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Tha iMPACT! Playback

TNA Monday Night iMPACT! Live on Spike TV! I loved the new iMPACT! intro video package, compared to ones in the past it’s a good improvement.

iMPACT! starts off right away with Hulk Hogan making his way to the ring donning the red n yellow, alongside Abyss. Hogan calls out Styles and Flair.

AJ Styles & Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan & Abyss

Great way to start the show with the main event. Shock and Awe in this one as the lights go out shortly into the match. When the lights come back on Sting is in the ring with the bat looking at Styles and Flair like he s about to go in on them.

Suddenly Sting clobbers Abyss and The Hulkster with the bat, followed by chair shots from AJ Styles and Ric Flair. Sting leaves the ring and security breaks it up.

As Flair and Styles head up the ramp Hogan gets a mic and says its not over and tonight they will finish it in a no DQ match. Sting is back in TNA! Or is he? Heel turn for Sting? The Stinger pushes Dixie Carter on his way out the door and tells Dixie he owes her no explanation.

Flair and AJ cut a decent promo. Brooke Hogan cries for daddy. I was wondering how long it would be before we saw her in wrestling.

Kazarian returns to reignite the flame of the X Division. Daniels interrupts Kaz followed by the X Division Champ Doug Williams followed by Eric Bischoff. EB wants the X Division to be bigger, faster and stronger and sets a Three-way X Division Championship match right away and the match starts!

Three Way X Division Championship Match - Doug Williams vs. Kazarian vs. Daniels

This match was full on X Division classic. Plenty of action and high flying. Williams retained his title but Kaz and Daniels gave him a run for his money. A failed BME by Daniels led to a roll up and into a suplex for Williams to get the pin.
Shannon Moore attacks Williams after the match sporting a Jesse Neale Mohawk.
EB announces that Shannon Moore is Williams’ opponent at Destination X.

Dixie Carter makes an announcement and clears the air and says she is glad Sting just signed his TNA contract because tonight he is in a match and he‘ll find out who his opponent is when everyone else does.

The Beautiful People warm up during the break, ahhh stretch ladies stretch. I guess since WWE is supposed to be PG even though they have some hot Diva’s TNA can get over with a lil more, well TNA (Tits N Ass)

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Taylor Wylde & Serita vs. The Beautiful People vs. Tara & Angelina Love

Ahhh… I love the Beautiful People. Kong and co. failed to defend the titles in the last 30 days and therefore forfeit their titles giving us this match tonight.
Action packed from the hop. The BP get the titles and the win thanks to Daffney who hit Tara with her Knockouts strap to let The BP get the cover.Daf was actually looking sorta hot tonight which I’m not used to.

New Knockouts Tag Team Championships The Beautiful People! Post match interview with JB and the BP gets JB wet from the champagne. I was hoping that the ladies would have covered themselves in the bubbly.

Pope gives an interview with Christy when Wolfe attacks him and goes after his injured leg.

Sting vs. RVD

WOW! Rob Vam Dam. Mr. Monday night is in TNA! Taz asks what were you doin at 4:20 this afternoon, I guess that was supposed to be a hint to Stings opponent being RVD since Rob’s such a big pot head. RVD makes the ultimate iMPACT! by surprising Sting and getting the pin in less than a minute after a Rolling Thunder. Did Sting just job to RVD?

Sting attacks RVD with the bat after the match while RVD is celebrating. Sting even came back after leaving the ring to put more punishment on Rob. Total Stinger heel turn. I love it. Sting attacks RVD for a third time with the match and out comes Hogan.

Bubba and security hold back Hogan as Sting attacks Van Dam again. Sting takes a cheap shot at Hogan as he is held back at the ropes. Then as Hogan and security head up the ramp, Sting attacks Hulk with the bat again, leaving Hogan laid out.

Never underestimate Eric Bischoff. The only bad thing is someone start dying some hair there is way too much grey hair and balding going on in TNA. The old guys are starting to pile up.

Kevin Nash & Eric Young make their way to the ring and Nash says he has contracts in his hand that says Hall and Pac can come to the iMPACT! Zone one time only to face Nash and Young at Destination X. Big Kev calls out Hall and Pac and tells them to come accept.

Nash and Young wait for Hall and Pac to come accept. Well they do and that’s when things get interesting. Hall and Pac say they will accept if they have the stipulation that if they win then they get full fat TNA contacts. EB interjects and says he’ll make it happen but if Hall and Pac lose they walk off into the sunset.

Hall and Pac accept. Hall was classic and remember it was live. Scotty tells Nash that incase he didn’t notice Hogan ain’t running Shizzo. Big Sellout. Classic Scot Hall. “I’ll be the one who looks like Elvis” Pac bitch slaps EY but EB has the ring cleared and sets the match for immediately. Sixx Pac vs. Eric Young. Scott Hall was right most of the Wolfpack is in the house tonight.
Too sweeeet….

Eric Young vs. Syxx Pac

Short but action packed match. EY gets some revenge over Pac. These two look like they were really goin at it and hate each other. EY gets the win via a pile driver. Waltman didn’t look to bad in this match considering. The surprise factor was great. So far the whole night has been one surprise after another.

The U.S. Army invades the iMPACT! Zone and out comes Kurt Angle. Angle has apparently turned his life around. It’s Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle at Destination X.

Anderson interrupts but gets blindsided by Angle. Anderson and Angle go at it and the troops have Angle’s back and act as lumberjacks outside the ring.. Angle gets some revenge over Ken who is doing an awesome job as a heel.

Hogan’s in the back beaten up with Bubba when Hebner interrupts looking for a second chance.

Double J confronts Storm and catches a beat down from Beer Money after Jarrett cracks Storm in the grill. I almost forgot about Foley and Jarrett the nights been so full of action and surprises.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Beer Money with Mick Foley as Special Guest Referee

Beer Money drags Jarrett to the ring. Beer Money volunteered for this match. BM pick apart Jeff until Double J mounts a great comeback in this handicap match. Foley passes Jarrett the barbed wire bat but Slick Johnson takes over and stops Jeff and BM get the win via a roll up.

Hogan’s in the back with Abyss when Brooke interrupts crying asking her daddy to make this his last match. Very touching. Hulks taking a page outta McMahon’s book having his children on the show. Let’s get Brooke in the Squared Circle. Knockouts Champion Brooke Hogan? Hmmmmm….

iMPACT! Main Event – Ric Flair & AJ Styles vs. Abyss & Hulk Hogan

Hogan starts it off goin in makin Flair bleed early. The Hulkster is on fire back in true Hulk form. No offense to stuffed pigs.

Taz finally delivers some humor. The belt comes off the immortal one as he whips Flair. Low blow by Flair as he tags in AJ Styles who quickly takes control of the match. Abyss went nuts when he finally got in there and got the win via a Black Hole Slam on AJ

Wolfe blidesides Abyss and Hogan after the match but gets attacked by the Pope. Wolfe and Pope were scheduled to fight until Wolfe attacked Pope during his interview earlier in the show which saw Desmond targeting Popes injury. After Pope gets taken out Jeff Hardy returns to the iMPACT! Zone to clean house. Jeff Hardy is back in the iMPACT! Zone!

I loved how Spike TV! Let iMPACT! go over like they used to on TNT. iMPACT! was great tonite.The shock is back in wrestling whether you like it or not. I welcome it since things have gotten so stagnant in wrestling in the last ten years.

RVD debut tonight in TNA, Hardy and Sting returned, Hogan and Flair fought on TV for the first time in ten years, Abyss is a monster again. They pulled out all the stops tonight. TNA has definitely gotten bigger.

Look who we saw tonight in TNA: Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Abyss, RVD, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Pope, Syxx Pac, Kurt Angle and Sting and I wont even get into the X Division and the Knockouts on tonight. The TNA Tag Champs were missing though. Regardless the bar has been raised in TNA with bigger wrestling names and higher caliber of matches.

I welcome the alternative in wrestling and am happy to have an alternative to what the WWE tries to shove down your throat, I didn’t tune into RAW this evening like I normally would, nor did I flip back and forth. I caught it after on the replay in Canada. The WWE had the Taker and Michaels, McMahon vs Cena and Criss Angel, Legacy, Morrison and former TNA guy R Truth.

WWE has been downplaying any war and are on the road to WM but all the big name Superstars were on RAW tonight. Give it 60 weeks or so of iMPACT! vs. RAW on Monday Nights and we’ll see if we really have a war or not.

Tha Results:

Doug Williams def. Kazarian & Daniels
The Beautiful People def. Serita & Taylor Wylde and Tara & Angelina Love
Eric Young def. Syxx Pac
Beer Money def. Jeff Jarrett
Hulk Hogan & Abyss def. AJ Styles & Ric Flair

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Hipnosis said...


huge O!! for TNA

Christopher Casúr said...

Huge NO for TNA. How much airtime did Flair, Hogan, and Sting get throughout the night? Moreover, this was supposed to be the biggest night in TNA history. Where the fuck were Samoa Joe, Hernandez, Matt Morgan, know, the young guys who people have tuned in to see for the past several years? No, fuck them, instead we get an entire "segment" showing Waltman and Hall entering the "iMPACT!" Zone and a Sting heel turn. How long before the crowd starts cheering for Sting anyway? Or how long before Scott Hall decides to go drinking instead of showing up for work and gets his ass canned again? I give both three weeks.

In a very short amount of time, Hogan has taken everything that TNA had to be proud of and turned it on its ass. There's a reason that all of his past television endeavors have gone under. EWA thinks Hogan can't run a promotion worth a shit.

Anonymous said...

True. There was too much air time.
WWE had Vinny Mac on TV alot and Old ass HHH and Undertaker and old ass HBK and gay ass Cena and oh the Jafakin and the Big No, and some other fags no one cares about like Jericho.