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Tha Raw Report: PSYCH!

I was psyched, pardon the pun for James Roday and Dule Hill hosting "Raw" this week. Then I realized I'd be watching "Raw." Which is the same show that we watched last week. Not just the title, the card. If you woke up this morning, or at any point during the day today did you see anything on the card that truly shocked you? Except for no James Roday. Come on.

We've heard the Bret Hart return rumors for long enough now, so now we knew that something involving Bret was going to happen. It's also safe to assume that if a face or sympathetic character needs to be taken up for the resident good guy John Cena will do so.

It really sucked that James Roday couldn't make it. Some Psych-esqueness would have added something entertaining to the show. It's sad to say, but I'm just not that entertained by "Raw." It has its moments, and I will always follow wrestling, don't get me wrong. Its just a bad time.

When feuds were great they last for long periods of time. They still do, but now they draw on too long in a shorter amount of time. That's because of the overexposure which has been discussed at great length in the past. The rosters either need to be combined, or just have a few guys on TV a week, then off TV a week. Make it work somehow.

This DX and Legacy thing has gone on too damn long. The DiBiase splitting from Legacy thing has been teased too long. Marine II is out and his heelness isn't helping promote it. Hell, DX has been going on too long, at least in this grouping. Add new, young members, do away with completely. Either way, fix it.

Miz/MVP may be the best thing WWE has going in another month or two. I have said it before and I'll say it again. I was dead wrong about the Miz. He entertains me. Go figure. He's a heel, he's supposed to grind your nerves, and he's damn good at it.

I for one hardly ever agree with a heel vs. heel main event. Even for a damn free TV show, especially a PPV. The Royal Rumble is known for the Rumble match not the title matches, but you still need one that isn't the popcorn match. How bout the tag match be el popcorno?

Overall "Raw" wasn't bad, but it just has too much competition to maintain a good many of viewers. "24" is back, which will garner some "Raw" viewers and there are other shows on, I just can't think of any, and don't feel like looking it up. So here, chances are some normal "Raw" fans are watching that.

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Evitman said...

I have a problem with the miz/mvp this week as it devalued Kofi. Kofi should be burying the miz. Not only did it devalue the miz, but you try to devalue MVP. did you need to push the big show for a rumble snub? Anybody really thinks he is going to win? Then why make him look strong when mvp is going for the second title for Raw? And if they plan on keeping Kofi in a Orton feud, why have him have to be saved for a win?

Crap booking, but I think now it is a challenge between WWE/TNA to see how much they can screw their own product up.

Anonymous said...

Screwfest 2010 TNA-WWE Inc.

CJF said...

Another week, another boring-ass Raw. When, oh when will we learn?

kathy said...

I agree with CJF..guess we are all hoping against hope

Victor Wildcat said...

To be completely honest, I think this Raw was the first time they actually used this bubblegum face Cena properly. I really dug the promo. That's exactly what his character should be doing. It's sooooo old school hogan, its perfect.