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An Awesome Loss

Recently on Tha O Show when Girl Dynamite Jennifer Blake was on the show she and Tha Guys got into a discussion about women’s wrestling. Just recently I was talking to a friend about women’s wrestling and what a huge loss Awesome Kong is for not just TNA but women’s wrestling in general. I say this as I watch Impact! (yeah…) and the ring is full of eight women. Only two of them I believe will even be remembered years from now. Those women are Daffney and Tara (aka Victoria).

I wont get into how bad this match is or how standing on the ring apron magically heals your body (just because you’re not in the ring doesn’t mean you should stop acting hurt, damn it!).

I wont talk about how out of these eight women five of them look like sisters. Actually, yeah. That’s what I’m gonna roll with because it leads to the point I want to make.

Years ago when Trish Stratus showed up she was bad. I mean, she was hot as hell, but when she wrestled she stunk up the place. Over the years she got better and better. It got to the point where she became the best female wrestler in the world. Before her there was China. No one had seen anything like her before. That is unless you lived near Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland. China set the standard for not looking like the typical bombshell but having some skill and power.

There was also Lita with her high flying abilities which have all been forgotten because of what she did in her bed more so than what she did in the ring. I say this as I remember that she brought a bed into the ring once. Damn it. I thought us wrestling fans were supposed to have short term memories. Victoria showed up and brought a personality that hadn’t been seen by a female wrestler. Daffney is a star no matter where she is. I love that women.

But not as much as I love Awesome Kong. For the past couple of years I have been writing for Tha O Show and even before I was a part of the show you all have known how much I loved me some Kong. My ass went back and found old matches of hers from Japan. I follow her ass on Twitter. I’d be her neighbor if I could. There is no one like Awesome Kong.

When she got into her drama in TNA the last thing I thought would be her not being there anymore. As much as I don’t like TNA I loved being able to see Kong wrestle. When she first showed up I was like “Somebody about to get fucked up!” Kong beat everyone’s ass.

She was folding chicks’ in half, making their heels hit their heads. Had you ever seen someone get beat with their own feet?! And her Awesome Bomb. My God. The Awesome Bomb. When I first saw that I just shook my head in shame at Batista. I was like “That’s how its supposed to look, man!”

The Knockouts match is long over but I sit here thinking of how much of a loss TNA has suffered by not having someone like Kong there. Like Tha Black Prophet said (and I hate quoting him) , “most men cant handle Awesome Kong.” She is that wrestler we hope for except I happen to be in love with her.

Big, fast, creative, and original. How many wrestlers have gotten over and never spoke? Umaga comes to mind. Big, brutal, and fast. TNA, you should have done everything in your power to make this woman happy. Because no matter where Kong ends up, they win.

3 comments: on "An Awesome Loss"

balmoraldrive said...

Great points, Dante. Your feelings on the Knockouts match from Monday will be echoed in my report. I couldn't help but think, "how Diva-like is this match?" It's sad...just fucking tragic that they can't see her value.

Christopher Casúr said...

The decision by TNA to let Kong go instead of settling the situation with Bubba The Love Sponge goes to show that even though Hulk Hogan was a tremendous draw and a megastar back in the day, he has absolutely zero business sense. I'd stay and clarify that point about how Hogan is a terrible businessman, but I have to go whip up a smoothie with my Hulk Hogan blender and wash it down with Hulkamania energy drink. Brother.

Dante Ross said...

Thanks, BMD. I think that most people can see her value. Hell, Ray Charles could see her value. Its just that the new regime that needs to be toppled like Saddam cant. Their loss.

I dont see how Hogan is being trusted with the future of a company. Didnt they watch his terrible match last week? And I dont care how hard he tries to push Abyss, its not happening. I liked dude years ago when he didnt talk and didnt have feelings. Plus those yellow and red stickers look ridiculous. And dont choke on that Hogan shake. They hide a needle at the bottom of every bottle.