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Aaron Dammit's WWE NXT Recap

Since apparently NXT is going bye bye I wrote an article last week detailing my defense of the product and why I will miss the little bugger and it gets laid to waste. You may go here for that article HERE.

So now on to the show. THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

A preview making the show look great. Matt Striker in the ring with only two weeks left. The pros come to the ring degraded to using the NXT music. Great. I wonder if Carlito has been eliminated.

Well there is very little reaction to most of them which I am not sure if it bodes well for the rookies on the show. Wow no excuse whatsoever offered for Carlito not being there although they mentioned Punk at Over the Limit and didn't want to risk the "reveal" of no hair here.

Congratulations and welcome to the Final Four by Striker. Oh the tension. Not. They need someone else. Next week is NXT season's finale. Perhaps the entire show's series. Gold on the mic first. The Ginger Ninja Slater I love that. Gabriel. Wade says that in the end Slater should go. Gabriel says Otunga because he has no idea what he is doing in the ring. Otunga says Gabriel because he can not speak on the mic. Slater says Barrett because he is ugly so it looks like the have paired off here. Up first appears to be R Truth and Otunga vs I am guessing Gabriel and Hardy. Three fourths of the match should not be bad.


I was wrong apparently Cristian and Slater.

Match 1: Otunga and Truth vs Slater and Christian

Looking at the polls I would love to see Gabriel get the number one spot just once even if he is gone but the show is not long enough for that unless he wins the shindig here.

Slater and Truth start things out. Slater saying the momentum has been killed since he beat Jericho. Some sort of explanation to that happening I guess. Tags happen. Christian vs Otunga. Otunga isn't looking that good still. Otunga's in ring skills are being talked about and that is a fine line when they discuss his work rate. Cole is oblivious to it this time and talks just about his wins. They try to pass Otunga off as having "it" and other than his back story Slater is winning that category between the two.

More tags, more wrestling. Christian and Otunga back in now. Keyboard skills are acting up so I'm not able to follow the action that well. Hot tag to Slater. Slater working over Otunga. Slater appears to be promoted to passable in the ring. Slater goes to the top rope for a cross body and perhaps a finishing move that has alluded him. Otunga though rolls through and gets the three count and R Truth actually looks pleased. We are reminded that another pro goes home tonight.

Up next Daniel Bryan comes out. Cole calls him out. Fight bound to happen, maybe.

Commercial Break.

Cole in the ring now. Review of Danielson on the mic delivering a good promo. I've actually liked heel Cole. He is a whole lot better when talking about Danielson than he is any other time in his tenure in the WWE because he inspires some emotion rather than a nuisance.

Bryan convinces security to leave and that he will shake Cole's hand. Cole tries to be a prick but doesn't come out that well. Some good back and forth. I wonder if Bryan is getting himself the man beard again. Some good dialogue between the two. Very good stuff. Cole winds up hitting Bryan behind security. Bryan gets to get him some of Cole. Leaves walks up the ramp. Gets into it with the Miz. Security has to throw him out. Not sure if is because I'm a Daniel Bryan mark or not but that was from beginning to end predictable but great.


Cole can't announce due to a few seconds of a beating. Wow. Replay. Now Barrett and Jericho (in a suit)??? I guess no tag team match.

Barrett vs Gabriel

Best match I have had the pleasure of seeing the rookies perform on NXT when they fought the first time. Power man vs. flash being told again. Slower paced than their first match but still the best rookie vs rookie action that NXT has. Nice sunset flip powerbomb. Gabriel with the splash and while a good well put on match it did not catch the magic of their first one.

Ten minutes left and there is still the pros poll. Anything else I don't know.

I'm hoping for Otunga but since he is a face in the WWE now and may get a few more viewer to tune in the last week I have to say it will be Slater. So next week we have a half hour 3 way match, some highlights, and Daniel Bryan vs Cole and Miz in a handicap match? Wait that would be if WWE were smart. They are not.

Commercial Break

Wild and Young song writers are there

Raw Rebound

Pros polls are being tallied up. The challenges and the first poll give this a chance of being real and Otunga going home. Please let it be Otunga. Please let the Orangatang go home. I would be the happiest kid on the block if it is Hudson Dude. Let Ring Poo go. Please let this be real.

Commercial break is going while I am praying

And here we go. Number 1 is ...Wade Barrett. Deserved I guess. Boooo shit Otunga is number 2. So it is between Slater and Gabriel. YES it's Slater. If it was rigged they should of had Otunga lower to have a heel and face there so it is somewhat confusing there. Christian asked why he went home. Christian says he still has a future. Miz says that he never let loose with the wow factor. R Truth says that Slater busted his ass but didn't make it. Survival of the fittest.

Slater cuts a promo. Saying good things but isn't making it go together as a character. They did do a whole for Slater to get him over just to have him go home. Too bad this kills him I think. Well not really. No sleep lost and 2 of the best 3 are still there which is not that bad for a wrestling writing team nowadays.

Till next week for the finale.

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