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Killa Kev's Destination X Recap

X Division #1 Contender Match - 4-Way Ladder Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Frankie Kazarian

Action starts off right at the bell with Daniels putting Kendrick out of the ring, and then Amazing Red and Frankie Kazarian teaming up on Daniels. Red breaks off to take on Kenrick on the outside, Kazarian clotheslines Daniels out of the ring, Red pops in the ring and hits a splash over the top rope on all three.

Kendrick drags a latter in the ring and makes a play for the contract hanging above, Kazarian pulls him off and drags him into the corner.

Daniels tries to climb, Red pulls him off and hits a few jawjackers, then tries for himself. Daniels pulls Red off, Red lays in more punches to the jaw, tries to whip Daniels into the ladder, Daniels reveres, Red slides under it, pops up and dropkicks the ladder into Daniels. Red tries to scramble up again, Kendrick pulls him off, tries for himself, Red with a reverse chinlock pulls him off the ladder. Kendrick backs Red into the corner to break it, then a reverse kick to the face to break the hold. Kendrick lays the ladder flat, then slingshots Kazarian into the ring, landing back first on the ladder.

Kendrick focuses on Daniels, but quickly eats the backsweep and the STO. Daniels picks up the ladder, puts it around his neck and uses it to take everybody out, but Red dropkicks Daniels in the kneecaps and Daniels falls face-first to the mat, eating the ladder himself. Kazarian takes off after Daniels on the outside, Kendrick with a drop toe hold on Red and then dispatching him to the outside. Kendrick leaps out of the ring and chokes Kazarian on the ring barrier, then sets the ladder up over the barrier and the ring apron.

Kazarian attacks Kendrick and then hits a gutwrench over the ladder. Kazarian tries to climb into the ring, Daniels snaps Kaz's neck over the top rope, Kaz falls on his back on the ladder. Daniels follows up with a split-leg moonsault off the top rope onto Kazarian. Daniels steps back on the ladder to pose off, Amazing Red leaps off the top rope to take out Daniels with a hurracanrana, crashing to the ground and eliciting a "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chant from the crowd.

Red slides the ladder int he ring, Kaz rolls in as well and sets the ladder up. Fans chanting "THIS IS AWE-SOME!" as Kazarian and Red race up the ladder at the same time from opposite sides, start trading blows. Kendrick tries to get in on it and gets knocked off. Red and Kaz go back to brawling, start rocking the ladder, Kendrick knocks the ladder over, Red falls to the floor, Kazarian in the corner. Kendrick sets the ladder back up, but Daniels gets back in the ring and headbutts him in the corner, then runs Kaz face-first in the ladder.

Daniels picks up the ladder again, folds it up, tris to ram it into Kaz, but Kaz dives through the ropes to evadeit, Daniels hurts himself when the ladder rams into the corner. Kazarian slingshot legdrop into the ring on Daniels. Daniels is laid out on the ladder, Kazarian turns his attention to Kendrick, who hits him with a kick to the head from the outside apron. Kendrick brings in another ladder, tries to set up up, Kaz kicks the ladder, smashing Kendrick's fingers in it.

Kaz picks up the ladder, swings it around, Amazing Red ducks it and hits an Enziguri, but tweaks his knee on the ladder. Daniels runs over and takes out Red, then sets the ladder horizontally in the corner, cornered on the ropes, and bodyslams Red on the ladder. Kaz runs over, Daniels with a boot to the midsection, tries a suplex into the ladder.

Kendrick runs up from behind and takes them both out with the second ladder, sets it up and tries to go to the top. Kazarian pulls him off, tries to whip him into the ladder in the corner. Kazarian reverses it, Daniels intercepts and backdrops Kazarian onto the ladder, Kazarian follows up with an Enziguri on Daniels.

Kendrick climbs up, Daniels recovers, pulls him off and throws him head-first into the other ladder. Daniels makes a play for the contract, Kazarian puts him on his shoulders then powerbombs Daniels onto the ladder in the corner. Kazarian tries to climb the ladder, Kendrick with a double-leg takedown, Kendrick recovers and throws him in the corner, back up the ladder. Kendrick races up to meet him and they start brawling at the top.

They get knocked off by Red, Red dropkciks Kendrick chest-first into the corner, but then gets backdropped back to the outside by Kendrick. Kaz runs over, punches Kendrick in the face a few times, tries for a clothesline in the corner, Kendrick with a boot up to stop it, but then eats a reverse Russian Legsweep from Kendrick. Red tries to slingshot himself back into the ring and ends up eating an Ace Cutter from Kaaz. Kendrick hits the Sliced Bread off the corner on Kaz. Daniels recovers and hits a side slam on Kendrick, Red catches him with a kick to the head from the outside.

Red brings the second ladder back into play, sets it up, and Daniels and Red run up each ladder, they fight at the top, Daniels with a Urinage on Red from the ladder down to the mat. Kendrick comes over, Daneils shoves him through the rungs and then steps on him to get to the top, Kendrick gets loose and races up the other ladder.

Kazarian slingshots himself in and lands on the ladder knocks Kendrick off, but gets his legs caught inside the rungs of each ladder. Daniels tries to knock him off, Kazarian is able to graba front face lock and suplexes Daniels off the ladder, himself being saved only by being caught in the ladder. Kendrick runs up again, gets knocked off, Kazarian then frees himself, climbs up and grabs the contract.

WINNER: Frankie Kazarian, your new X Division #1 Contender.

As Mike Tenay and Taz are running down the main event, Ric Flair is pushed out in a wheelchair by Chelsie, the valet for Desmond Wolfe. Ric Flair tells the fans "Don't woo me! Don't woo me! Bow down to me, worship me, but don't woo me!" Flair goes on a rant about being unhappy stuck in a wheelchair, something he's never done in his career before. Flair promises that Hulk Hogan and Abyss will pay for putting him in a wheelchair, then demands to be taken to the back.

In the back, Hogan is strategizing with Abyss, and tells him to never ask him how he's doing, because Abyss is more ready than anybody Hogan has ever seen. Hogan asks Abyss how it felt to put Flair through the stage, Abyss goes on about how it feels good. Hogan tells Abyss to use the power of his WWE Hall of Fame ring to lead him to the TNA World Title tonight.

Eric Bischoff walks in wearing a ballcap. Abyss quips, "You got got a baseball game today? HEE HEE HEE!" Hogan cracks up, Bischoff is not amused. Hogan reminds Bischoff that he pushed Foley too far and got what he deserved, but just patch things up tonight. Bischoff says everything is in hand and walks off. Hogan laughs his ass off saying, "He's got a Hulk Hogan haircut!"

TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Tara vs. Daffney

Tara goes on the offensive before the bell, Daffeny tries to take her out quickly, but Tara levels her with a shoulder block followed by a scoop slam. Tara rips off her t-shirt, throws it in Daffney's face, steps on her then follows up with a standing moonsault, cover, two count.

Daffney with a drop toe hold on Tara sends her face-first into the corner, Daffney stomps on her back, then hits a few double stomps to the back courtesy of the ropes, then drags her out of the corner for a pin, two count. Daffney with a power slam, grabs the hair and whips Tara back on the mat, then steps on her face. Daffney whips Tara into the corner, chipos, then shouts at referee Andrew Thomas.

Daffney whips Tara to the opposite corner, carges, Tara leaps up and drapes Daffney over the top rope with the TAAARANNNTUUULLAAAA!!! Daffney recovers and whips Tara back into the ring, then uses the hair for a few snap mares, goes for a cover, two count. Daffney with several knees to the back, then slaps on a reverse chin lock. Daffney then grabs Tara's left leg and tries to hyperextend it over her shoulders. Tara uses elbows to break the hold.

Daffney runs over, eats a boot to the chest, a stiff leg kick, and a second. Tara goes for a third, Daffney catches it, Tara with an enziguri ti counter. Both women meet with punches, Tara gets the better of the exchanges putting Daffney on her ass.

Tara shoots Daffney off the ropes, nails a sit-out powerbomb, covers, two-and-a-half count. Daffney tries to whip Tara into the ropes, reverses it, ducks down, Daffney kicks her in the face, reaches over and flips her over into a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for the pin, only gets a two count. Daffney whips Tara into the corner, charges, Tara moves out of the way, kicks Daffney in the corner, picks her up on her shoulders for a swinging side slam to the mat, Tara covers and only gets a two count.

Daffney gets picked up, rams her knee into Tara's head, covers, two count. Daffney with a hand full of hair throws Tara through the ropes, follows out and rams her back-first into the guardrails, then back in. Daffney goes to the corner and grabs the Knockout's title, tries to use it, Tara ducks it, boot to the midsection, and finishes Daffney off with the Widow's Peak, 1-2-3.

WINNER AND STILL TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION, TARA! Tara takes her title, runs around ringside to celebrate with the fans, gets back in the ring and finds out that Daffney has stolen her pet tarantula, Poison. Tara takes off afterher as Daffney laughs out of control.

Backstage Christy Hemme interviews Brutus Magnus, who corrects her that it's just "Magnus" now, he only needs one name to make his point, starting tonight with the TNA Global Champion, Rob Terry. "I'm about to pop your over-inflated ego, because you're way in over your head." Magnus promises to destroy the monster that he created.

TNA GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Rob Terry vs. Magnus

Terry and Magnus go right at each other's throat at the bell, and Magnus ends up getting clotheslined out of the ring. Magnus pops back up on the apron, Terry runs over, Magnus thrumbs him in the eye, steps back in and starts laying into Terry with punches to the head and a few European Uppercuts.

Whip off the ropes and a do-shi-do, Magnus tries a cross-body block on Terry, who catches him and nails him with a power slam. Terry whips Magnus off the ropes, ducks down, eats a boot t the face followd by an arrogant backhand across the face. Magnus pops off the ropes and Terry nails him with a high leg lariat, slams Magnus to the mat and that's it.


We run a preview for the Ultimate X title match. We then go to an interview with the Motor City Machine Guns. Chris Sabin tells Generation Me that they're not ready for this level of action, Alex Shelley says, "We've been in TNA longer than you've owned your Hardy Boyz Start Kits!", and finishes that tonight is their destiny and nothing is going to stop them.

TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDERS MATCH - ULTIMATE X MATCH: Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) vs. the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

Generation Me goes on the offensive quickly, whipping the MMGs into the corner, then singling out Shelley with double-team moves, sending him out of the ring. Double-team sandwich dropkick on Sabin. Max tries to climb up first, Shelley cuts him off, but then gets set p again by the Bucks.

Max bounces off the ropes and gets tripped by Sabin on the outside. Sabin pulls him out and grinds his face into the stell trusses. MMGs in the ring and they work over Jeremy with quick double-team action finishing with a dropkick into the face. Shelley with a single-leg crab on Meremy, Sabin tries to go to the top, Max runs in and cuts him off, and then breaks up Shelley's hold. He climbs back up after Sabin and pulls him off.

I miss some of the action but everybody ends up on the outside, Jeremy Buck tries to straddle across the cables, Shelley cuts him off, Sabin follows up and they whip him into the corner, Jeremy is able to leapfrog off of one but can't avoid the other. Jeremy uses innovative moves to try to fight the MMGS's off, using the ropes innovatively, then using a springboard off the ropes to leap up onto the cables, but the Guns take out Buck, pulls Jeremy off and nail them with a pair of kicks to the chest.

The MMGs regroup in the corner, and decide to throw Jeremy in the corner and wear him down some more with shoulder blocks and chops. Jeremy is whipped out of the corner to the other side, Shelly follows up with the splash in the corner, Jeremy puts a boot up to stop it, Max springboards in with a dropkick on Sabin, and the Bucks throw the MMGs outside, following up with a pair of suicide dives over the top.

Max scales across the cables, the MMGs are back in the ring, Sabin tries to springboard in to stop him, misses, Shelley pulls him down, tries for Sliced Bread, Max evades it, superkick, and then teams with Jeremy as both go for a splash off the ropes. Sabin takes out Buck, throws Jeremy out of the ring, Jeremy holds on, singshots back in with a legdrop on Sabin's neck, then slingshots back out again with a dropkick to Shelley on the outside.

The Bucks have control of the ring, Jeremy scales across the ropes as Max cheers him on. Shelley sneaks up behind Max and takes him out, then dropkicks Jeremy off the ropes. I lose my feed again and apparently a bunch of double-team action from both sides leaves everybody on the mat.

Max recovers first and scales across the cables, Sabin scales across from the other side, quickly joined by their partners, everybody gets to the middle at once, everybody falls off, the BUcks hit the MMGs with superkicks to the face. Taz quotes, "they hit those kicks like they were owed money!" The Bucks take out Shelley, and then everything goes so fast I can't keep up with the action, but some how the Guns won it. Jut wish I saw how.

WINNERS: The Motor City Machine Guns.

Kevin Nash & Eric Young vs. Scott Hall & Sean Waltman

Takes several minutes for me to get back up to speed, but I tune in for the important part - Waltman sprays paint into Eric Young's face, referee does NOTHING to stop it, Kevin Nash then takes out his own tag team partner with a jacknife powerbomb, a Razor's Edge from Scott Hall, and then the double-team pose-off pin from the Wolfpac.

WINNERS: Scott Hall & Sean Waltman.Kevin Nash & Eric Young vs. Scott Hall & Sean Waltman Nash gets in the ring and gives the old Wolfpac Clique sign to the Band. Waltman grabs a can of spraypaint and paints an outline around Eric Young's body as the fans jeer Kevin Nash. "The Band is Back" says Taz. *sighs* FUCK. I'm kinda glad I didn't watch this match now, it would have pissed me off.

Backstage Kurt Angle burns a photo of Ken Anderson in effigy

X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Doug Williams vs. Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore starts out hot here, but Doug Williams grinds his offensive to a hault. You know what else pisses me off? NOT HAVING STABLE INTERNET ACCESS. Time Warner Cable gets the gas face tonight while I'm sitting here watching the little icon twirl on my screen... and twirl... and twirl... ITS STILL TWIRLING, FOLKS! *sighs* Doug Williams finds A BRICK??? He busts open Shanon Moore with it, then pins him.

WINNER: Doug Williams. Williams gets on the mic, gets down in Moore's face and goes on a rant. "You represent everything that I hate about the X Division. High flying acrobats who are not wrestlers. I am the epitome of what the X Division should be - technical wrestling, holds and counterholds. Acrobats and high flyers belong in the circus... with the clowns! And that's another thing you are, Shannon Moore, a clown!" Williams rolls out of the ring, snatches some woman's purse, pulls out some lipstick and marks up Moore's face with it.

TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: champions "the Blueprint" Matt Morgan & "the SuperMex" Hernandez vs. Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode & "Cowboy" James Storm)

Tenay and Taz pretty much all but declare that the champions are splitting up here. Morgan and Roode start out first, but Morgan turns around and slaps Hernandez on the chest, telling him to start the match instead. We get a lock-up, Hernandez puts Roode in the corner, clean break.

Roode not so clean with a boot to the midsection, puts Hernandez in the corner and jacks his jaw a few times, whip out, do-si do, Hernandez charges and eats a boot. Roode tries for a cross body-block from the top, Hernandez catches him, sets up for a power bomb, Roode escapes, but Hernandez counters witha shoulder block, drop-down, leapfrog, but Roode comes up on top with a simple clothesline.

Morgan tags himself in and tells Hernandez to watch him. Roode tries to tag out to Storm, but Storm is too busy drinking a beer. Morgan whips Roode off the ropes, side slam with an arrogant drop, then tells Hernandez that's how it's done, then tags in Hernandez again. Hernandez approaches Roode, Roode throws him into his corner, tags in Storm and Strom stomps a mudhole in him. Storm with a big chop on the chest, sets up for a suplex, Hernandez blocks it and counters with a delayed vertical suplex... 10... 20... 30... 45 seconds before Hernandez drops him. Morgan is not impressed.

Hernandez with an armbar wind-up, reaches out for a tag, Morgan waves him off, saying he'll tag in when he wants. Hernandez turns his back and Morgan slaps him on the back to tag himself in. Morgan takes his time running Storm's head into the turnbuckle, then shows off the guns a little.

Storm tries to crawl up to his feet, Morgan pulls him up, Storm pops up and thumbs him in the eye, tags in Roode, they whip Morgan off the ropes, try a double-team clothesline, Morgan breaks through and hits a cross-body block on both men. Morgan goes over to Hernandez to brag, turns around and kicks Roode in the head, then tags in hernandez. Hernandez whips Storm off the ropes, ducks down for a backdrop, gets kicked in the face, but Hernandez turns around and throws himout.

Hernandez goes for the suicide dive out of the ring but Morgan steps in his way and tells him to stay in the ring, referee gets in Morgan's face to get him back to the corner, and Beer Money take advantage of it with double-team moves. Fans start a "MOR-GAN SUCKS! MOR-GAN SUCKS!" chant.

Storm whips over Hernandez and applies a reverse chinlock, kick to the back of the head, tags in Roode. Roode clubs Hernandez in the back severa times, whip into the corner, follows up with a stiff clothesline. Morgan walks over and talks shit to Hernandez. Hernandez climbs to the top turnbuckle, Storm knocks him off, and Beer Money double-teams Hernandez with a suplex off the middle turnbuckle, followed by the Surfboard and the BEER! MONEY! cheer.

Storm covers, two count. Storm with a reverse chinlock on SuperMex, Hernandez gets to hsi feet, elbows out, throws Storm in the corner, Storm reverses with an elbow, gets on the top turnbuckle and hits an inverted DDT off the middle rope, covers for a two count. Morgan still running his mouth at Hernandez.

Hernandez fights his way bakc up, whps Storm into the corner, charges, gets backdropped over the ropes but hangs on, shoulder block on Storm followed by a slingshot shoulderblock to come back in the ring. Hernandez crawls for a tag, Morgan cheers him on, reaches out and.... NO CABLE! NO FUCKING INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN!

Morgan makes the hot tag and cleans house, Hernandez goes for a dive on Roode on the outside, Morgan bitches him out. Morgan turns around and gets a eye full of beer courtesy of Storm, Hernandez cleans up with a backbreaker for the win.

WINNERS: Matt Morgan & Hernandez. Morgan is pissed and takes it out on Hernandez with the Carbon Footprint. Morgan grabs both titles and holds them up in the air. Great.

This PPV is going downhill fast, and this next match I'm not looking forward to, either.

Kurt Angle vs. Ken Anderson

Between my crappy Internet and me not caring about this match, I'm not missing it at all. I know Ken Anderson likes to think he's a mat classic main eventer, but he's really just a mid-carder who relies on a lot of rest holds, punches and kicks. And that's what we mostly get here, punches and armbar submission rest holds as he controls most of the match. Angle powers up, but inadvertently takes out the referee with a clothesline after Anderson ducks it.

Anderson tries to attack Angle with the medal again, Angle kills him with a German release suplex, then grabs the medal and slices up Anderson like an Eastern ham, Anderson tries to crawl away, Angle grabs him by the ankle, applies the ankle lock and Anderson taps out.

WINNER: Kurt Angle. Angle walks off, Anderson calls for his mic and bitches about Angle cheating and not giving him a clean match, says he's not a warrior or an Olympic gold medalist or even a real American. Blah. GO AWAY KEN ANDERSON.

How bad has this PPV gone downhill? The entire chat room just checked out. All at once. Everybody decided they were sick of this. I'm all alone to recap the main event *heh*

Christy Hemme backstage asks AJ Styles how not having Ric Flair in his corner is going to affect him tonight. Styles says that he's ready to defend his title. Styles says that he doesn't care if Abyss has Superman's cape, Sampson's hair, or whatever it is that makes Batman tough, Styles will still end up winning. We go to Jeremy Borash with Abyss. Abyss says that him and Styles are similar, Styles has Flair, and Abyss has Hogan, but in the end it's going to be the power of "Abyssamania" that wins the day.

TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: champion AJ Styles vs. "the Monster" Abyss

Flair is rolled out in a wheelchair. Abyss attacks Styles before the bell (WTF, this is like, 3rd or 4th time the match starts early?) Styles gets the upper-handon Abyss, leaves him draped over the ropes and goes out on the ramp to celebrate with Flair. Styles tries to rush him and Abyss backdrops him into the ring HARD. Abyss points at Styles and charges, Styles dropkicks him in the knees. Abyss rolls to the apron, tries to stand up, Styles with a baseball slide to knock Abyss off the apron and onto the floor, follows up with a BIG cannonball-style sive over the top rope.

Styles looks in the camera, mugs and says, "That's how Styles gets it done!" Styles steps back up on the stage and celebrates with Flair, then grabs a chair and slides back into the ring, wedging it in the corner. Referee wants to remove it, Styles lets him go and goes off to choke Abyss over the middle rope, referee has to go break that up, and forgets about the chair.

Styles grabs Abyss by the hair, piefaces him, chops him in the chest, knife-edge chop, pulls him to the middle of the ring and tries for a body slam, NO BUSY, Abyss clubs him off. Styles tries for a single leg takedown, Abyss shoves him off. Abyss picks him up for a Gorilla Press Slam, Styles rolls off and dropkicks Abyss in the back, shouting "I'm the best!" Styles kicks Abyss in the knees a few times to keep him down, club to the back, drills him with some punches to the head, then headbutts him in the turnbuckle, spins him around, and lays in more knife-edge chops.

Styles pulls Abyss out by the hair, Abyss throws some big punches to the ribs, Styles dropkicks him in the knees again to level the big man. Styles plants him in the corner, wraps the left leg over the middle rope and wrenches it, then gets out of the ring and pulls on the leg more, referee breaks it up, and warns Styles not to touch him again.

Styles back in the ring, approaches Abyss, Abyss tries to fire away with rights, but can't get much power behind it because his leg is still wedged between the ropes. Styles chops him a few times to put him back in place. Styles sets up for a springboard Superman Punch back into the ring as Abyss frees himself, Abyss swats him down, follows up with a big clothesline, reverse elbow and a back body drop. Abyss follows that up with a giant splash in the corner, waits for Styles to wobble out and hits him with the side slam, first cover of the night gets a two count.

Abyss grabs Styles by the hair, sets up him on his shoulders for the Shock Treatment backbreaker, Styles wiggles free and responds with the Pele Kick to the head, which gets an "OLE! OLE OLE OLE!" chant from the fans. Styles charges Abyss in the corner, Abyss backdrops him over the top rope, Styles hangs on, pops up to the top turnbuckle and takes down Abyss with a dropkick, followed up with a pin, two count.

Styles tries for the Styles Clash, Abyss flips him over with a double-leg takedown, then catapults Styles into the corner where the chair was wedged! Abyss picks up Styles, SHOCK TREATMENT! Abyss rolls over, hooks the leg, only a two count! Abyss sets Styles up on the top turnbuckle, climbs up, looks to set up for a Superplex, Styles blocks it, fires off with punches and bites Abyss in the rips, then reels off a right that puts Abyss down to the mat. Styles follows it up with the 450 splash, covers and hooks the leg, TWO COUNT!

Styles is astonished that he didn't get the three count, Flair is trying to tell Styles to get back on Abyss, but styles instead confronts the referee about a slow pin attempt. Styles turns around and BLACK HOLE SLAM! Abyss covers, one... two... thr... KICK OUT!

Ric Flair rolls down to the ring, calls referee Andrew Thomas over and then sprays some of Chelsea's purfume in his eyes! Referee screams "AAAYYEEEEE!" and falls out of the ring. Styles nails Abyss with the nutshot, then turns around and knocks him out with the title belt (why is the belt even at ringside??). This draws out Hulk Hogan and Earl Hebner. Hogan tells Chelsea to hit the back. Hogan then grabs Flair's wheelchair and pushes him to the back. Styles is arguing with the referee, then tries to save Flair, to no avail. Styles says he's going to kill Abyss, slingshots himself in with a 450 splash on Abyss, covers, hooks the leg, Abyss throws him off like a sack of potatoes.

Abyss starts to Hulk up, Styles kicks him in the midsection, lays in chops, Abyss eats it all and stalks around the ring, shaking his arms and making exaggerated facial expressions as Abyss clubs him in the back. Abyss turns around, blocks one, points at Styles and then lays in a world of hurt on him, followed up with a chokeslam so big that IT BREAKS THE RING!

Earl Hebner calls for the bell?? What's going on here? Hogan runs out and hands Abyss the title, but Hebner takes it away! Flair rolls back down shouting, "Not so fast! Not so fast!" Hogan raises Abyss' arms, Hebner pulls them back down. Flair is so pissed off that he grabs Flair by the neck, pulls him out of the wheelchair and through the ropes, stands him up in the ring.

Chelsea tries to attack Abyss with the spray, Hogan stops her and re-directs it into Flair's face! Chelsea bails, Desmond Wolfe runs in and he immediately gets pinballed between Abyss and Hogan with punches, Hogan sprays Wolfe in his face, Wolfe stumbles backwards over Flair and into the hole in the mat, then Flair gets to his knees and falls into the hole as well.

Abyss' music plays, Earl Hebner grabs the title and bails. I'm assuming that this was a no-contest and Style retains. Hogan raises Aybss' arms as they parade around the ring.

Well, that's it kids, overall it was an okay PPV, started out decent, went downhill halfway through, but the main event was a fun match and not disappointing. It wasn't close to the 2005 Lockdown classic between these two, but still damn good. No new champions, but that's not a bad thing, either. There will be plenty of controversy going into Monday night.

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