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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 134

Tha O Show Radio
O-sters! Tha O Show comes to you again from Secret Suburbia Studios and is set to be one of the best ever! Crack the beer!

It's Big Daddy Donnie's birthday bash and along with your bro Dan-e-o, he parties hard!

It's Episode 134 featuring a bunch of guests including some serious hotalaz!! There's a lot to check get to it! Press play and let's "O"!

On today's show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs".

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D. - the best MMA segment in all of talk radio.

Tha return of "Road Stories" with the sexy-ass wrestling sensation, Noel Harlow.

"O-sters With Somethin' To Say". Don't forget tha NEW O Phone number is 647-348-SHOW!

A chat with the super hot and voluptuous April Hunter!

"Tha Classroom" with "Textbook" Tyson Dux . It's September...time to get back in school!

And "Tha Round Table" with former WWE Superstar, Pierre Carl Oulette.

This week's show goes out with a bang: "Break It Down" from Dan-e-o's upcoming Dilla Pickles mixtape!

Yo! Download Ian Kamau's September Nine Vol. 2 mixtape featuring "Legacy" which will also appear on Dilla Pickles!



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35 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 134"

jim j said...

Ok ... i was sittin here at work havin breakfast, and I spit my coffee out all over my pants during the "WHERE WAS HOUSE?" bit.


Anonymous said...

I got off twice during this show. Once during tha o ster segment and once during Noel's song.

Ok, fine .. once while April talked about health care - but that's cuz wild fantasies like free health care are so HOT

Anonymous said...

Noel + April = HOTTNESS

kevin nash said...

I'm a big PCO mark too!

Anonymous said...

Donnie likes big men

Anonymous said...

Loved the HOUSE / IRON MAN thing

Anonymous said...

Agreed that the TNA ppv was horrrible! Who could have liked that???

Anonymous said...

Noel + Big Vito = WORK

Anonymous said...

Maybe Noel is into chicks??

jean francois said...

PCO lalalalalalalalalalaa

Anonymous said...

this episode is too big! holy crap

jenn said...

Did you like my call to Tha O Phone Big Daddy Donnie?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Hardy goes down to Georgia

D. Ross said...

Now that was a fun ass episode! The song at the end put it over the top. I want my Dilla Pickles, damn it!

Hipnosis said...

GAY or OK?

...I had a dream I bought a CD from Dan-e-o and dude was chillin at my house wit my family N sh** and got pissed cause no one knew who he was and he game me about 5 CD's for free since Im the only one who knew who Dan-e-o was

NOTE:...never fall asleep while listening to THA O SHOW

JC said...

Welcome. ;)

BigDaddy said...

HAHAH! Ok JC Owens outed himself as the voice behind the Ike Shaw impression in O-Ster With Somethin To Say ...

You're the man JC

halb said...

tae kwon do is very serious and a black belt that learned tae kwon do is very skilled

shesaohoelikesbigdickyo said...

happy b day don from a loyal o-ster

hyyyyyyype (*in daneo hi pitch harmony voice*)

CHOM said...

Big daddy donnie, forgot the name of your video game chairs could you give it to me.

Anonymous said...

Kymbo, Kymbo, born to fight,
With a beard as black as night:
What brave fool could hope to try
To beat thy fistic wizardry?

Was it in your prison cell
That you built up your hands from Hell?
Punching punks with knuckled heat:
Is that how a nigga eat?

Did they falter when you said,
Coldly: "Let me get my bread."
Did they, In the VIP
Doubt your heart of PCP?
What the eyeball? What the Byrd?
Overlooked thy anger spurred?
Now, vile jelly? No surprise
To hear the smack of fist 'gainst eyes!

Did Satan make a pleas'ed sound
As you cracked through the underground?
Do you in your future see,
the reigning champ of UFC?
Kymbo, Kymbo, born to fight
With a beard as black as night:
What brave fool could hope to try
To beat thy fistic wizardy?

Anonymous said...

This was my fav episode in a while! So packed with content!

Anonymous said...

This was my fav episode in a while! So packed with content!

jim j said...

The one down side about this week's episode is that because it was so packed we didn't get to hear a lot of shit talk between Dan and Donnie - which is always my favorite

jenn said...

Dan-e-o's freestyles always drop my jaw... even the batty boy bday at the start ... amazing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Donnie!

marc andre said...


Anonymous said...

Why is Donnie worried about dude's fashion?

Anonymous said...

Will tha o zone layer be ready this week??

mkf said...

Any status updates on TJ's show from last week that he played and skipped tha o show for?

chan said...

I want video game chairs!!

BigDaddy said...

My chair is from this company, although the models I have appear to not be on the website. I think they are last year's versions...

kathy said...

Big daddy likes to look good, thats why he's worried about dudes fashion. ... and yes it is O-kay !

Anonymous said...

WOW Noel and Big Vito are legit a couple. I saw photos of them dancing at a club on this other wrestler from Jersey's facebook. She really likes dudes in dresses. Guys I was more of a scoop on this.