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Tha "iMPACT!" Playback

We crack the show off with a Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi Final Match. The Beautiful People vs. Tara & Christy Hemme. It pays to be the bottom rope. I love Christy’s firecracker.

Madison interrupts the match and hairsprays Christy and the BP get the win. After the match she tries to apologize and the BP accept and move forward in the tournament.

The Pope created his own land; he’s a legend in his own mind. This guy is horrible, spare me the Pope-ish.

The Pope is pimpin? WTF?! Suicide faces the Pope. The match starts out slow with The Pope dominating off the top. Suicide makes a comeback but falls victim to the DDE. I thought this match could have been better.

Rhino comes to the iMPACT Zone angry? Who cares?! Rhino’s about as over as a game of Pacman.

The World Elite explain their actions about beating down Hernandez last week. The WE are taking a page out of NWO recruiting tactics, let’s see if they can bring the surprises. Homicide says he made Hernandez and he will destroy him. I can’t see that happening without his gang affiliates.

Rhino finally makes it to the ring, only to bitch. He’s starting to sound like Raven. Stop ya blodclot cryin'...

Rhino goes in on Bobby Lashley. The War Machine is interrupted by Devon who reinforces what I said that Rhino is cryin like a bitch…Rhino listens till he turns on Devon and the fights on! Again they mention a WWE show ECW – WTF!?

Wow! Two whole matches in 40 minutes, not a good look. Brashir & Kiyoshii vs. Hernandez in a handicap match. Didn’t last long and what does it say when one guys taking on the whole World Elite and winning.

Cody Deaner gets uh, bum rushed by all the Knockouts and Alissa Flash gets an easy win over dude. How long can this guy get beat up by all the ladies? God, I hope Deaner doesn’t really get a shot at the women’s championship.

Promo, promo then the match, I kinda like this angle that TNA takes, a bit of ol' school WWE. So Foley tries to regain the Legend’s Championship from Big Sexy. Kevin Nash dominated in a cool fashion till the madman Abyss interrupted the match with a barbwire baseball bat. Unsuccessful, Abyss just helped Nash avoid losing the belt, way to go Abyss.

Then it’s on to a tag match with extra guys in each team’s corner. Now you know that’s a recipe for a melee or some interference fo sho’. Scott Stiener & Brutus Magnus take on Brother Ray & Robert Roode. Odd pairing, but fresh so I can dig it. Scotty and Magnus have Booker, Doug Williams & Big Rob in their corner. While Ray & Roode have Devon & Storm in their corner. Action packed and decent matches that defiantly sold the PPV match for No Surrender. Stiener gets the win via a shot to Brother Ray’s head with the IWGP belt.

Taylor Wylde & Sarita take on Awsome Kong & Saeed in another semi final for the Knockouts Tag Title Tournament.

This by the way has been a great tournament so far. This match doesn’t disappoint. The ladies mix it up nice and Wylde & Sarita get the win in this installment after Taylor pinned Saeed via a German suplex. That makes it Taylor Wylde & Sarita vs. The Beautiful People for the first ever Knockouts Tag Team Championship! This should be a good match. Of course I gotta go with The BP on this one. You know I love the BP!

So Sting and AJ are buddy buddy going into No Surrender and Angle and Morgan and at odds. Now this is shaping up to be a great match. Anyone can win this one, which begs the question who? Let me know your predictions.

I say Kurt’s title reign could be done due to his recent legal troubles, which are drawing a negative light. I look for TNA to replace him with either Sting or AJ Styles. Matt Morgan’s too green to take the belt in my eyes. He makes too many rookie mistakes. Look for him to cost Angle the belt and continue their feud.

This brings us to the main event. Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan. Joe dominates off the top, but Morgan gives Joe a run for hi money sorta toying with him throughout the match. Angle was at the broadcast table.

When the match spilled outside the ring it prompted Kurt to interfere. Security tried to break it up and the show ended with Morgan receiving a Angle Slam and the show went off the air with Angle standing over Morgan.

Once again Non Stop Action. TNA continues to give us some wrestling with some consistency.

Tha Results:

The Beautiful People def Tara & Christy Hemme
The Pope def Suicide
Hernandez def Brashir & Kiyoshi
Alissa Flash def Cody Deaner
Kevin Nash def Mick Foley
Scott Steiner & Brutus Magnus def Brother Ray & Robert Roode
Taylor Wilde & Sarita def Kong & Raisha Saeed
Matt Morgan def Samoa Joe by DQ

3 comments: on "Tha "iMPACT!" Playback"

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been an episode of "Impact" where an ECW alum DID NOT mention how they were around when hardcore was being born, they old days of the ECW, blah, blah blah and someone DID NOT mention how they left the WWE to come to TNA for some real wrestling and competition, blah, blah, blah?

- Fan in Van.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the idea of having The World Elite being the fall guys as long as a nice slow fued with E.Y. comes out of it and Hernandez is made legit.
Espicialy the way that Young did nothing in the "Attack" but hit him from behind and of course the nice big chair/breifcase guillitine shot spot to set up the angle in a big way.

The only no's i have this week is more or less office stuff, hats off to the roster as usually, they do what they can with what they're given.

Oh and FINALLY someone uses a guy like lashley right... short and sweet guys... lashley sold his match with one "Comment".

Hipnosis said...

uh...Fan in Van...WTF are you talking about?

..anyways...TNA iMPACT! was off the hook

I think its a good thing Rhino's heel and there mentioning ECW cause its to remind people who Rhino was before he let TNA push him around and now he's not gonna take that sh** no more...RHINO IS BACK!! AND I Actually hope he beats Lashley...even though we all know who's REALLY gonna win >_>

My biggest pop of the night was Kevin Nash and his interview though

he dosen't even need to have a point and he has a great interview

BIG SEXY for World Champ


KEVIN NASH going straight back to the top!! IF I WAS BOOKER I'D PUSH HIM TO THE TOP!!!