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WORLD PREMIERE: Dan-e-o's "Last Minute"

"Last Minute" is the new short film in HD from Dan-e-o's Dilla Pickles album/mixtape. Directed by Kev Major and edited by XCON of Late Night Shooters, the film stars Dan-e-o, Conwell, Melanie Leduc, Stacey Armstrong and the beautiful Jas Seron in a gripping story about love, lust, betrayal and revenge!

Here is the first official trailer for the "Last Minute" short film:

Here is the second official trailer for the "Last Minute" short film:

Voiceover for both trailers by Andrew "Kish" Kishino.

Dilla Pickles - the official 2 in 1 album/mixtape in tribute tolegendary producer/rapper J Dilla - Dan-e-o's first-ever completely FREE digital download project is out now!

Download Dilla Pickles FREE right HERE.

Also out now..."Break It Down".

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5 comments: on "WORLD PREMIERE: Dan-e-o's "Last Minute""

D. Ross said...

I love this fucking video, man.

P.A. said...

Dude this shit is freakin insane. Reppin the MJ shirt. Awesome

Moonsalt said...


CJay said...

Awesome..Big Ups to Kev Major for directing..and Also Dan-e-o

Devin Cox said...