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ECW On SyFy Recap

William Regal is already in the ring. "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and your privilege for me to introduce to you, your next ECW Champion, Ezekiel Jackson!" We see highlights of last week's beatdown.

Zeke: "Five days Christian, five days, that's all you have left! You know last week, we left with you laying sprawled at my feet. That image, that image is gonna repeat itself on Sunday.

As you drift in and out of consciousness, you will hear - you will hear - your winner and NEW ECW Champion, Ezekiel Jackson! Christian, the end has come - it has awakened against you."

Christian hits the ramp with the belt around his waist and a t-shirt with his picture on it - the best part is it says Captain Charisma on the back. "You like biblical quotes huh? That's funny, so do I. After all - I am Christian. I have an excerpt of my own - Ezekiel 25:17. I will strike down on those with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to destroy my brothers, and you will know, my Peeps will know, my name is Captain Charisma, when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"

Zeke: "So you're a comedian now? See you've never faced anyone like me." Christian: "That's true, but I'm a two time ECW champion and I've defended against All-American Americans, ECW Originals, and creepy pale British white dudes - yeah I'm looking at you Bill. You may be the strongest man in WWE, but I look forward to facing you one on one at the Rumble. You said you left me sprawled out last week, but you conveniently left out the part where it was 2-on-1. Well tonight, I've managed to even the score."

Cue the pyro and out comes Kane! The duo walk down to the ring, and Zeke stands there in the center staring right at him. Kane throws down his hands to set off the pyro in all four corners and we go to a commercial break.

* Christian {C} & Kane v. Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal

Christian and Regal are trading wristlocks when we return to live action. Regal hammerlocks him and screams "I've got you now" but Christian breaks free, hits the ropes and monkey flips Regal a couple of times. Regal tags out to Zeke, Kane smiles sadistically and offers a hand to Christian, and Christian tags in his partner. Zeke suddenly doesn't seem so big standing next to the Big Red Monster.

They do a double shoulder tackle and neither man falls. They collide again and Zeke screams YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T TAKE ME DOWN, I'M TOO STRONG so Kane starts wailing on him with punches and then hits a flying clothesline that puts Zeke down for two. Kane locks an arm and Christian jumps off the ropes on it when he tags in. Christian baseball slides under him and pops him in the jaw, but Zeke scoops him up for a slam.

Zeke misses with the elbow drop though and Kane tags back in and starts cranking on the left arm. Zeke manages to work him towards the heel corner and tag in Regal for a 2-on-1 beatdown, then Regal goes to work on Kane's left leg. Kane shoves him away with a boot to the face but Regal kicks his left knee and tags Zeke back in. Commentary reminds us Kane holds the Royal Rumble record with 11 eliminations. As impressive as that is, I'm still reminded of the Rumble where Austin was tossing people with such ease he was sitting on the ropes, looking at his (non-existent) watch.

Then again I have so many great Royal Rumble memories - it's consistently one of my favorite PPV events every year. Christian tags back in and looks for the Killswitch but Zeke powers out of it so Christian gives him a neckbreaker, knocks Regal off the apron, and tosses Zeke to the floor before doing a dive to the outside to wipe out both men. Christian gets back in the ring, the ref starts a 10 count and we go to break.

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Kane hits a clothesline and a dropkick on Zeke for two as we come back from commercial. Christian tags back in and climbs to the top for a double axe handle to the back, but with one arm Zeke throws Christian out to the floor, where he pops up and pops Regal in the face! Zeke comes up on him from behind though and steamrolls him before throwing him back in.

Regal is the legal man now, cranking on his face and twisting his neck. The crowd seems very enthusiastic though (at least right now) and they're cheering every Christian comeback and counting along with the near falls. Zeke comes back in as Regal gets a warning from the left, and Christian eats a scoop slam and a backbreaker for 2. Zeke stands on his throat until 4. Christian gets up as the ref warns Zeke and ries to brawl, but Zeke throws him into their corner and Regal tags in again. Regal hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Regal mocks Kane as he works on Christian and tags in Zeke.

Zeke hits one bicep/forearm after another to Christian's neck. Mathews and Saxton agree that he's in bad shape now even if he wins because he's being weakened before his title defense. Zeke knocks Kane off the apron, he tries to get back in, but as always the ref only enforces the rules when they hurt the face-in-peril. Regal is legal now and hitting knee lifts to the chin. He puts Christian on the top but CC punches his way out and hits a flying elbow leaving both men down. Christian crawls over and GETS the hot tag, and Kane's letting his fury fly all over Regal! Side slam, outside to the top rope, flying fist to the face. Chokeslam coming!

Zeke beaks it up, Kane gives him a big boot, Christian tags in and climbs on top of Kane for a flying crossbody to knock Zeke down. Zeke rolls out to the floor and pulls Kane out. CC goes for the Killswitch, Regal counters it, Zeke throws Kane into the ringpost on the outside, knee trembler misses, Regal tags out to Zeke though and he hits the urinage for 3. WINNERS: BIG ZEKE & BILL REGAL. Saxton promises us a six man tag as we go to a promo for WWE the Music - A New Day, Volume 10.

After break we're reminded to play Royal Rumble trivia, new on the website, and our dynamic duo of ECW commentary run down the card we'll be seeing in five days on Sunday. Of course, will have live coverage of the show, so if you're not ordering it or watching at a bar be sure to join us for the full play-by-play! Promo video for the Rumble follows reminding us there have been 23 winners, 627 eliminations, 36 men eliminated by Steve Austin (the Rumble record), 11 by Kane in a single Rumble, and this years's Rumble will be his record 12th in a row.

We're reminded Triple H won the last time the Rumble was in Atlanta, and that Mysterio set the record with 62:12 in the match before winning. We're also reminded Warlord was eliminated in two seconds, until Santino broke the record last year with only one second in. We're also reminded #1 has won just as often as #30, and 70% of the winners of the Rumble have gone on to win the title at WrestleMania. God I hope Triple H doesn't win this year - he'd be a lock to "increase the odds." Mathews reminds us tickets for the Rumble are sold out as we come back to ringside.

Shelton Benjamin promo. "The only thing that matters is the last man standing, who goes on to change the course of his career, and fulfill a lifelong dream of headling WrestleMania." Vance Archer cuts him off and lays him out. "Hopes and dreams are all Shelton has, because that, that is reality."

* Zack Ryder, Barreta & Croft v. Hurricane, Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu

Zack comes out first with Rosa in tow. We see highlights from last week when he got in a fight with Savannah over not reading his nickname "The Heart and Soul Superhero of ECW" with enough enthusiasm. We go to commercial.

Promo for Fozzy's Martyr No More before we go back to live action.

Goodie, it's the gamer geeks. They've changed their tights again so now I've lost my edge in telling them apart. The one in yellow takes an atomic drop from Dustin and we're informed it's Croft. He misses Goldie in the corner, eats an armdrag, and Hurricane tags in for a leg lariat near fall. Ryder tags in and gets an armdrag of his own. Two fans at ringside actually made OH RADIO signs complete with a picture of an actual radio. Hurricane throws Ryder out to the floor, five men hit the ring, the faces have the numbers advantage so the heels bail and we go to a commercial break.

Ring the Bell, the interactive show where YOU the fans get to have your say, is 5 minutes away as we come back with a promo for William Shatner on Raw next week, plus the return of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. Feel free to join us in the AngryMarks chatroom to listen to RTB and participate! Yoshi Tatsu is working over Croft before he tags Goldie in. Trent B gets the tag as does Hurricane. Trenty Poo whips him to the corner but it just sets him up for a Hurricanrana.

Trent tries to bail but gets kicked off the apron and hit with a flying crossbody to the outside. Zack distracts Hurricane and Trent knocks him off the apron, causing Rosa to scream that he's ESTUPIDA. Zack gets the legal tag and is all over him with ground and pound back in the ring before tagging Croft back in. Hurricane fights him off and rolls through for a near fall, but eats a big clothesline for 2 afterwards. Rosa screams it was 3. There are a couple of shift changes while I'm in the bathroom and Zack is attacking Hurricane when I come back (like a Legomaniac).

Ryder tags out to Croft who drops a knee on his face for 2. This is getting a little old - everybody's taking a turn beating down Hurricane. I'm just waiting for him to get the hot tag. He finally does after a shining wizard on Croft and Yoshiiiiii makes his way in. One thing I won't miss after ECW gets canceled is that every episode has to go five minutes past 11 EST. Matches fucking DRAG ON at that point.

Ryder is tossed out by Goldie, Goldie and Yoshi double team the gamer geeks and Yoshi hits the yakuza kick on the one in blue (Barreta I believe) for 3 even though neither Mathews or Saxton could remember his name to announce it. BABYFACES WIN. They don't even say his name on the replay, but at least in the closeup of all six arguing on the ring we can see their names are written on their tights, and it was Barreta.

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