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WrestleMania 26 Predictions

It's time once again for WrestleMania. The 26th installment of The Granddaddy Of 'Em All is just a few hours away. Christopher Casur, D.J.B, Andrew Gray and Dante Ross are teaming up to bring you this years WrestleMania predictions. Feel free to chime in with your own. Just to see how much we agree, or disagree on this year's card.

WrestleMania is the one event of the year that fans typically don't miss, and according to the WWE, they are counting on this year being no different. As far as the fans go, excitement isn't at an all time high, but I don't expect many of us to miss it one way or another.

Note that Andrew Gray's internet isn't working, so he merely texted his picks.

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox and Vickie Guerrero

D.J.B. says: I will most likely re-heat some homemade nachos during this one. Whatever happens, Michelle McCool will go over.

Winner: Team McCool

Dante Ross says: Sorry, but I cant even muster up the desire to even make a real prediction or list all the broads in this match. It’ll come down to Vickie and Beth.

Winner: Team Mickie

Christopher Casúr says: Not any real build going into this one. So, not any real thought going into the pick. Faces win.

Winner: Team Mickie

Andrew Gray picks: Beth Phoenix

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk - If Punk wins, Rey must join Straight Edge Society

D.J.B. says: Punk has had some great moments at WrestleMania, including two Money in the Bank victories and some show stealing performances. Rey Mysterio has stolen the show at Mania before too. Not to mention winning the World Championship from Kurt Angle in a match that also featured Randy Orton. Mysterio is a long way from the World Championship, and Punk seems to be no threat to winning the title within the next few months. Neither guy is in MitB so they're being given their own chance to shine at Mania without ladders and without six to eight other guys. Neither guy really needs "the rub" from the other, and I don't really think either guy suffers a serious career setback from a loss, but Punk winning would give him a boost, and continue the storyline with Mysterio for a while longer.

Winner: CM Punk

Dante Ross says: The idea of seeing a dude that looks like Jesus fighting a guy with rosaries tattooed on his chest makes my inner atheist smile. This match will be an interference fest! Gallows and Deebs or whatever her name is will be all involved in this match. Rey should bring his son out as his bodyguard. Damn, that would be funny. I see Rey losing and having to give up the juice. The drug not Juvi.

Winner: CM Punk

Christopher Casúr says: This storyline just started, it makes no sense to kill it off already by having Mysterio win. So, he's not. Punk wins and the feud continues until Mysterio gets hurt again and has to go back on the shelf.

Winner: CM Punk

Andrew Gray picks: CM Punk

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

D.J.B. says: Legacy goes at it in this one. Cody and Ted have a pretty interesting shot here. Orton is a top guy, he's a former multiple time champion, and will hold the belt a few more times over his career. Rhodes and DiBiase have loads of potential, not to mention pretty impressive Pedigree's (no pun intended) but while Rhodes and DiBiase can gain quite a bit from going over Orton, Orton doesn't stand to gain anything. Actually his instability would seem to grow if he were to leave. Cody and Ted should walk away the winner. With The Million Dollar Man going into the WWE Hall of Fame and getting a put over in the video package of his dad's induction I can see him getting the win.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Dante Ross says: Massive beat down on Orton by Rhodes and DiBiase until young Ted decides to take the win for himself. This match should’ve happened a long while ago and I’m not as excited about it as I would’ve been before. People have been saying DiBiase is the man even though I so want Orton to win. Damn it.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Christopher Casúr says: I've said for many months now that the best way to move DiBiase up to the main event, or at least closer to it, is to have a nice, long feud with Randy Orton. The best analogy I could give was when Orton feuded with Undertaker in 2005. For this feud to happen, I think it has to start off with the face, Orton, winning. So I'm going with Orton winning and DiBiase going after him in the following months.

Winner: Randy Orton

Andrew Gray picks
: Randy Orton

Triple H vs. Sheamus

D.J.B. says: I'm honestly not sure which guy benched more in their last workout together, so I'm guessing that's how the decision was made. Both Triple H and Sheamus are former champions, with Sheamus having a helluva lot more to gain from coming out on top, so I figure H will give him the rub. After all, what are buddies for?

Winner: Sheamus

Dante Ross says: If there is a God in heaven Sheamus will tear HHH apart. I love this guy. This match will likely be the most traditional in terms of a wrestling match. This is just gonna be two dudes beating the shit out of each other for about 10 minutes and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Winner: Sheamus

Christopher Casúr says: Sheamus was pushed to the moon in recent months, culminating in winning the WWE Championship. However, that belt was abruptly taken away from him, and to keep any kind of steam, he needs to win tonight. God knows I don't like Sheamus, but he's going to go over because if he doesn't, they've dropped the ball big time.

Winner: Sheamus

Andrew Gray picks: Sheamus

ShoMiz (Big Show and The Miz) vs. John Morrison and R-Truth - Unified Tag Team Championship Match

D.J.B. says: I honestly think I'll like this match. I like all four guys involved and I'm sure it won't be a boring mix of JoMo or Truth getting double teamed with them finally making a comeback only for Big Show to clean house so Miz can get the pin. I think Miz has too much to accomplish as a singles star to keep him mired in a tag team with no real direction. The same can be said for Killings and Morrison, but Miz holds a singles belt right now.

Winner: Truth and Morrison

Dante Ross says: Another match that I honestly don’t care about even though I love watching Morrison wrestle. I’m not gay or anything but still. That is a good looking man. I say ShoMiz retains after Morrison pulls a swerve. Truth is going to end up bleeding but we wont see it because he’s so dark. ShoMiz over Mo-Truth. Just made that up. I’m amazing.

Winner: ShoMiz

Christopher Casúr says: No way in hell do Separate But Equal take the tag straps tonight. With the rumors of multiple main event departures over summer, these two guys who are over should get their chance to main event in the coming months. Something I couldn't see being pulled off as well if they were held down by tag gold. Plus ShoMiz is awesome.

Winner: ShoMiz

Andrew Gray picks: ShoMiz

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

D.J.B. says: Kind of a scary situation. Bret could die deader than hell if something goes wrong here, but I think "justice will be served" to those that believe there was a screwjob.

Winner: Bret Hart

Dante Ross says: I am a huge fan of Bret Hart. Loved him since I was a kid. Which is why I would rather him not step into the ring. Street Fight equals jeans and gloves in WWE and it means lots of crazy shit happening. I see Bret taking most of the beating for the match before slapping on The Sharpshooter with some help from someone else that was screwed by Vince. Maybe a run-in from Jim Ross.

Winner: Bret Hart

Christopher Casúr says: I'm surprised that The Hart Dynasty still hasn't been factored into this storyline, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them do a run-in tonight, even if it's just so they can get their WrestleMania payday. I want to see Bret Hart lock McMahon in the Sharpshooter until he passes out. Hell, if they're going to make an angle based on the past, why not replay the ending to one of the greatest WrestleMania matches ever, Bret vs. Austin?

Winner: Bret Hart

Andrew Gray picks: Bret Hart

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

D.J.B. says: I really, really can't explain how badly I want to see Shelton Benjamin go over in this match. I just know it will not happen. Shelton Benjamin is Mr. Money in the Bank, he just hasn't brought home the breifcase. I have said for three years now that I want the winner to cash in at WrestleMania and apparently that's going to happen this year. Word is that one of two guys will be the one to do it, and while I really like Kofi, I hope it isn't him, but I also hope it isn't Drew. Christian, Hardy and Benjamin are the three guys who have been at this and could really finally use it. Benjamin will apparently never make it past mid-card. Same goes for Hardy, and same goes for Christian. The guy I think has the best shot to win it other than the two guys in the middle of the rumor mill...

Winner: MVP

Dante Ross says: Lots of guys that could use the win but I’m gonna go with either Kofi or MVP. MVP needs this like he needs another prison tattoo. Yeah, I know that makes no sense whatsoever. This match will be exciting regardless of who wins. Damn, I would love for Dolph Ziggler to win though.

Winner: MVP

Christopher Casúr says: I don't see many of these guys as main eventers. I see Evan Bourne as a main eventer, but I don't think WWE does. Ditto for Shelton Benjamin, MVP, and Jack Swagger. I'm really at a loss for who to pick, so I'm going to drink the IWC Kool-Aid and go with Drew McIntyre, the way he's been backdoored into this match leads me to believe there's a good reason he's in it. Just please drop the Intercontinental Championship before you cash in.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Andrew Gray picks: Kofi Kingston

Batista vs. John Cena - WWE Championship

D.J.B. says: They've done this right. I have paid attention to this one. I'm surprised that I'm actually getting to the point where I don't mind it. The match itself will be fine. It won't be a five star Savage-Steamboat classic, but it won't be a Goldberg-Lesnar shit slinging. Batista is playing his role perfectly for the first real time in his career, but I don't see Cena jobbing at the biggest show of the year.

Winner: John Cena

Dante Ross says: I so don’t even care. Not a fan of either of these guys since OVW so I don’t care who wins or loses but I will just say Cena because he films movies while he wrestles.

Winner: John Cena

Christopher Casúr says: They've built this feud up so beautifully that I feel like they could get an extended program out of it. But, the last time these two went head-to-head, Batista won, so I say the wins get traded and Cena wins.

Winner: John Cena

Andrew Gray picks: John Cena

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Streak vs. Career

D.J.B. says: Shawn Michaels winning this match isn't what I want to see. Last year I said WrestleMania was awesome because of this match. I had low expectations for Mania last year, and the Taker-Michaels match was incredible. I remember standing up for the entire conclusion of the match. This year though, I have a feeling the match will be awesome, but the finish will see Michaels going over. I saw that on the WWE Universe forums (or something like that) there was the One Night Stand feeling when Van Dam finally went over Cena. The signs said "If Cena Wins We Riot." That sentiment seems to be the same here. If Michaels Wins They Riot. I can't blame them.

Michaels gains nothing from winning. Taker may not lose anything by losing, but the streak, one of the few things in wrestling that everyone knows about. You say the streak, nobody thinks Goldberg, everyone thinks Taker's Mania streak. There is the ever present, "Streaks/Records are made to be broken," mentality, but in this case the minority are in that category. Undertaker is one of the biggest stars ever, and one of the few guys who simply doesn't need anything to get over. No championship, no problem. If Taker loses I'll be sorely disappointed, and unless 75% of the card is a 5 star match, I'll feel disappointed by Mania as a hole. So here's hoping the finish sees the streak stay unbroken.

Winner: Undertaker

Dante Ross says: This match is going to be awesome. Who cares if it lives up to last years? That’s like saying because someone had a match that’s an instant classic or the best of their career that they should retire. I still don’t see HBK winning this and ending the streak unless they did it in dramatic fashion and had every member of DX ever come and help HBK win. Yes, even Rick Rude.

Winner: Undertaker

Christopher Casúr says: I feel like WWE has planted enough doubt throughout dirt sheets for Undertaker winning to not be wholly predictable. But the fact that, Michaels is going to be done in the ring very soon, and he's going to be gone for a very long time. Sure, you can run an injury angle of some sort after WrestleMania, but having Undertaker plant him with a Tombstone is just much easier and simpler to book. Plus, the Mark mark in me thinks that at 17-0...fuck it. Don't ever break the streak for anybody, it's part of wrestling lore. You already took the middle finger away from Stone Cold, don't take the streak away from Undertaker.

Winner: Undertaker

Andrew Gray picks: Undertaker

Chris Jericho vs. Edge - World Heavyweight Championship

D.J.B. says: This will be the sleeper five star match. This could very well be a Savage-Steamboat type classic. The end could be cheapened by the Money in the Bank cashing, that would be better suited for the other match, but either way from first bell to second bell I don't see anything at all wrong with this match. Two great workers, Edge being embraced as a face, when he's supposed to be a face for the first time in years, if not ever, Jericho playing the heel as good as it can be played, and a good story, with a solid past to build on. Jericho has never been the E's longterm champion, but then again neither has Edge. Edge doesn't lose much at WrestleMania, I don't expect that to change in this match, so The Rated R Superstar grabs another one to get up into double digits, his tenth overall World Championship.

Winner: Edge

Dante Ross says: I want Jericho to win because I have always been a fan of his. Edge, as much as I like him, is a lemon. I’d rather have someone I consider a transitional champ than one that will be hurt within weeks of holding the strap. This match should be good barring too much interference from Jericho’s protégé. But I know how reality works and Edge will win with a…what’s that damned move he does called?

Winner: Edge

Christopher Casúr says: The best built storyline, hands down, on this card. As strange as it sounds, WWE was very fortunate to have Edge get injured. They capitalized on that and planted the seeds for this way back in July of last year. This is an incredibly well built feud that sadly went under the radar because a.) it was on "SmackDown!" and b.) all the beauty that went into this constructing the storyline was overshadowed by Edge constantly saying "Spear, spear, spear." My hope is that we see a match where Edge reverts to other finishers that he used to use, such as the Downward Spiral, Edgecution, Edgecator, and so forth to win. I think that would make this match extra entertaining.

Winner: Edge

Andrew Gray picks: Chris Jericho, with Kofi Kingston cashing in his Money In The Bank Briefcase immediately after.

1 comments: on "WrestleMania 26 Predictions"

balmoraldrive said...

Here's what I'm thinking:

10-Diva Tag Team Match
With a one week build, and one weak build, the result will be based on the opposite of what happened on Smackdown. Beth goes over in Phoenix while Vickie watches, continuing their feud.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Punk will win, by hook or by crook. They'll get their street fight blowoff at Extreme Rules.

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes
Everyone's saying Teddy or Randy, but I'll go with Cody, because out of the three, he's had the least amount of shine.

Triple H vs. Sheamus
Hunter's going on vay kay, so this is his going away present to Sheamus. They'll do an injury angle on Hunter to give it an exclamation point.

Big Show & The Miz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth
Let's just be thankful that this one makes the main show. The tag scene needs Morrison and Truth to win, so they can build up some tag feuds in the Fed. For now, I see ShoMiz retaining, but they'll drop the straps eventually down the line.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Dirtsheets seem to point to Drew McIntyre but that would suck balls. I'll go with Shelton, just because SOMEONE has to stand behind him.

Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Batista vs. John Cena
This works better with Batista retaining via some kind of shenanigans.

Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon
Hart wins with the same finish as WM13: bloody Vince passes out to the Sharpshooter.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
I'm going rogue with my hope-iction and stand with Big Daddy Donnie on the lonely HBK side of the ledger. They're both close to retirement, and they're both taking time off after this match (just like last year). I'll also predict some magical special effects after the match when Taker loses.