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Dan-e-o "Last Minute" Short Film Trailer

"Last Minute" is the new short film in HD from Dan-e-o's Dilla Pickles album/mixtape. Set for release in March 2010, "Last Minute" is directed by Kev Major and edited by XCON of Late Night Shooters.

The film stars Dan-e-o, Conwell and the beautiful Jas Seron in a gripping story about love, lust, betrayal and revenge! This is the first official trailer for the "Last Minute" short film.

Voiceover by Andrew Kishino.

Dilla Pickles - the official 2 in 1 album/mixtape in tribute to legendary producer/rapper J Dilla - Dan-e-o's first-ever completely FREE digital download project is out now!

Download "Dilla Pickles" FREE right HERE.


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4 comments: on "Dan-e-o "Last Minute" Short Film Trailer"

D. Ross said...

This looks fucking fun, dude. I cant wait to see more of that chick...I mean the video.

Moonsalt said...

hype, this was one of the songs off of Dilla Pickles i wanted to see a video for

Anonymous said...

Man... The things You will go through just to get a little tail!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me homegirl was not wearing Gladiators in bed!

-The Fashion Police