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TNA Genesis Recap

WELCOME TO TNA GENESIS AND THE EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN FOUR-SIDED RING. What are the chances we'll get 3 Live Kru and America's Most Wanted back too? Probably not good. HERE COMES THE HULKSTER. Eazy-E is by his side. Hogan cups the ear as pyros go off around them and the faux nWo music plays.

Hogan is playing air guitar and fans in the crowd have TOO SWEET signs - it really is the 90's all over again. Someone brought a sign that says TERRY'S NONSTOP ACTION. Brooke is in the crowd. Hogan: "Well guys! I guess all there is to say is welcome to Genesis! And on top of that, welcome to the brand new Impact Zone."

Some boos for that. "Hey we told you there was gonna be change, and everything would be moving and shaking." Fans chant WE WANT SIX SIDES. "You know I got one thing to say about six sides - you had it and it only got you so far. Now we're taking you all the way jack! No more sticking playpen rings, this is where professional wrestling was meant to be done, this is where we shed blood sweat and tears, this is where professional wrestling was born! Our competitor, all he talks about is sports entertainment, he's afraid to even mention professional wrestling in his dressing room.

I'm proud to be here, proud of all our pro wrestling fans, and proud of you brother!" Bischoff: "Thanks Hulkster. It's human nature, nobody likes change, but change is what we're all about. Get used to change, because there's a hell of a lot more coming your way!"

Hogan: "In close guys, there's only one last thing to say - what'chu gonna do Vince McMahon now that TNA is coming for you BROTHER.. OR SISTER?" Faux nWo music plays again. Taz puts over the four-sided ring, Tenay puts over the fact they're pro wrestling, and Taz says he had "more than enough" of sports entertainment and he's glad to be here. Time for our opening match!

* TNA X-Division Championship - Amazing Red {C} v. THE Brian Kendrick

Kendrick's entrance music is .. orchestral. Lots of strings. Crowd is already chanting for him before the opening bell. Kendrick immediately throws a kick and Red backs away. Red calls for the crowd to chant for him and it turns into a dueling chant. Kendrick goes for an armbar right to the ground as people chant THANK YOU SPANKY. Red gets away and the two face off. Red goes for a side headlock but Kendrick counters and works the left arm for a near fall. Modified clutch with forearms to the face, but Red manages to stand up twist out and hit an Oklahoma roll up for 2. Red throws a head kick of his own but misses.

Red and Kendrick start trading spots at 60 mph until Red gets kicked in the face and flies into the barricade. Brooke Hogan leans WAY over the rail and encourages him to get up. She should be careful - those fake tatas might spill out. Kendrick throws him back in and goes to work on the left leg. Taz and Tenay tease Lashley trying to get out of his match tonight. Kendrick grounds Red and sits on his back twisting the leg until Red gets a rope break.

Kendrick goes high risk and Red flies up and kicks him in the head, then flip dives off to the floor to wipe him out, crashing into the barricade in the process. Hulk Hogan approves! Back in the ring Red hits a missile dropkick for 2.9. Red gets a boot up in the corner, two feet to the jaw, but Kendrick sidesteps him off the ropes and reapplies the single leg crab.

The ref is leaning in closely to see if Red will tap out, but once again Red manages to roll over and get a rope break. He's slow to get up though and Spanky goes right for the leg again, only for Red to turn it into an enzuguiri. Red climbs the ladder up Spanky's back for a headkick in the corner.

Tilt-a-whirl takes Kendrick down but Red can't get up fast enough to cover and it's only two. Kendrick takes a breather under the bottom rope then nails Red for a two count, following up by stomping on him and trying to throw him out to the floor. Red lans on the apron though and hits CODE RED for three! WINNER AND STILL X DIVISION CHAMPION: AMAZING RED.

We're backstage with "The Band." Bischoff: "Kevin, you're under contract - Scott, Kid, not so much." Hogan: "Things are moving real fast. Nothing's changed from when we first talked. I know we're 4 Life, but you've got to be 4 Real. This is your one shot, make it count, cause there might not be another one." Hall: "He made it pretty clear.

Eazy-E is who he is but he's a good business man. Kev, I gotta look good tonight. I gotta earn my money." Waltman: "What about me?" Nash: "Guys, we're advertised!" Waltman: "You know how it is man - old school! Eazy-E and Hulk, they know who we roll." Waltman and Hall play rock paper scissors to determine who gets the shot to tag with Nash, and Waltman wins out of 4 tries (one was a tie).

* Sean Morley v. Christopher Daniels

Val gives Brooke the towel and takes the mic. "Ladies, I'm here! Heh heh heh. Tonight, I present to you, my very first, TNA Films production! A full frontal production! Produced, directed by and starring yours truly - Sean Morley. And ladies, I hope you are watching in high-definition, because I don't want you to miss one, single inch - in the rise of Sean Morley, and the fall of an Angel." Cue Daniels. He has his right shoulder bandaged with black tape. Daniels: "That's my problem with you! 3 days ago I kick a hole in you and tonight, what do you do? You come out here talking about movies, sexual innuendo.. when are you gonna get it through your thick skull?

This is TNA, and this is wrestling! You people shut your mouths, I'm not saying that for you, I'm saying it for me! Sit down blondie before I slap your face." Brooke looks pissed. Crowd turns on Daniels and chants YOU SUCK. "The last person you want to meet on your first night is me, but if you don't understand that I'll put it in terms you understand. I'm your worst critic, and I'm not giving you a thumbs down, I'm giving you this!" One gun salute and a brawl ensues.

Bell rings and Daniels is playing chickenshit heel, running away whenever Val gets the advantage. I'm not sure if this is the dynamic I would have gone for, because this crowd is not inclined to cheer for Val, and I think this is killing the Impact Zone. In fact despite heeling on them a minute ago the crowd is already chanting FALLEN ANGEL. Venis hits a gutbuster, he tries to roll out to the apron, and Val pulls him up by the ears. Daniels finally drops down to snap his neck off the ropes and get back in the ring to hit a clothesline.

Daniels chokes his neck on the ropes. Taz: "He'll take a shortcut any time he has to, I personally like that about him!" There's a Don West lookalike in a purple suit and loud yellow tie at ringside, but he's not chunky or hairy enough. Daniels misses with chops and Val starts to go on O but Daniels responds with a palm strike to the throat and tries to get a head triangle in the ropes. Split legged moonsault for 2.

Val gets choked out again. All the chants are for or against Daniels - nobody's chanting for Val/Chief Morley/Whatever. Val finally gets on offense and attacks the ribs of Daniels, dropping him across the ropes. Double underhook butterfly suplex. Taz and Tenay say he's setting up the Money Shot but before he can get it Daniels goes for the Koji Clutch. Val rolls him over for a near fall forcing Daniels to break the hold.

STO takedown and the crowd is chanting for the BME. Daniels hits a one handed slam and goes for the BME but Val rolls out of the way. Val hits a half nelson slam and stands up signaling that it's all over. He goes out to the apron and climbs to the top rope, grabbing at his throat all the while, and Daniels recovers and hits more strikes to said throat. Daniels jacks him in the jaw and climbs up to the top, but the big huricanrana is blocked. Val slips and falls trying to go up for a Money Shot, but he regains his footing and jumps off for the pin and the win! VAL VEN.. ERR CHIEF MORLEY GETS THE 3. We immediately jump to a promo package for Tara vs. ODB.

* One Dirty Bitch {C} v. Tara (TNA Knockouts Title - 2 out of 3 Falls)

So we're three for three tonight airing matches pitting TNA wrestlers against recently WWE employed wrestlers. So far it's an even split - one win for the home team, one win for the WWE Invasion. Tara makes her way out first complete with her tarantula in a little glass house at ringside.

ODB comes out slapping her boobs and butt and drinking from her flask, causing some female fans at ringside to cover their eyes. Mike Posey gets caught between the two as they engage in hairpulling, with ODB getting a strand of red out the hard way. Tara scissors ODB with the knee brace and hits a standing moonsault for 2. Tara hits a chop to the knockers and ODB sells it like her bra (or lack thereof) is on fire.

Tara knocks ODB down and hits a slingshot legdrop for 2. ODB slaps herself like she got knocked senseless. Tara goes for a crossbody and ODB catches her for a fallaway slam, then she kips up (or as Tenay puts it NIPS UP) but Tara gets a small package for 3! WINNER OF THE FIRST FALL: TARA. Some dude from the Tampa Bay Bucs is at ringside as Taz is talking about how happy he is for the J-E-T-S JETS! Since we know ODB is going to win the second fall to tie this up, I'm gonna take a pitstop. Back in 60.

Joey Fatone is in the crowd with Brooke as I return with a double chocolate stout (ODB would approve). It looked like ODB was working her over with submissions and beating her up on the outside, and now she's got Tara scissored to cut off her lungs, then she rolls with Tara until she gets dizzy and goes for a near fall.

ODB keeps her scissored and Tara desperately claws to reach the ropes, and finally Posey makes ODB break due to a hair pull. ODB goes right back to the body scissors though and the crowd starts to chant LET'S GO TARA. ODB locks a beefy arm around her neck to further cut off her oxygen supply. ODB pulls something out of her bra - a falsie perhaps - then hits a running power slam for 2.

Tara counters ODB into a widow's peak and covers for three! WINNER OF TWO STRAIGHT FALLS AND NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: TARA. I thought she'd pull it out in the end, but I never thought ODB would pull anything out of her bra mid-match. Tara gets out her pet Poison and we cut backstage.

Pope: "First things first baby! Somebody told me we're having a party in Orlando. It could be because Pope arrived, but I could put my money on Orlando being a party tonight because POPE IS PIMPIN'. If history serves as any indication, everybody knows what happened on January 4th between Wolfy and their Pope. He even looks like a character that came out of a trash can on Sesame Street, but he'll never be the charismatic, pimptacular, pimp-slappin', so hot Christy you should go to Dairy Queen and get me a sundae!" Time for our next match.

* TNA World Tag Team Titles - British Invasion {C} v. Matt Morgan & Hernandez

No offense to the Impact Zone but there are some fugly people here tonight - a British Invasion fan who looks like half her teeth are missing and a beastly man-woman with a "Blueprint Boulevard" road sign and a lip ring. That being said all of these people are still more attractive (and more intelligent) than Bubba the Human Garbage - Magnus and Morgan start the match, Doug Williams comes in for a double team, but Super Mex comes in to break it up and send both men to the floor.

Williams gets back in and he and Super Mex become the legal men. Williams hits a jumping knee and tries to cinch up the tights. Super Mex counters into a suplex, Williams gets out over the back but eats a high back bodydrop and a t-shirt toss across the ring. He gets a boot up to cut Mex off but Mex catches him in mid-air. Magnus hits an illegal chop block to the leg and the ref throws him out but doesn't call for the bell. The ring may have less sides but the officials as still just as incompetent and inconsistent.

To that end the Brits hit a double team suplex while the ref is trying to throw Morgan out for coming over to help. Magnus applies a chinlock as the newly legal man while the fans start an OLE chant - is El Generico going to make the save? Williams leans his arms in to apply leverage on a hold, gets away with it twice, but gets kicked off by the ref the third time. Supermex hits a gutwrench suplex and Mex crawls for the hot tag and gets it.

Nick Hogan is now at ringside. Morgan clears the ring and then applies elbows to Williams, behind him in the corner, then throws him off the turnbuckle for a near fall. Williams pokes Morgan in the eye for a flying back elbow but Super Mex comes in to make a save again and all four men are down after a clothesline. Williams gets up first but Morgan chokes him from his knees then stands up for a chokeslam that's 2.999. Magnus knocks Mex off the apron then double teams a back bridge for a near fall. Morgan shoves the legal Magnus into the corner, then tosses Williams off the top rope so Mex can hit him with a flying shoulder. Mex slams him and Morgan hits the carbon footprint! WINNERS AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: BLUEPRINT AND SUPERMEX!

Backstage Bobby Lashley gets into a brawl with Abyss in the TNA Offices, and Abyss gets the better of it and cracks Lashley in the face with a laptop computer! Instead of being happy Bischoff is pissed that Abyss knocked him out and ruined the semi-main. Hogan: "Guys, guys, stop! Please stop. What is going on in here?" Abyss: "He tried to attack Mr. Bischoff sir, I'm really sorry." Hogan: "I'm overwhelmed here. I'm feeling a bit crazy.

Have you ever felt a bit crazy?" Abyss giggles psychotically. Hogan: "Don't worry about that. You're gonna have your match tonight and it's gonna be even better, but do me one favor, don't make me crazy." Abyss: "Don't worry sir, I'm crazy enough for both of us!" Hogan: "Everybody has to prove themselves. I wanna see what you're made of in that ring tonight." Abyss: "Who is my opponent gonna be?" Hogan: "Just you wait and see, it's gonna be even better! Don't let me down."

* Desmond Wolfe v. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero

Taz accuses the fans of groveling for the fake dineros that Pope drops from the ceiling and tells them all to get jobs. Desmond and his valet stand in the ring nonchalant, Wolfe keeps his shades on, and the pretty young thing at his side unzips his warmup trunks to reveal the long silver tights underneath, then takes his shades for him too. Pope gives her a kiss on the cheek, which she does not refuse, and the crowd immediately chants POPE IS PIMPIN'.

It seems like years ago he was Elijah Burke in ECW, so long ago that I've long since stopped thinking of him as formerly WWE and can't imagine him as anything other than a TNA star. Pope is all over him early with chops and kicks until they go outside to the floor where Wolfe hits an elbow to the leg and throws him back in. "I know what I'm doin - I ain't no dummy!" We hear you Nigel.

Wolfy McWolferson twists him up like a human pretzel to work over the knee and Taz echoes my thoughts seconds later. Taz puts over the knee operations he's had as Wolfe screams at Pope I'LL BREAK YOUR LEG! I just got word that K4D WILL be on the air tonight in the at 10 PM EST. Taz teases that the ref might have to stop the match because Pope is taking too much damage to his now severely injured knee. Nigel hits a European uppercut but Pope fights back with punches and chops until Wolfe knocks him down hard and yells at all the WANKERS in the crowd.

Pope finally cuts Wolfe off with a clothesline and hits a head spike suplex, crawling over for 2. Nigel gets the advantage back and wraps his leg around the ropes and his head around the turnbuckle, pulling for all he's worth as Pope is draped over the ring steps. The ref issues a stern warning but back in the ring Pope recovers long enough to slam him, though he can't stand after hitting the move. Some dipshit in the front row has a BUBBA ARMY song.

Perhaps that army should go to Haiti to help with the relief effort - oh I forgot, Bubba hates Haiti so I'm sure his army does too. LET'S GO POPE chant breaks out as Wolfy lays in the Euro uppercuts, but Pope gets out of the way of a splash in the corner and snaps his head and neck down off the ropes for 2. Pope eats an elbow but cuts off a handstand for a flapjack powerbomb and a near fall. Pope pulls down the kneepads for the DDE but Nigel hits his jawbreaker lariat for 3! WINNER: DESMOND WOLFE.

Backstage with J.B. who says we're off and running tonight, but before he can finish his spiel Eric Bischoff cuts him off. "What do you think you're doing?" Borash: "My job." Bischoff: "Your job is whatever I tell you it is. Until further notice I'm taking you off television for a while. Don't worry kid, I'll find you something to do. There's catering, somebody has to drive the ring truck around, I'll find work for you." RIC FLAIR IS HERE.

Hemme asks why he's here. "I couldn't have said it better, the one and the only Nature Boy is here in TNA! Why I'm here is my business, when I'm ready to say I'll let 'em all know. Nature Boy goes WOO where the greatest talent in the world is, so remember, Nature Boy and TNA are side by side. WOOOOOOOOO!" We go to a video package of The Band debuting on January 4th and Bischoff making the match with Beer Money.

* The Band v. Beer Money

The Band comes out to their own version of the nWo Theme, represented by Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, the latter of whom looks like he's been working on the pec flex machine. The fans pop loudly for Beer Money and hold up signs like IT PAYS TO BE ROODE and DRINKING MYSELF RICH. Storm and Waltman start the match off and Storm is all over him with kicks and armdrags. Neckbreaker for a near fall before Storm tags out to Roode, who hits an atomic drop and a leg sweep followed by a knee lunge for 2. Waltman finally cuts him off and tags in Nash, who immediately gets an assist from Waltman choking him on the ropes.

Nash plays the Wall of China as Roode tries to knock him down, finally succeeding as he comes off his feet rebounding off the ropes. He tags in Storm and they make a wish with Nash's legs, then trip Waltman for a crotch shot head first. Storm pulls him up, knocks Waltman to the floor with an elbow, but Nash clotheslines him down hard. Waltman is taggged back in and hits a vertical suplex and legdrop. Taz says the legdrop is "lightning like."

Ha, ha, ha. Nash tags back in. Nash works knees to the gut in the corner then applies a big boot to the throat. Waltman tags back in. Bronco Buster in the corner. Nash is legal again and hits a hard elbow to the side of the head followed by a side slam for 2. Waltman in again with crotch chops but misses the bronco in the corner and crotches himself.

Nash knocks Roode off the apron to the ramp before Storm can tag out. Taz and Tenay can't make up their mind whether or not to call Waltman X-Pac or 6-Pac. Storm crawls through the legs and tags Roode, who is a house of fire on The Band. Roode hits a nice spinebuster on Waltman but Nash breaks up the pinfall. Nash misses a splash in the corner and eats a boot to the jaw, and Beer Money hit the double team suplex on Waltman. Nash is crawling around woozy. BEER, MONEY!! Here comes Scott Hall down the ramp.

Beer Money let this distract them and Nash hits a double clothesline. Nash gets the chokeslam but it's only a 2 count. Hall throws someone over the guardrail and slaps him around! Waltman goes out to stop him and Nash is all alone, and he eats a Last Call superkick to the chin for three! WINNERS: BEER MONEY. The crowd LOVES IT.

TO THE BACK with Hogan and Bischoff. Hogan: "They are so lucky I got a full plate tonight but this Thursday I am calling these guys out." Bischoff: "By the way Hogan, brilliant move with the Abyss situation." Hogan: "Ask not what TNA can do for Hulk Hogan, ask what Hulk Hogan can do for TNA."

* Abyss v. Kennedy err MISTER ANDERSON!

And the mystery opponent for Abyss is... MISTER ANDERSON!! The mic drops down to the ramp. "Ohhh ho ho hoooo! Looks like I done CROSSED THE LINE. You know folks? I um, I've read your Twitters, your Facebooks, your e-mails, I know you people missed me. And quite frankly, I missed myself!

This this next little part is something for the history books, for VHS, for DVD, for Blu-Ray, for frickin' YouTube. There's only one way to do this, and it goes a little something like this. WEIGHING IN TONIGHT AT AN ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' ASTONISHING TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE AND ONE QUARTER POUND, HE HAILS FROM GREEN BAY, WISCONSINNNNNNNNNNNNAH. {*clears throat*}MISTERRRRRRR KAH... ANDERSON!!! Wait for it, wait for it... AN-DER-SONNNNNN!"

Ken offers Abyss a handshake and gets his face slapped instead. Abyss throws him off the ropes but mistimes the back bodydrop and eats a kick from Ken. Abyss knocks him down and the crowd chants AN-DER-SON. Ken goes top rope, Abyss tries to cut him off, and Ken snaps his arm off the ropes then starts kicking the legs. Running chop block to the leg knocks Abyss down. Ken hits a running knee to the face and Abyss spills out to the floor right in front of the Bubba Army.

I'm personally thankful we haven't seen that fat Sponge on TV tonight - There's an OVERRATED chant and Ken goes into the crowd for a steel chair, but Abyss cuts him off and throws Ken back into the ring. Ken responds by running him across the apron into the turnbuckle. Ken works Abyss' left arm. Flying armbar takedown leads to a near fall. Abyss starts to get back on track, runs into a boot in the corner, but still hits a big boot to the face in the center. He whips Ken to the corner and claps his hands together, then lands his freight train splash followed by a side slam for 2.

Meanwhile K4D is now on the air in the so you can always listen while reading the recap - just click on the K4D tab. Ken gets out of Shock Treatment with a finger to the end then hits a hangman's neckbreaker for 2. Ken jumps off straight into a goozle for a chokeslam and a 2.9 near fall. Taz says he got thrown into the frozen tundra. Abyss goes for Shock Treatment again connects this time but Ken kicks out before 3!

Another immediate pin attempt is unsuccessful. Abyss goes out to get a steel chair. Ken reaches into his trunks for some knux while the ref is distracted by removing the chair, Ken nails Abyss in the head, then gets the three count! WINNER: MR. ANDERSON. "The winner, of the match, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh... MISTERRRRRRRR AN-DER-SONNNNN! ahhh, AN-DER-SONNNN!"

* TNA World Title - AJ Styles {C} v. Kurt Angle (Angle's Last Chance)

We get a video package putting over both men before the match starts. Kurt Angle comes out first at 10:13 EST. The opening bell finally rings at 10:16 EST - no big match introduction for champ and challenger, but since Jeremy Borash got thrown off TV tonight that actually makes sense. Angle is the first to get the advantage on the mat, but AJ hammerlocks the left arm and Angle needs a rope break as the dual chants break out. AJ goes back to the left wrist and arm and Taz puts it over as a nice keylock. Angle counters with a standing switch into a side headlock. Angle knocks AJ down with a shoulder tackle when he escapes and AJ rolls to the apron for a breather. Place your bets now on whether or not there will be a Tomko run-in. AJ hits a hard shoulder tackle of his own forcing Angle to roll out.

Angle ducks a lock up and goes behind, suplex attempt finds AJ landing on his feet, then we get a bunch of counters and a flurry of offense by both men that has them standing apart and staring at each other in awe. Angle wins a test of strength, then AJ rolls through and wins on him. Angle gets a leg into the ropes for another break. AJ hits a big dropkick that levels Angle, snaps him over, hits a kick to the back and covers for 1. AJ puts a knee to Angle's back and applies the crossface. Angle gets out and AJ hits elbows to the back of the neck.

AJ hits a running back elbow that sends Angle backwards out of the ring. AJ goes for a dive, changes and lands on the apron when Angle moves, then Angle sweeps him and AJ's jaw cracks off the apron. Angle throws him back in and starts reeling off suplexes before locking in a rear gutwrench. AJ comes off the ropes and Angle hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2.

Angle stays on offense and his mouthpiece comes flying out when he double legs AJ into the turnbuckle. Big slam, two near falls. Kurt eats a boot but still hits a german suplex with a late release to crunch AJ's neck. Angle pulls him up for a backbreaker and another near fall. Chinlock is hooked in with a knee to AJ's back as Earl Hebner checks to see if AJ wants to submit.

AJ gets back to his knees and hits punches to the gut to break free, then throws rights and chops once he's fully erect. Discuss clothesline misses and a double crossbody leaves both men down at 10:30 EST. RIC FLAIR IS ON HIS WAY DOWN THE RAMP. AJ and Kurt trade big right hands. Angle is floated to the apron and knocked down with a forearm, and Styles follows up with a running flip dive to wipe Angle out on the floor. Angle winces and sells his knee from the impact. AJ throws him back in and his a backbreaker to the neck, followed by a springboard clothesline for 2 and change.

Styles Clash is countered into rolling germans. Angle releases and sends AJ flying then stalks waiting for him to get up. Angle slam is countered into a Pele kick! Two count. Angle whips AJ, AJ counters, AJ misses on a dive, Angle connects with a clothesline. AJ gets the advantage back and puts ANgle in the corner for elevated punches as Flair looks on.

Angle finally gets him off and gets another near fall as Flair gets even closer to the action. Angle sets AJ up on the ropes and the two trade blows, and AJ gets the better of it and snaps off a 'rana. Angle knocks him down and goes up for a moonsault but AJ rolls out of the way! AJ sets up for another Styles Clash but can't tuck both legs under quick enough and Angle counters into an ankle lock! AJ rolls through, kicks him off and gets a slingshot crossbody for 2.

AJ brings Kurt to the corner, Flair backs pup a bit, AJ climbs up outside like he's going to do a Styles Clash from the ropes but Angle blocks it. Angle counters AJ diving off the ropes and hits a Styles Clash of his OWN for 2.9! Angle pulls AJ back up, kicks him in the gut, but the Angle Slam is countered into a DDT. AJ crawls to the corner, pulls himself up, and sidesteps when Angle charges.

Angle hits the turnbuckle then AJ hits him with an Angle Slam for 2.9!! AJ goes top rope, Angle recovers and goes up with him then hits a fallaway Angle Slam for 2.9999. Huge T-N-A chant in the Impact Zone. Angle pulls the straps down and goes for the ankle lock! AJ keeps trying to crawl away, Angle keeps bringing him back to center, AJ tries to kick him off and Angle rolls with it then scissors the leg with his whole body. WILL AJ TAP? FLAIR PULLS THE REF OUT WHEN AJ IS TAPPING!

Angle is livid and goes out to confront him. Flair rolls in the ring and runs, he gets out of the other side and AJ hits Angle with a clothesline as he's giving chase. Flair grabs the title and throws it in to AJ, he thinks about it for a long time, then blasts Angle in the face with it! Flair throws Hebner back in. One, two, three! AJ STYLES RETAINS THANKS TO A RIC FLAIR SCREWJOB.

Styles and Flair embrace. Flair screams that he's the world champion, AJ screams to put the camera on him, it's all about him, and he smiles like he won the lottery. Flair and Styles trade WOOOOOS! We see a replay of all the great action and Flair's interference on AJ's behalf. Tenay can't decide whether he's more disappointed or disgusted as the TNA PPV goes off the air with a plug for a #1 contender's match at Against All Odds next month.

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Hipnosis said...

Can't wait for iMPACT! Thursday

My favorite thing about iMPACT! is people are pissed Styles turned heel and didn't see it coming lol


Anonymous said...

Genesis was Impact-rific alright! They managed to bury everything that they had going for them. I don't want to get into details, life's too short. They did manage not deliver 2 advertised matches that I am sure some people paid to see. Outsider's and Lashley.

TNA is fucked!

TNA Cast Member said...

Steve Small just burried TNA

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And goodbye to the 6 sided ring!