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TNA & WWE Tidbits

TNA has already removed Angelina Love from their roster page. To clarify her work visa situation, the person applying for a visa or a renewal has to have all the paperwork done in advance plus show proof that you have enough money to support yourself, you have a US sponsor and that you have a company that will employ you legally in the US. TNA was waiting for Love to get her issues resolved but when she didn't finish the paperwork in time their hands were tied.

In a correction to a previous update, Love was not working under her visa that was granted when she got her WWE developmental deal. That visa would have been canceled when her contract with WWE ended.

TNA has revealed that they will be touring Australia in February or March of 2010. They plan to tour Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth! Details are available from the TNA Twitter Page.

TNA has announced a house show for Racine, Wisconsin on October 24th as well as Green Bay, Wisconsin on October 25th. Talent announced currently for the shows are AJ Styles, TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Beer Money Inc., Scott Steiner, Motor City Machine Guns, ODB, Rhino, Lethal Consequences, Kip James, Alissa Flash, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi.

TNA's house show on October 23rd has been moved to the Emil & Patricia A. Jones Convention Center at Chicago State University in Chicago, Illinois.

The TNA Impact replay will not air on September 12th due to a UFC marathon on SpikeTV. The replay will instead air on September 11th at 2 AM.

NA sent out this announcement about MTV's "Made" airing today.

TNA Wrestling Superstar "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles on MTV's "MADE" This Sunday!

Catch AJ Styles in action as he mentors a teenage girl who dreams of one day stepping inside the six-sided ring of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!

Joining AJ on "MADE" will be TNA Knockouts The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky), Taylor Wilde and more!

Following "SmackDown!" here's the latest update to the WWE Breaking Point card.

* Singapore Cane Match: Kane vs. The Great Khali
* Submissions Count Anywhere Match: DX vs. Legacy
* WWE IC Title Match: John Morrison {C} vs. Dolph Ziggler
* WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: Chris Jericho and Big Show {C} vs. MVP and Mark Henry
* World Title Submission Match: CM Punk {C} vs. The Undertaker
* WWE Title I Quit Match: Randy Orton {C} vs. John Cena (Orton automatically loses if anyone interferes)

NORML has announced that former WWE star Rob Van Dam will be speaking at their 2009 National Conference in San Francisco.

WWE creative members have been instructed to watch the ROH on HDNet TV show and come up with ideas for the people that they feel would fit into WWE. While some ROH talents are under contract, others have deals that will allow them to give 30 days notice if they are offered a deal elsewhere.

According to On Demand, the Undertaker and Randy Orton are featured on the WWE's October PPV posters.

Facebook is running this ad over the weekend: "Are you planning on watching the TV show WWE 'Raw' this week?" Possible answers as Yes, No, or Not Sure.

The Soup on E! mentioned "Raw" this weekend with host Joel McHale making fun of the show. They showed footage of Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero, complete with cowsuit.

WWE has changed the Armageddon PPV to the rumored Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV. The PPV will take place in San Antonio, Texas on December 13th.

Former WWE wrestler Sylvester Terkay is now working as a salesman at a Pittsburgh area Toyota dealership.

WWE Hall of Fames Ric Flair and Pete Rose will be signing autographs at the Big Apple Comic Con in NYC next month. Bruno Sammartino will also be there.

Last but not least has replaced the Industry News tab on their website with a Worldwide tab that focuses on their international happenings. Works for me - nobody was going to go to the E for PWG and CHIKARA news anyway.

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The Great Sudoku said...

Former WWE wrestler Sylvester Terkay is now working as a salesman at a Pittsburgh area Toyota dealership.

Oh man, I gotta find out which one. Complaining to his manager would be fun "Mr. Turkey sold me a lemon!"