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Aaron Dammit's WWE NXT Recap

OK SyFy is on and from this showing of "Star Trek The Next Generation", it maybe a little of past the hour. I read on last night and took note from a Daniel Bryan tweet that he won a match last night on Raw. I didn't see it but apparently he won via small package. Oh sure now they are making him steal Heath Slater's finisher. Anyways when I get to start watching NXT here the update will be under way.

And, of course its not showing like it should after this wait. But I'm not giving up. I'm getting a stream and am going to continue from that.

OK I'm going off of the videos shown on if I leave something out I will put out a redo after hulu airs it or something.

Anyways there is no THE WORLD IS WATCHING and I start with all the superstars at the ring and Striker with the dreaded mic in his hand. Striker talks about what was said last week. Tarver says that he shouldn't be eliminated again. WWE management says through Striker that Tarver is eliminated and going home.

I did wish that he got more of a chance but I am not going to lose any sleep over this. My online is sucking big time tonight, this may take a bit. Tarver leaves. Striker walks over to Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is shown selling for all he was worth last week, selling his losses, selling his injury, and then is sent home. More on this summarizing everything that has probably already been said at the end of this article. Now waiting for video 2 to start up for me.

From the looks of the videos we have matches with the remaining 6 competitors and one more elimination after. Eh? Maybe hulu can tie it all together somehow. So now for Video #2 on

Heath Slater (pro Christian) vs. Wade Barrett (pro Jericho) apparently only has two minutes of this match. I would like to see how far Barrett has come along but... The video starts out with Slater being worked over by a knee in the back. Slater head bangs his way up. Strikes his way back and then some clotheslines. Slater has improved some and Barrett's his selling. Barrett hits his finisher (at least he has one) after catching Slater off the top rope and covers him for the win. (Internet connection is getting better now) Note that Barrett still has no new music after the win.

and now for video #3

Darren Young (pro CM Punk) vs. Skip Sheffield (pro William Regal)

Oh great this match I get 2:40 out of. Video starts up with Skip in control working over Young. Neck Crank by Skip. (Watching the videos with them freezing helps keep track of what action these two can supply.) William Regal looks on. Young working his way back to his feet. Cole confirms that for some reason we don't get the single elimination but three rookies will be tonight.

Dumbfounding for a show that had such a good start. Cole and Matthews are going on about Daniel Bryan during this match. Makes me think that he isn't in fact done since that is more important than this match. With the two most worthless guys on the NXT roster in the ring I can not blame them. Skip misses his dive.

I miss the Jarrett strut, Ed Tardo face, body splash dive he did the first time he was in the ring. If he still did that I maybe more inclined to watch more of his matches. Skip with his finisher that actually looks good. The rest of the match was blah. I hope the other one eliminated comes out of that match, since I dare not get my hopes up any longer about Otunga going home.

on to video #4 which would be

Otunga (pro R Truth) vs. Justin Gabriel (pro Matt Hardy)

My internet connection right now is making this go like a live report, if not slower. I don't know if it is or my internet connection right now but this isn't even funny anymore so I'm just going to give my opinion via spoilers since this has been one odd night.

I guess for some unknown reason Otunga beats Gabriel. Boo. It is a Gabriel match though who has been a highlight of this show for me so I'm looking forward to it, somewhat.

Show ends with Skip Sheffield going home and it can't be too soon for me. Other than some humor and some antics in the ring I liked he can go and not come back. Thankfully no dumbass challenge of the day.

Now with all that out of the way I suppose I am supposed to have an opinion on Daniel Bryan. First of all either it is a work or it is not. I am going for the work angle of it for right now since in most the matches I watched it was the continuing topic of discussion. I know I say that Triple H is just using Daniel Bryan as an example for being "the best in the world" and what the indies mean to the WWE but I don't think Daniel Bryan is done quite yet.

We still have a few weeks left and it was supposed to be another 3 weeks till 4 wrestlers were eliminated. (And now I am sounding like a TNA stip match) There is something they can do in NXT to have him around OR they could pull the masked wrestler/yellow dog gimmick and have him hang around and maybe plague the Miz for a while to keep him on TV. One may be correct in thinking I should read the writing on the wall and realize he is gone but as of right now I am lead not to believe it.

On the other hand if it is true and he is gone I'm oddly not at all that upset. Would it be true to say that I think that the WWE are fools to not bring him up. Oh yeah. Without a doubt. I met Daniel Bryan though and he is used to the simple life and is praised by indie geeks.

Myself included. On the indy scene he can show what he can do better than any other athlete today IMO and put on great slow paced or fast paced matches that take their time to tell stories. It'll suck not to have a WWE contract but Bryan likes training MMA when he has free time and if he was brought up that would not be the case. The other scenario would be that he goes back to FCW and trains the new talent.

Just think, WWE brought up their 8 best supposedly for this show. (Lo Ki can be brought up unharmed by any of this.) They need a Daniel Bryan there to train with them. As mentioned before WWE needs someone to fill the Benoit/Michaels place on the WWE roster and be there to put out great matches. Maybe if Daniel Bryan did take time to learn some personality traits from the Miz, or to hammer his "Tap or Snap" moniker home more they couldn't pull this but as it is they did. Oh well.

With Daniel Bryan being gone though it brings up a good question. Who on the roster should get a title match at a PPV. Looking at the PPV coming up the possible logical champions could be Big Show, Swagger, Cena, or Baitista (with Baitista rumored to be leaving the company). Young would be laughable with any of those and wouldn't make sense with anybody but CM Punk as champion. He couldn't work up a match and heaven forbid we see him in the ring.

Heath Slater sickens to many people for it to be him. Otunga thankfully was owned by Cena before, don't see him fairing well with the Big Show, and he and Swagger are both heels so I don't see that going down. Gabriel would be interesting with maybe Cena, not Big Show, Swagger and Batista but I would actually put a little money down to see him and Hardy face off against the Hart Dynasty.

So that is my HOPE. Barrett could maybe talk his way into a match with Cena if Barrett was given a real personality. He could perhaps weaken a Swagger or a Big Show for a Jericho victory later in the night at an upcoming PPV. His mic work is good enough to get a few buys added on for a PPV but that is it. I would not like the match as much as Gabriel and Hardy vs the Hart Dynasty OR vs Jericho and Edge but it is there.

Daniel Bryan needless to say could work well with any of those guys for any reason out there. But I rant enough but felt the need to do something since I failed to come around with a live recap show. I also have a "In Defense of NXT" article buffered and ready to go if anybody wants to hear it drop me an email. Till then and till I get a better recap up this is me signing off.

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AdamFromWelland said...

My prediction:

Bret lets Bryan take his place on Monday Night RAW against Miz and takes the title off of him.