said that there is such a great feeling being there. Hermie plugged when TNA airs and told all the NASCAR/Wrestling fans to tune in. Morgan mentioned how Kyle Busch (who guested hosted WWE Raw and won a race in WWE's car) gets the most heat from the fans. He said Busch is the biggest NASCAR heel. Hermie said Matt gets heat like that when he comes out to the ring. Morgan flexed his muscles and plugged when TNA airs again. {PWI}

Last and definitely least, in the NASCAR Nationwide Race from Richmond, the TNA Wrestling Car driven by Hermie Sadler finished 32nd, 6 laps back. Former Raw Guest Hosts Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards and Joey Logano finished fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

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i was really looking forward to Wayne Brady hosting, and very letdown when he did...thanks again WWE