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Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 165

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Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with their incredible 165th episode of "Tha O Show"!

Don, Dan and Frank Fronte welcome Ontario Indy Wrestling Star, RJ City to Tha O Zone Lair for an awesome edition of tha show that makes you "O"!

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On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.!

A classic rant from "Tha Black Prophet".

"Tha Round Table" with Don, Dan, Frank, RJ and former ECW/WWE Superstar, Jerry Lynn!

PLUS, Legendary Entertainment recording artist, Ron Contour's "Overcast" featuring Dan-e-o, from his new album, Rontario.


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15 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program: Episode 165"

Anonymous said...

I swear to god - when the "HORSE TOOTH KILLA - JUST LIKE JORDAN" album drops i'll buy it.

mkf said...

RJ = best in studio guest.

Fuck Rico.
Fuck Asylum.
Fuck Devine.
Fuck Black Dolphin.
Fuck Cherry Bomb (I so would).

shaq said...

mkf, tell me how donnie's cum tastes.

mkf said...


mkf said...

How do i get accused of blowing Donnie? if anything accuse me of blowing RJ

Anonymous said...

Great run of guests!

Jim Cornette, Jimmy Hart, Matt Bourne, Mike Bucci, Danny Doring, Tatanka, Jerry Lynn.... all of them are names who were brutally honest. No kayfabery.

Anonymous said...

no Dan-e-o's top 5 reason's why the draft was knee?

Dante Ross said...

That was a great ass episode. From the freestyle by Tha Horse Tooth Killah to the great interview with Jerry Lynn. Cool Show. Hadn't heard from Black Prophet in a while and that was the most chipper I've ever heard TID. Cool show!

kathy said...

so did Frank and R.J. hook up after the show?.....

great show btw, i laughed like a mofo

Anonymous said...

wait please talk about how weak Bubba the Fuckin Cum Stain is... check out what he did now...

whats your opinion on it???

Moonsalt said...

BDD didnt Edge turn heel on Raw when he screwed Orton by spearing him in the #1 contenders match?

juice said...

Jerry Lynn was great!!

Titles for Frank Porn:

When Harry Met Fatty
Fatman: The Cock Knight

Anonymous said...

I think the Edge thing on Raw felt like a Stonecold thing where he can fuck upp anyone cuz the belt means more to him than anyone

AdamFromWelland said...

Judging by Frank's man crush on RJ I'd call his porno "Frank in the City".

Anonymous said...

Frank Porn Title:

The Gooed, the Fat and the Ugly