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Aaron Dammit's WWE NXT Recap

Matt Striker on the ramp bringing out the NXT rookies. Cole points out they are entering last to first according to their rankings. Pop for Justin Gabriel. I would say the biggest pop was for Justin Gabriel.

Striker putting over the title shot at the PPV. Now Matt Striker putting over that Young is in last place he showed some character and disappointment in it.

Now Otunga being interviewed about being in 5th place and hosting Raw. Ortungangtang generic on the mic again. I think if you combine a black smack talker and Tiffany trying to get her lines down pat.

Bryan saying that he did not deserve number one. Tarver showing signs of charisma. Whole lot more than Otunga. Best part was a Cole diss by Bryan.

Now a physical challenge. Come on this is wrestling. I'm not liking this at all. Carry a keg around the ring and get it back? Huh? Daniel Bryan goes first? I do not see the point in this at all. Looking for strength I think that Wade Barrett should take this. Gabriel doesn't have a chance. I'm still wondering what the point is. Wow Gabriel doing a whole lot better.

I didn't think he had a chance. So far they are going in order and each rookie is beating the other one. Otunga first one to fail. Skip failed. Heath still in the lead. Tarver dropped the keg and it took Striker seconds to realize it. Tarver getting heat for doing less than Otunga. Finally Darren Young and we may get some wrestling. I would NOT of picked Heath Slater to win this thing. What does he win? Oh thank god its something and it is....A Match With Kane.

Commercial break

And we get more Orangutanga shoved down our throat.

Skip Sheffield. And he is acting like a raged pitbull. Not a redneck. And I think THIS may fit his in ring persona more. I got some interest back again in Skippy. I wonder if this means his Twitter account tweets will change.

Commercial break

Weren't we going to find out what the WWE Universe thought on the pros? Maybe they did not like how the voting went?

Daniel Bryan (Pro the Miz) vs Darren Young (Pro CM Punk)

The two in the ring. early moves. Daniel throws Darren Young outside. Some high flying knees and offense. Top rope drop kick. Nice. CATTLE MUTILATION. No reply from the WWE fans. All Bryan so far. Young coming back. Flip over by Bryan. Sunset flip. Fish out of water slowed down for Young. Slap.

Bryan gets the best. Darren Young with an over cover. 1 2 3 Bryan beat by the number eight and worst of the rookies. Wow! What are they planning to do with him? Daniel Bryan did look great in that match though. Young looked like he deserves the number 8 spot.

out next my pick for number one in NXT..

Justin Gabriel (pro Matt Hardy) vs. Michael Tarver (pro Carlito)

Promos by each. Not bad but no intensity from either. Not generic. Tie up. Hip drag by Justin Gabriel. Now we find out that Tarver was number eight on the fans poll. Tarver is looking good on offense. He has a unique body and snap to his offense. Gabriel in a stretch works out. Gabriel. back on offense.

Matches in fast forward. These two work well together and the main factor is Gabriel. TArver is good too though and convinces me more that he should move up. Gabriel wins with a 450 splash. I still say that Tarver needs to knock someone out to be given a fair shake.

Commercial Break

WWE Draft reminder. I wonder if that means HHH can be drafted to NXT as a rookie. Just sayin.

David Otunga (pro R Truth) vs. Wade Barrett (pro Chris Jericho)

Note that no pros were out today. Wade is gold again on the promo beforehand. This should be interesting to see if Wade is good enough to get a good match out of Otunga or if it was all Gabriel. Opening good. Two heels out. Little reaction from the crowd. Nice work over and offense by Wade. Otunga working little come back but not much.

Almost all Wade in the early going. Knee missed by Wade. Hudsondude Otunga coming back. Not for long. Back and forth. Otunga showing for the 6th time this week he knows how to shoulder tackle. Near fall by Otunga. Again. And finally Barrett with the win. He looked good, not great like he does with Gabriel but good. Otunga is probably second worst in the ring in my book.

So this means Skip is the odd man out but is going heel. I think I can handle that. I liked the pitbull intensity he showed.

Commercial break.

Now a pro vs. rookie main event

Heath Slater vs Kane

Kane out first. We are reminded that Kane went one vs eight against the NXT rookies. Slater looks like he wants to pee himself there. Some good facials. Doing good at the start here. Top rope drop kick. Top rope cross body. And it ends with a kick to the head. Kane tosses him outside. Works him over. Kane slows down the offense.

Top rope clothesline by Kane. Missed some there. Slater being worked over more. Slater came back some. Chokeslam time. Should be done. And it is. Slater looked like I said, not generic in the ring and I don't mind him that much except for being a loser on the promos.

Final thoughts.

Tarver moved up in my book. Otunga is slipping due to being shoved at us. I don't see any which way that Bryan Daniel could help but to slip after losing to Young. I know he looked great.

I know endings are determined but... Also with no pros there it meant no continuation of the Bryan vs Miz storyline. I do like the random factor figured in the beginning though. I think Skip was meant to win and since he did not was left out. Other than that I do enjoy the show. Hope to chat with some of you soon.

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