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2010 Is Lookin' Good!

You like breasts? No, seriously. Do you like breasts? Answer the question! Because if you do then why don’t you have this calendar? Afraid your girlfriend or wife will get mad at you? She wont. You know why? 100% of the proceeds go to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Oh, she’s still mad that you have over one years worth of hot chicks staring at you every day and she isn’t one of them? Let her leave. You know why? You still have the calendar.

Let me start off by saying that not only is this for a great cause, its full of hot chicks that have some of the best of what they’re trying to save. I wont get all Jerry Lawler on you and scream about puppies. There are plenty of those in here. But there’s also some legs, ass, and my favorite, thighs thrown in for good measure. Its like being at the world’s sexiest KFC!

I wont run down the entire list of women in this thing. You all are lucky I stop touching…the calendar long enough to write about it. January starts off with Rinnie Sinn wearing sexy draws and a hat. That’s. It. Oh, that’s not good enough for you, junior? Need a little something extra to light a flame under that ass? Miss Danyah. Yeah. Miss Danyah wearing boots. No, I’m not writing in incomplete sentences. That’s it.

Oh, I see what kinda guy you are. Okay, pal. You’re an ass man. Well head on over to March, Billy Gunn! Ianna Titus got it right there for ya! April Hunter shows up looking as fine as ever. We all know her. She’s single handedly (or would we be the single handed ones?) the reason Kleenex is in business.

We got Amy Victory looking twelve kinds of cute and we’re not even halfway through the year. What is wrong with you? Why don’t you have this yet? These are the women you’d get to wake up to everyday. This is what makes you want to live. Thinking about offing yourself in May? Don’t. because Cherry Bomb is waiting for you next month. I mean, damn. Kelly Couture makes me wanna put on my business socks. As the great duo Flight of the Conchords say “It’s business time!”

Alright, dude. I see how you are. You want something more. You’re looking for power. A woman that can bench press you and make you scream for mama. Bam! Melissa Coates. Trained by Killer Kowalski. She will hurt you in a good way. I will not be held responsible for any damage your carpal tunnel suffers from buying this calendar.

But for real, you all need to get this. Not only is it for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation its for something we all enjoy. Just remember to go to and order yours now. Yeah, the calendar lasts until next year but will the breasts not saved because you wanted to be cheap? Don’t make me feel like Don West! It's only $29.99!!!

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