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Tha Raw Report

This week "Raw" was nothing to get excited about. The only thing worth waiting for was Jewel and Ty Murry. Mostly because of my idea from last week of Karaoke on the mechanical bull. Didn't exactly get that though. It's ok to say that yodelling is cool now. Jewel put one hell of a slap on poor, vocacally challenged Jillian.

I have a few gripes though. What's new? Money in the Bank will be a pay-per-view apparently, and was from all reports cancelled from WrestleMania. Either dirt-sheets and their readers are undependable (that can't be it) or WWE is still undecided. Also, who wrote the Michaels/Taker segment and/or the conclusion?

I know wrestling is no longer logical, or stomachable even, but damn. Wouldn't it have actually been better if Taker had looked at Michaels and said, "My revenge is making you suffer." Build them up for something else. Yes the match will be great, but I honestly don't think they can recapture what happened last year. I honestly don't.

Last year their match made WrestleMania. That match alone made me love Mania last year, and made WrestleMania 10X better than I thought it would be. This year though, they already have stiff competition. Chris Jericho and Edge will bring the house down. Getting this out of the way before the show, "The WrestleMania main event will be all Canadian," says Donnie. "Hyyyyype," replies Dan-e-o. "Yeah suck on that America," interjects Donnie, "Yeah man," shouts Dan-e-o.

The WWE Unified Tag Team Champions of the World need to be split up. Not because they suck, or because I don't buy them, but because Show needs to be a monster again. Miz needs to focus on his singles run. Give him a heel stable to run with. It is incredibly odd that I'm about to type this, but I'd rather see him with the WWE Championship than the United States Championship right now.

The WWE Championship fell off the map last night. It no longer exists. Sheamus was bad enough, Cena was bad before him, but now it's just bad. Sheamus eliminated leaving Triple H and Cena to battle it out, what a shock right? Then of course Cena wins the title for the umpteenth time only to lose it seconds later to Bati-sta. "Raw" will have those two clowns in their WrestleMania main event. How scary is it that John Cena will be the best worker in the "Raw" main event?

A scary thought has come to mind. Where will Triple H be during WrestleMania? Will he find himself slap in the middle of the Money in the Bank ladder match? Will he give his workout buddy Sheamus some sort of rub and be in a singles match with him? Could it be a beard vs. beard match? For the first time in years I'm actually interested in something Triple H related. Where will he land in Mania?

Remember months ago when The Marine 2 came out? Yeah I didn't think so. Ted DiBiase was the star of the movie and was expected to break clean from Dynasty and get a singles push as a face. That never happened. It appears as though it's going to happen now. What I wonder though is what will happen with Cody Rhodes?

Ted needs this, it'll be good for both him and for wrestling if you ask me. I think he can carry his weight and more. Cody though is skating on thin ice. If they decide to write him as the guy who takes the abuse and go with Randy he'll forever be a tool, or it will be incredibly hard to break him from that mold down the road.

Let Ted and Cody make their break and send them to seperate shows. Just actually use them though. They are both 2nd or 3rd generation stars, and have shown they can do better than a few guys the E has main eventing. Actually they are both better than the "Raw" brand Mania main event.

After WrestleMania this year Michaels is supposed to take time off, as is Taker. Write Orton off for a few weeks and either Cena or Batista. Both would be good but that won't happen. Use those empty spots on the roster to elevate the guys that are almost there to there. Then the newly vacated middle spots, put new guys there as well.

Finally I just have to ask this question. Where were you in 1960? Maybe you weren't born yet, but if you were you watched the US beat Canada in hockey. You did the same thing this weekend. So, how bout Team USA? There's always the "SmackDown" brand main event of WrestleMania though Canada. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is happy.

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Anonymous said...

I love thaoshow, but i hate this report, it wasnt a report at all its just you being a shitalaz booker. I enjoyed raw what vince and batista did made sense. Its not about whats being booked or who the better worker is you dumbfuck why dont you pay attention to the damn angle.

BigDaddy said...

I enjoyed Raw this week.

I loved Vince's promo, I loved the interaction between Taker and HBK .. I loved the way heel Batista gave Cena the Mania spot and the destroyed him ... I loved the final nail in Legacy's coffin.

Money In The Bank PPV was something being reported by a few dirt sheets, and then (as always) people took it as gospel. The fed is looking at adding another gimmick PPV ... MITB was an option, but i had never heard anything about MITB being taken off this year's Mania.

The little clip segments where they showed NXT competitors was great ... it increased my interest in the show.

I thought that the guest hosts were fine. Jewel looked great, and they minimized the time on camera so as to not take away from the WWE product.

The mechanical bull gimmick was just a comedy spot to put more heat on Show Miz and to see some hot women bucking and grinding. I got no problem with that.

Andrew Gray said...

I thought Raw was solid too (the crowd sucked though).

I liked adding the HBK career stip to the match . . . at least it adds a little doubt as to who's going to win.

And I know I'm in the minority on this . . . but I'm very much looking forward to seeing Taker-Shawn II, and am glad they decided to go ahead with the match. I know that it'll be a huge challenge, but why can't this match be even better than last year's? And even if it's not, you know it'll be a great match regardless.

I thought the Legacy break-up was OK, but I would have rather seen Ted and Cody attack Randy, to create more sympathy for the newly-turned Orton.

Solid show overall . . . it did a good job of advancing the storylines heading into WrestleMania. We now have a very good idea as to what the major matches are going to be.

TWK said...

RAW was good. I skipped past the skits and saw some good promos and matches.

Glad to finally see the break up of Legacy since they were going absolutely nowhere.

The Taker/HBK segment was awesome. It will be interesting to see who wins in the match.

Hopefully this year Christian will win MITB. Probably not going to happen but I can have a hopiction.

Christopher Casúr said...

Damn, Ty Murray can cut a promo! His back and forth with Show Miz last night was solid.

I agree with "The Every Brother" Andrew Gray, I thought last night's "Raw" was good. Undertaker and Michaels will tear the house down at WrestleMania, and Batista has done the impossible by actually making me interested in one of his matches. The storyline between these two is far more interesting now that there is a clearly defined heel and a clearly defined face, as opposed to their "who's the bigger babyface" mini-feud in 2008.

I think given the Bret/Vince factor and the fact that the WWE Championship is on the line, that Batista vs. Cena will be the main event though, rather than Edge vs. Jericho. But who knows.

Damn, WWE is really trying to push WrestleMania hard this year. So far we have-

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker
Batista vs. John Cena
Money In The Bank
Some sort of Legacy match (I've heard either DiBiase vs. Orton or a Triple Threat with each respective wrestler's father in their corner)

That's already a solid card. Hopefully they can keep it up.

kathy said...

I really liked the way the show started not to much long drawn out babble, guys coming out quick and edges' music perks me right up. and i'm very interested in the taker/hbk match at mania and i really like the orton debiase thing, not EVERYTHING needs to have HHH involved...might even order it.

Skitlez said...

One of my favorite Raws in a while. WWE is on the ball with WM this year. Kinda reminds me of the old super cards where all the feuds come to a head. Kinda how it should be anyway.

One more thing, gotta single out Batista. His new gimmick is hype. The slow lazy walk, the spotlight, avoiding matches, it's perfect. I actually cheered for him.

josh said...

Great Raw. It seems like they are really building to Mania the right way this year(unlike last year) and from what they've announced and what will probably wind up on the card in the next few weeks this card seems STACKED. The only bad thing is we'll probably have to watch a 15-20 minute match between Cena and Big Dave o well it can't be a perfect card.