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From Frank Fronte:

I am here, live in Phoenix checking out all that is going on from 'Mania weekend. With so many people connected to the wrestling industry in one city, there are many stories and rumors circulating, all of which relate to the card tomorrow.

I have spoken to what feels like 2 dozen workers, fans, wrestling reporters, and even some WWE employees who looked to be much more tired in recent days. There is a story making the rounds that the 'Mania card has gone under MAJOR changes relating to the finishes of top matches.

The big one being Streak vs Career.

There is a major rumor making the rounds that Shawn Michaels will indeed be going over tomorrow night and ending the Undertaker's streak. The booking plan looks to be Shawn going over and Undertaker taking an extended time off.

Shawn will then take a time off, more towards May, after he is written off television. Rumor being Sheamus injuring Michaels in a big angle.

The other major story going around related to MITB and Jericho vs Edge. As of now, it is almost certain that the winner of MITB will cash-in the briefcase tomorrow. Right now, both Kofi and Drew McIntyre are rumored to win with either of them cashing in against Jericho or Edge. This also would indicate Kofi may move to SmackDown setting up a program with Jericho.

The story of Goldberg coming back has not gotten as much talk as I expected. Most think he will come in, likely to add depth to a main event roster that will lose HBK, Undertaker, and HHH by the summer. How long he will stay is anyone's guess, a short-term contract where Goldberg feuds with Sheamus is rumored.

That is all for now o-sters, enjoy WrestleMania 26!


Evitman said...

"I have spoken to what feels like 2 dozen workers, fans, wrestling reporters, and even some WWE employees who looked to be much more tired in recent days. "

Dammit, your source can not be when you are in the middle of a circle jerk....fucking hack.

If they get anybody to cash in the MITB and win, better cue in Burn's invincible clip.

Nobody should be able to go through the MITB match and win a major title in the same night.

I don't think the UT is losing, why tarnish it? HBK leaving for good, makes no sense to lose the one thing that nobody has ever been able to do. His best shot was last year, this seems to be they have to give him a reason to stay.

Richie said...

I really hope HBK doesn't go over tonight..the streak should be used to pass the torch the the next big star..not one who has already been established.

Chef Lucky said...

JR is reporting on his Twitter that HBK/Undertaker will close the show. It's also being reported that the Tag Team match will open the show.

SlickRick1987 said...

Well...these were some good rumors, in hindsight. I hope Big Daddy and Dan-e-o bust your chops for this,

Keep up the good work on Tha O Show, though.

Idle Gossip said...

Shawn didn't go over. Neither Kofi nor McIntyre won Money In The Bank, and the guy who did win didn't cash in.

What, do you and Donnie have the same source?

Evitman said...

Give the man a break, cum-filled ears don't make for good reception.

Fronte, just take your last money shot to make enough to get back to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Evitman, you're over. Ha.