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Tha Movie Review: Brooklyn's Finest

I say damn! Finally got around to seeing Brooklyn’s Finest and may I say this is one of the best movies I have ever seen? Yeah, I’m gonna get that out of the way right now. I marked hard for this movie. Let me tell you why.

It wasn’t the fact that it was not a CGI fest. It was not the fact that it was directed by Antoine Fuqua the same guy that directed one of my other favorite films Training Day. It was not the fact that Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle, Lili Tyler, Wesley Snipes, and Michael K. Williams are in it. It’s the fact that they took a lot of stars and gave them all great parts.

Now, I know that sounds rather goofy. But don’t forget we love in a world where films like Valentine’s Day has an assload of stars in it but manages to stink. This shit right here? This shit right here?! This was an amazing film. Now let me get off my knees, wipe my lips, and take my whores bath and explain what Brooklyn’s Finest is about.

This will be very non-spoiler so for the O-sters that have not seen the film, don’t worry. Ethan Hawke is a cop with a drug gang unit that has a house full of mouths to feed with more on the way via his pregnant wife played by Lili Taylor. He is in many situations where taking the money would be as easy as putting it in your pocket and walking away. He wants a new home for hi family and knows that the pay he gets as a cop is not nearly enough. Crisis of faith plus easy money plus pregnant wife equals a tough decision.

What would you do?

Richard Gere is a cop with one week to go before retiring after 22 years on the force. He is the definition of “done the party.” He just does not care anymore. Sees a woman being attacked? Whatever. Fights in stores. Who cares? He wakes up every morning to a shot of whiskey and a gun in his mouth. He is asked to train rookies he doesn’t even want to see. He doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that he doesn’t give a damn. When faced with stopping real crime and waiting to get that fat pension check decisions can be hard.

What would you do?

Don Cheadle plays a cop that is so deep undercover he needs a fucking flash light and a shovel to get out. He has sacrificed everything to get where he is and wants more. But as with most things in life you are always being told “But if you do this one last thing for me…” He lives a life where he is forced to hang with killers, drug dealers, and murderers all the while asking himself “When will it be me found dead?” Assigned to help a bad man played by Wesley Snipes in his best role since New Jack City, Cheadle is forced to choose between a future he asked for and a life he may not want anymore.

What would you do?

This movie gets 5 “O”’s! Why even mess around with you all? This was a cool ass movie where I never knew what was going to happen next. I literally was glued to my seat wondering what would happen next. If you haven’t seen this please do. Until next time, O-sters!

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Ricky Stardust said...

Are you fucking kidding me that this is a 5 O movie? Movie of the year? Jesus fucking Christ man.....this movie was so slow and so borning that it made my brain take a vacation until it ended.

The best part of the movie was the end credits.

Donte....I am so disappointed in you

Chef Lucky said...

While i will agree that the cast was Top Notch(Wire Reunion!)The film was a bit slow and somewhat predictable. The ending could have and SHOULD have been better. If i was grading on a scale of 1 to 5,i would have to give it a 3 and that was for the performances. I wonder what would have happened if Cheadle and Snipes had reversed roles, I've seen Cheadle play a Badass before(Devil In A Blue Dress and Out of Sight) and even though he's not that big in size,dude can play menacing Damn well. Ethan Hawke really was pretty good and Gere was seriously Miscast.

D. Ross said...

Damn, Stardust. Tell me how you really feel! Haha! I'm fucking with you. But seriously, I really liked this movie a lot. I did not find the movie slow and loved the character development. They took their time with everyone which was hard considering there were three big actors with three stories and they never were all on the screen at the same time until the last few minutes.

And I dont know who "Donte" is but I'll let him know of your disappointment.

Chef Lucky, the ending was actually the opposite of what I figured would happen. Damn, I am fighting to not put any spoilers. If you all haven't seen this by next week I am spoiling shit.

Cheadle did play intimidating well. I first noticed that in Traitor. Check that out. Frigging Steve Martin write that cool ass film. I think Ethan Hawke should only star in films directed by Fuqua. And I had no issue with Gere. Glad to see Snipes back in good form. Forgot he could play normal human bad ass.

Ricky Stardust said...

Sorry Dante for the mistyped vowel lol

Where I do respect the time and effort to write a review and I do respect the opinion of anyone who would take the time to write a review I still cannot fathom how this was movie of the year or even a 5 O Candidate.

Next to video games I hold movies in high regard. I have watched every movie released to theatre as I travel allot and need to kill the time.

I would like to get your take on a few since this movie review is your new gimmick....things that I have watched and am interested to see if we differ on them as well

1) The Tooth Fairy
2) She's Out of My League
3) The Lovely Bones
4) Percy Jackson
5) Avatar
6) Legion
7) Alice in Wonderland
8) Shutter Island

For the record I agree with you on your take of Wolfman


Dante Ross said...

Out of your list, Stardust, I have no desire to see the first five you listed. Zero. I have seen Legion and I wanted that movie to be good so hard. I really did. But I was so disappointed at it. Should've been great. It really should have. But it was so terrible and full of holes.

Tired of Burton and Depp so I dont wanna see Alice. Shuuter Island I have been sleeping on but I would like to see it soon.