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WWE NXT Recap By Aaron Dammit

And first out to the ring is CM Punk with Afro Young that reminds me of the physique of a Jimmy Snuka. Striker tells us in two weeks the first round of votes take place? Still don't know how many stay, how many go, or if Low-Ki may be brought in.

Their opponents are Matt no charisma Hardy and passable Justin can't talk Gabriel. Young likes to have a good time except apparently when he is in the ring which is his job. Gabriel with a typical exchange.

Young finally trying to make it appear like he is having a good time and failing. Gabriel still looks above passable in the ring. Can't say that much for Young. Nice sunset flip tag team move by Hardriel. Nice interaction with Punk and Young. Why is Punk actually tagging in without Young going straight edge? OK beat down on Gabriel in the corner.

Pros are evaluating performances of their rookies but can't vote. Make sense? Thought not. Matthews talking about the 450 splash as if we haven't seen it before. Gabriel would be a phenom if we had not. I still can't get over the fact that the party going Young actually gets heel heat. This is more than can be said than for some on the roster.

Back from break. From a distance they look like they are doing great. Punk is working over Dear Gabby. Tag to Young. Good leg selling by Young, and Gabriel makes a little come back. Cole "taking a little bit too mcuh time". Way to call a spot before it goes down. Nice 450 miss. Cole telling us what the pros are going to look for. Isn't that up to the pros?

Gabriel being worked over again when Punk comes back in. Nice to see rookies making rookie mistakes. Gabby a little slow on his come back punches but good stuff. Gabby not going for tags and trying to fix things himself. Nice counter by Gabriel. Finally trying for the tag. Hardy hot tagged in. Hardy vs. Punk a match I wouldn't mind seeing get more time one on one. Hardy making Young's selling look decent.

Hardy sending himself and Young over. Gallows takes out Gabby, tries for Hardy but Hardy side effects him. Interference by the straight edge society and Punk's team wins. Gallows lays out Young as well to end the match. Nice little match given time but Young can still go away unless he is going to be Straight Edge Society fodder.

Bryan vs. Khali. Damn my theory that HHH is trying to ruin Bryan is becoming more and more valid. HBK and Dolph are the only two people that got a good match out of Khali so far and I doubt that Khali is going to give Daniel that much offense to make it good. We'll see. A submission here would make Bryan gold.

Out comes Bryan. I wonder if and when they "pass" they get their own music at all. Out comes Khali. When was the last time he actually wrestled? Oh well here we go. Nice size difference. Khali toss into the corner. Kicks attempted by Bryan. And we have a start of a squash here. I hope not. Cole claiming Bryan is in last place with 1.9 and Skippy only appearing once in the ring. We'll see.

Bryan brings Khali down to the knees. Bryan taking down Khali effectively. Khali comes back. Double hand chokeslam. And Bryan is 0-4 although that goes down as number 3 on the best of Khali matches. Here comes the Big Show. Perhaps to further rub it in for Daniel Bryan. Sure enough it is with a chokeslam to AmDrag. Skippy is up after the break!

Finally I get to try to figure out what it is about Skippy I like because there sure as heck is not that much there. Also so far the question on why 1.9 is getting the shaft is up in the air since he is the last rookie to not appear in the ring twice.

Raw recap and other than Stone Cold greatness could not care less.

So now we have so little going on with NXT that we have to review Hudsondude's video package. This is his strong point because in the ring and on the live mic he is nothing special at all. So far. But this video package is THE BEST for all the rookies.

OK there is 1.9 as we go to commercial again.

Pete Rose in charge or Raw (yawn).

Heath Bar on his way to the ring. And here comes 1.9 Tarver. Heath AC Slater can go as far as I care as well. 1.9 offense looking intense. I still think he is a lesser version of TNA's current Pope. Slater miss in the ring post. A lot of these rookie's matches take place in the corner. Just noticing.

Tarver working over the head of Slater. Tarver needs to stomp without the spoon up his butt. I like Tarver's knees to the gut. And Slate's finishing move is apparently the roll up. The knock out man now suplexing after the match? Umm ya.

Back from break finally. Wade antigabriel Barrett to the ring. Love his mic skills. Looked good in the ring last week. And out comes Skip Sheffield. These guys need their own ring music to bring out their personalities if they want it. Skippy ins intensity have not seen that yet.

Skippy needs something that says cowboy in the ring and not generic. Jericho going all out to promote his rookie. Jericho enjoying himself and stole the last minute of the show. Wade LiveMic Barrett is actually growin on me in the ring. Skippy showing nothing that special here so frar. He looks good but generic. If that's Barrett's finisher I'm not that impressed at all.

And I think I'm over my Skippy kick that went on for two weeks. He is good comedy on occasion, ok with Regal, but nothing special in the ring. I guess my rookies to keep are Bryan, Gabriel, and Barrett and I can live if the rest go really. Borderline is 1.9. Anyways that's it for this week. Can't wait for two weeks from now when we finally find out how this damn thing is supposed to work.

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Anonymous said...

Not trying to offend you in any way, but you should really spend more time on writing. Your recap had typos throughout and half the time I didn't understand what you were even trying to say due to the countless grammatical errors. Just some constructive criticism, don't take it the wrong way.

Stevie J said...

I don't think Aaron Dammit is reading the site so you might want to e-mail him directly via