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Killa Kev's No Surrender Recap

So BG James is out, Jim Cornette is out, but Ed Ferrerrerrerrerra is back in? BIZARRE! I hope this PPV doesn't suck because of it! Speaking of sucking, boy does this opening video montage done in mock Italian operetta certainly does suck. I swear all the flickering is going to cause me to have a seizure.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Final: Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. The Beautiful People

Taz says that he's been puling for Wilde & Sarita throughout this whole tournament. Mike Tenay addresses Angelina Love's absence from the company and that the recent reconciliation of Madison Rayne & TBP is why she is taking Love's place. And BOY is she doing her part to fill Love's end of the show.

Get it, "end"? HAHAH. OK, you have to be watching to give it. Slick Johnson is showing off the new belts, but Earl Hebner comes in and confronts Slick Johnson, a VIOLENT argument, JOHNSON IS BEING DISMISSED! Tenay says he's addressing the situation of Johnson favoring The Beautiful People in their previous matches.

Sarita and wilde take advantaeg of the chaos as the bell starts, Rayne is tossed out of the ring, Wilde picks up Sarita and slams her onto Velvet Sky, cover and at wo count. Sarita starts tossing Sky all over the place and going for pins, Rayne comes in to break it up. Wilde tags in, double team reverse elbow on Sky, Sarita picks up Wilde and slams her into Sky, two count. Sky escapes and tags in Rayne, Rayne eats a drop toe hold, eats a pair of elbows to the back from Wylde and then Sarita, cover and a two count. Sarita whips Rayne into the corner, Rayne reverses it, charges, eats an elbow but still takes Sarita down, cover and a two count.

Rayne puts Sarita back in the corner, a few boots, side headlock and Sky tags in. Double team boots to the midsection and a sloppy takedown, Sky covers for a two count. Sky with a hair mare on Sarita, goes for a second, tries for a third, Sarita blocks it. Sky tries for a sunset flip into a pin, Sarita rolls out, Sarita with a dropkick that Sky sidesteps, covers and a two count. Sky stomps on Sarita's chest, pulls on her arms, pin attempt for a two count. Sky tags in Madison Rayne, Rayne with a kick to the chest, then a front face lock into a swinging neckbreaker, another pin. Rayne tags Sky back in, holds up Sarita so she can take a kick to the face. They trade punches, duck each other's clotheslines and Sarita reverses things with a swinging DDT.

Hot tags made on both sides, wilde with the leg lariat on Rayne, dropkick on Sky, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Rayne, goes for a pin, Sky breaks it up. Sarita runs in and flips over SKy to hit Rayne with a reverse elbow in the corner. Wilde with a reverse waistlock on Rayne, Sarita springboards off the middle rope to kick her in the face, Wilde simultaneously drops Rayne on her head w/ a German Suplex, bridges for the pin and we have our first champs!

WINNERS and NEW TNA KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, TAYLOR WILDE & SARITA! Post-match interview, they promise to keep the titles for a long time.

Eric Young vs. Hernandez

Backsgage, Eric Young & the World Elite are being interviewed. Young says that he is sticking to his promise that he is not going to fight Hernandez, he's not even going to dress to wrestle. If Hernandez wants to fight, then he can take whatever swings he wants, Young isn't going to fight back. Young is introduced, he comes out in a suit and tie. Hernandez rushes to the ring and takes down Young with a clothesline before the bell, another clothesline to the back after the bell, and a shoulder block that sends Young out of the ring and to the floor. hernandez throws Young back in the ring, grabs him by the tie, then punches him right into the chest. Hernandez picks up Young and kills him with the Border Toss.

WINNER: Hernandez. Not even 60 seconds. Hernandez picks up his "Feast or Fired" briefcast holding his TNA World Title shot and hauls tail right back out of the ring. Straight to the back with Jeremy Borash interviewing Matt Morgan about his 4-way match for that same title later tonight. Morgan says that there's no more games, tricks or headgames, just "unadulterated violence". Morgan says he doesn't care about Sting or AJ Styles tonight, it's just him and Kurt Angle as far as he's concerned. "I can actually feel, right this second, the burn in my hand from that torch that I'm going to rip from your grip! The future is now, the future is right here!"

TNA X Division Championship: champion Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

Potential "Match of the Night" here as Daniels throws Joe into the corner, whips him out, executes some chips and a few dropkicks... Joe no-sells it all and takes down Daniels with a shoulder block and kicks to the back. Joe puts Daniels in the corner, a chiop, drills Daniels with punches and then kicks. I swear Joe has put on another 100 pounds. Joe puts Daniels on the top turnbuckle, chops, tries for the Muscle buster, Daniels blocks it and pulls of a flying headscissor takeover, Joe bails out of the ring, Daniels with the Suicide Dive and elicits the all-powerful "T-N-A! T-N-A!" chant from the crowd. Joe's tossed back in the ring, Daniels with a drop toe hold, knee drop on Joe's head and elicits more cheers from the fans. Daniels winds up Joe for a swinging neckbreaker, cover and a two count.

Daniels headbutts Joe into the turnbuckle, climbs up for a 10-round count of punches, Joe shoves him off, Daniels with a clothesline in the corner, bounces off the buckle for a corkscrew forearm, Joe catches him in mid-air and nails him with the Urinage. Snap mare takeover by Joe, kicks to the front and back of the chest, knee drop off the ropes, Joe covers, two count. Joe transitions into a trapezius hold on Daniels, crowd cheers for Daniels to get to his feet. Daniels sells it for a minute, elbows out, bounces off the ropes and eats a reverse elbow from Joe, and then right back into the nerve hold. Daniels uses his head to butt Joe in the gut, punches his way out, bounces off the ropes, Joe peels off a power slam, covers, two count.

Joe takes his time stalking Daniels, kicks him in the head then reels of several right-hand jabs, pulls up Daniels and delivers some chops. Daniels ducks one, jawbreaker, enziguri and Joe is now on his ass. Both men back up and now Daniels with a palm strike and punches, whips Joe off the ropes. Joe ducks a clothesline but can't duck the leg lariat from Daniels. Daniels goes for a running bulldog out of the corner, goes to the top turnbuckle, simple guillotine legdrop, Joe rolls out of the ring. Daniels kicks Joe in the face from the apron then hits the split-leg moonsault off the top rope onto Joe, more "T-N-A! T-N-A!" chants from the fans.

Daniels rolls in the ring to break the count, tries to pick up Joe, can't do it, rolls back in to break the count, back out again. Daniels picks up Joe, looks like he's dead weight. Joe quickly plants his feet then throws Daniels into the ringpost, then into the steps, and puts Daniels on the apron.

Joe backs off, lets Daniels get to his feet, charges and clips Daniels with a clothesline to the back of Daniels' knee. Joe rolls Daniels back in, starts attacking the knee. Daniels fights back with forearm shots, bounces off the ropes, Joe picks him up on his shoulders, executes a knee buster on the injured knee, Daniels goes down in pain. Joe goes to work attacking the knee. Daniels uses elbows to fight back, Joe no-sells againseveral kicks to the knee, goes for a kick to the head, then grabs the ankle and rolls through into a kneebar. Daniels is able to reach the rope and get a break from the referee.

Daniels is set up by Joe for a powerslam, executed, goes for a pin, two count, Joe transitions immediately into an STF, putting pressure on the knee. Joe then transitions into a single-leg Boston Crab on the injured leg, Daniels writhing in pain but crawling for the ropes, gets it, refere gets a break and Joe immediately breaks, but then goes off to argue with the referee. Daniels uses the time to climb into the corner and pull himself up. Joe comes over and kicks his legs out from under him, Daniels using the top rope to support himself.

Daniels responds with a kick to the face, explodes with a neckbreaker on Joe, but both men are now down. Daniels crawls to the ropes to pull himself up, Joe is up, in the middle of the ring trading blows. Joe with a thumb to the heye, bounces off the ropes, eats a clothesline, spin kick and flying forearm from Daniels. Daniels charges Joe in the corner, Joe tries to put up a boot to stop it, Daniels slides under and out of the ring, grabs Joe's other leg to drop him, leaps back in and hits a clohtesline from the top, cover and a two count. Daniels goes for another pin attempt, two count.

Daniels pulls up Joe, winds up the arm, tries for a belly-to-back suplex, Joe blocks it and pulls off a half-Nelson belly-to-back suplex, Joe goes for the pin, Daniels kicks out. Fans with a "Let's Go Dan-iels!" chant. Joe pick sup Daniels, Daniels escapes and takes Joe down with the STO. Daniels tries for the BME, Joe rolls out of the way, Daniels lands on his feet but Joe catches him with a kick to the head. Joe sets up Daniels for the Muscile Buster, Daniels escapes and tries for the Last Rites, Joe blocks it, Daniels reverses into the Koji Clutch, Joe re-reverses and locks in the Kokina Clutch, pulls Daniels back to the mat, full extension, wraps his legs around Daniels. Daniels struggles to reach the ropes... but can't. Daniels taps.

WINNER and STILL X DIVISION CHAMPION, Samoa Joe. Solid wrestling, but not the show-stealer I was looking for. Just average for a PPV perhaps, but this would have been a hell of a match on Impact. We go backstage to Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley, who will be doing guest commentary later tonight for the Kevin Nash vs. Abyss match. Foley is upset that tonight he came in and found that somebody destroyed the "Tweak & Tweet Connection" poster of him & Borash, gouging out Foley's eyes. He promises to get to the bottom of this.

Falls Count Anywhere: "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide

While Dinero is giving a promo backstage, Suicide sneaks up behind him and attacks. We go out to the ring and see the referee calling for the bell, then running backstage to catch up. Cameras are outside of the studio where Dinero throws Suicide into a wall. Dinero climbs on some props and delivers an elbow drop, but appears to hurt himself even more. Suicide pops up and they trade punches, Suicide throws Dinero into a door, rolls him up for a small package, two count. Dinero sent head-first into a table. Dinero counters with a side kick, puts Suicide in a chair, elbow drop to the head, jabs to the side of the head, the ribs, and the legs. Both men go for a head-butt at the same time. Dinero charges, Suicide backdrops him into a dumpster, goes for a pin, two count. Suicide dumps out the dumpster into a wall, Dinero with an eye rake.

Wait, an EYE RAKE? Can you even see Suicide's eyes? WTF?

Dinero grabs a golf cart, starts it up and tries to r un him over, Suicide rolls out of the way. He tries it again, Suicide reaches in and pulls Dinero out, throws him into and over a guard rail. Dinero with a knee to the chest, then tries to scale over some fencing. Suicide pulls Dinero down by his tights, exposing his ass, down onto a wood pallette, goes for a cover, two count. Suicide drags Dinero back into another area, Dinero's shorts are still half hanging off of him. Taz comments, "It's like watching a Ric Flair match!" Suicide slams Dinero on a cart, goes for a pin, two count.

They come back into the building, punching each other along the way. Back into the arena now, Dinero catches Suicide from around some equipment with a punch to the face, throws Suicide into the ring bell, then rings the bell, smacking it up into Suicide's face. We get to ringside, Suicide throws Dinero into the apron, but Dinero rolls in first and catches Suicide with a knee. Suicide counters with a springboard dropkick off the ropes, covers and hooks the legs, two count. Dinero has not gotten in one pin attempt yet. Dinero rolls outside, Suicide slingshots over the top rope for a cross-body block, they collide heads instead.

Suicide tries to pull out a table from under the ring, Dinero blocks him and sets it up for himself near the stage. Suicide gets to his feet, Dinero uses the table to assist with a dropkick to Suicide's face. Dinero goes up the ramp, sets up Suicide for a snap suplex and executes. Dinero goes for a pin, two count. Dinero aruges with the referee about the pin. Dinero drags Suicide over to the table, sets up for another suplex, Suicide floats over, reverse waistlock, Dinero escapes. Suicide chases him, delivers a few big rights, clothesline, cover and a two count. They get up and Dinero with a big knife-edge chop, backs up for anothe rmove, Suicide counters with a dropkick, both fall hard on the stage.

Suicide goes backstage, pulls out another table, Dinero is back up, they trade punches, Suicide picks up Dinero on his shoulders, charges, Dinero escapes, picks up Suicide, Suicide backflips off, puts Dinero on his shoulders and hits a Fireman's Roll on the stage. Suicide lays Dinero on the table, and SCALES THE STAGE WALL LIKE SPIDER MAN! WTF! That's insane in and of itself. Suicide puts the fingers to his head, pulls the trigger... and BOTCHES THE LEG DROP AS DINERO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Dinero simply rolls over on top of Suicide for the pin.

WINNER: D'Angelo Dinero. An okay match with a fun ending. Dinero looks like he may be legit out of it (or at least selling it for TV), not moving, holding his ribs, dazed look on his face. Didn't even hook the leg. we replay the end, Dinero looks to be in legit pain.

TNA Knockouts Championship: ODB vs. Cody Deaner

The title has been tied up since last month when the title was defended in a tag team match, originally ODB vs. Angelina Love, Cody Deaner ended up scoring the pin and believed that he won the title since he got the pinfall, and thus the feud. Taz jokes with Tenay, "Deaner has had worse luck with women than you!" Tenay counters that he's married, though, and Taz shoots, "Yeah, I know! I know!" LOL.

OK, so I went to take a piss before this match and I got caught up to catch the start, but does it really matter? I come back and ODB is slapping the shit out of Deaner's chest, Deaner is begging for mercy. Deaner hits her with a crotch shot, stands up and celebrates, not realizing... uh... ODB ain't got balls. ODB stands up and starts grabbing her crotch, Deaner turns around and throws Deaner out of the ring, slams him into the apron. Deaner tries to run out of the arena, ODB grabs him by the business end of the mullet and back into the ring he goes!

Deaner crawls off into a corner, ODB whips him out, Deaner reverses, charges, ODB with a boot up to stop it, goes to the top turnbuckle. Deaner comes over to pull her off, ODB grabs his head and slam him into the turnbuckle. Deaner grabs the leg and pulls her off, goes for a cover, two count.

Deaner grabs ODB by the hair, pulls back his fist to punch her in the face, but then stops and insteads kicks her to the mat. Deaner chokes ODB over the middle rope yelling, "I'm Deaner! I'm the King of the Knockouts! Say it!" Deaner pulls up ODB, scoops her up and slams her to the mat, goes for a pin, two count as ODB kicks out. Deaner goes to the corner and grabs ODB's flask, climbs to the top turnbuckle and takes a swig. Taz quips, "Don't let Dave Penzer see that!" Deaner goes for a double axehandle smash off the top, ODB reaches up and grabs him by the sack, picks him up and gorilla press slams him, follows up with a clothesline in the corner.

ODB goes to the top again, Deaner comes over to stop her, ODB grabs the head again and delivers the "Dirty Dozen", then hits a Thesz Press off the top for a pin attempt, Deaner getting a face full of crotch. Deaner turns around and tries to pin ODB, putting his feet on the ropes. Referee Andrew Thomas stops the count, Deaner argues with him pokes his fingers into the ref's chest, referee shoves him back, ODB uses it to roll up Deaner, two count.

ODB tries for a sunset flip on Deaner, Deaner stops it and grabs the ropes, referee kicks Deaner's arms loose from the ropes, ODB rolls him up again, two count. Deaner is whipped into the corner, ODB charges, Deaner tries to float over, ODB catches him, tries to slam him to the mat, Deaner holds the ropes then wiggles loops and hits ODB with the knockout punch, but ODB kicks out of the pin! Deaner and the ref argue again, allowing for ODB to recover and nail Deaner with the TKO. 1.2.3.

WINNER and NEW TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION, ODB! ODB interview after the match, she re-affirms that the TNA women bust their ass for this title and work harder than any other promotion. And that is true. She gives a shout out to her sisters in prison and slaps her ass and leaves.

Backstage interview with Kurt Angle, "Matt Morgan is everything he says he is - tall, strong, and brainless. If height and body mass were the true measure of a champion, then Matt Morgan would be the champion, not Kurt Angle." Angle tells Morgan he could have made him into a somebody, but now Morgan will never be able to live up to his potential. He tells Sting & Styles that they're just fairy tales in this story and they won't have a happy ending.

TNA Legends Championship / $50,000 Bounty Match: champion & bounty hunder "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs. Abyss

If Kevn Nash wins, he collects Dr. Stevie's $50,000 bounty on Abyss. If Abyss wins, he's the new TNA Legends champion. Mick Foley comes out to the desk for ringside commentary. Abyss takes control from the start, until Nash cuts him down with a clothesline. Nash puts Abyss in the corner and takes his time choking him with the boot, knees to the midsection, whip out, reversal, Abyss with a splash in the corner. Abyss goes to the well a second time, Nash with the reverse elbow, goes for the chokeslam, Abyss counters with a chokeslam, Nash with a pair of clotheslines that sends Abyss out of the ring.

Abyss drags Nash out through the ropes, Nash nails him with an elbow, face shot into the steps. Nash grabs a chair, Abyss blocks it, slams Nash into the guard rail, then the steps. Dr. Stevie is now on the top of the ramp sitting in a chair. Abyss throws Nash back in the ring, Nash takes him down with a boot to the face. Abyss begs off to the corner, Nash comes over and delivers the reverse elbows again, then chokes Abyss over the middle rope, nutshot, elbow drop, cover, two count. No, that didn't happen all at once, it took 3 minutes for Nash to get all of that off, I swear. Nash goes for the choke slam, abyss blocks with a trio of revere elbows, ducks a clothesline and hits a lariat on Nash. I swear this is all happening in slow motion. Nash begs off to a corner, Abyss with the splash, sloppy side slam, covers, hooks the leg, two count.

Dr. Stevie now stomping down to the ring to taunt Abyss. Referee gets out of the ring to cut him off. Daffney rolls into the ring and has a tazer, charges, Abyss cuts her off with the Black Hole Slam, tazer falls loose. Dr. Stevie rushes in and snatches it away, then leaves it in the corner next to Nash as the referee chases him into and out of the ring again. Nash picks up a chair as Abyss is looking at the action outside of the ring, Nash hits a home run. Referee back in, Nash covers, Abyss kicks off. Dr. Stevie yells at Nash to keep on him.

Uh-oh, Nash pulls down the straps and shows the nWo Wolfpack sign, it's jack knife time! Nash is going for the Powerbomb.. . Abyss escapes, ducks a clothesline, big choke slam from Abyss, covers, hooks both legs, two count! Abyss yells over to Foley and yells at him for the bat. Foley leaves the desk to give it to him. Referee cuts Foley off... ugh, referee, you can't do that to the chairman! Foley reaches it out, Abyss grabs the bat by the barbed wire, then drops it. Nash comes from behinds, tazers Abyss in the nutsack, Abyss spasms, Nash pins.

WINNER: Kevin Nash. Referee hands Nash the bag full of money, Dr. Stevie runs in and snatches it away, claiming he didn't pin Abyss clean, so no deal. Nash says FUCK THIS, delivers a big knee shot to Dr. Stevie's ribs, levels him, grabs his cash and leaves.

Lethal Lockdown Match: TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. IWGP Tag Team Champions The British Invasion (Brutus & Doug Williams)

So, one random member from two of the teams will start out, then every 2 minutes another person is added until all eight wrestlers are in then we lower the cage for Lethal Lockdown. We're going to start with Doug Williams and "Cowboy" James Storm, and action starts on the stage. Storm rolls Williams in, Williams cuts him off, kicks him in the head, throws him in the corner. Williams whips him out and connects with a knee to the chest in the corner, picks up Storm on his shoulders. Storms escapes, tries to throw Williams into the cage, Storm blocks it, tries to use it himself, they take several turns blocking the headshot into the side of the cage. Storm throws Williams into the corner, whips him out, reversed, Wililams charges, Storm blocks with an elbow, hits a nasty tornado DDT variant, goes for a pin, Slick Johnson reminds him that there's no pinfalls at this point in the match. Retarded.

Williams with a Jawbreaker on Storm, then a European Uppercut in the corner. Williams uses Storm's own t-shirt to choke him, then a punch into the face. Storm whips Williams off the ropes and backdrops him. Storm chokes Williams with the shirt, Williams with a reverse kick into the nuts. Williams tries to hit a suplex on Storm, Storm blocks it, steps back and clotheslines Williams.

They try to throw each other into the cage, each man blocking it. Storm gets the upper-hand but headbutts him into the corner. Clock counts down, next in... Brutus Magnus. Storm kicks Williams' ass, then dropkicks the cage door into Magnus' face. Magnus returns the favor by slamming the door into Storm's head when he tries to step out of the ring. Magnus & Williams double-team Storm for the next two minutes and stall for time. Storm finally eats the side of the cage, and he's immediately bleeding.

Two minutes passes, next in is Robert Roode! Roode rushes in, spinebusters for the Britsh Invasion, Williams eats an elbow and a boot int he corner, whip out, Williams returns the favor. Roode catapults Williams into a DDT from Storm.

They whip Magnus into the corner, a pair of splashes, a snap mare out of the corner and a leg drop to follow. Williams breaks up this tea party, but not for long as Beer Money hit him with a Lung Blower and throwing them into the cages. Count down again, next in is Scott Steiner, Steiner actually troddting down to the cage, and he takes out Beer Money with a pair of clotheslines, a pair of belly-to-back suplexes. Stomr catches Steiner with a boot to the face, but Steiner puts him on the top turnbuckle and pulls off the Frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle.

Steiner and magnus picks up each member of Beer Money and lawn darts them right into the side of the cage. Beat down on Beer Money as the clock counts down again.

Brother Devon is the next guy in, Devon takes out British Invasion with punches to the head, Steiner whips Devon into the ropes, Devon clotheslines him and everybody else, Thesz Press on magnus followed by lots of punches. Storm pairs off with Williams in the corner, Devon goes after Steiner, Roode and Magnus pair off, all the heels are now beat down. Roode and Devon pair up to clothesline Steiner, then Roode goes to work on him with some ground 'n pound.

Count down starts again, bringing out Booker T. Booker T takes his time to pack out the belts and show them off, posing for the fans. Booker T levels Roode, then Devon, hits the axe kick on Devon. British Invasion double team on Storm, Booker T nails Roode with a kick to the chest. Steiner has Roode's head in the steel door, crushing it. Count down one more time for Brother Ray. NO!

Rob Terry cuts off Brother Ray, knocking him out and over the railing into the crowd! Terry smashes a chair into Ray's back. Terry then grabs the official at ringside to lower the top of the cage, leaving Brother Ray out of the match.With the top lowered, the weapons are now accessable.

Steiner with a trash can, Doug Williams grabs a clutch, all the babyfaces are down. Rob Terry tries to keep beaing up Ray with a chair, but Ray snatches it away, takes out Terry, and finally gets into the cage, now allthe sudden the babyfaces are winning with trash can shots. Brutus Magnus and james Storm crawl up to the top of the cage to fight, Stomr quickly hanging off the side of the age. Robert Roode comes up to join them, levels Williams with a crutch to the back. Beer Money set up Magnus for a double-team suplex into the reinforced top of the cage, followed by the Beer Money Salute. back in the cage, Steiner eats the 3D from Team 3D, but Booker takes Team 3D out with a trash can lid shot.

Booker T goes for the Book End on Devon, only gets a two count. Fans with a "THIS IS AWE-SOME!" chant. Beer Money is back in the ring and they set up Doug Williams for the double-team suplex into the neckbreaker/powerslam combo for the win.

WINNERS: Beery Money, Inc. Team 3D raise Beer Money's hands for the win, then the babyfaces and heels start fighting again, babyfaces prevail.

Rhino backsage interview trying to cut down Lashley for being an MMA fighter. Apparently Rhino hasn't kept up with the fact that Lashley's wrestling career has already surprassed Rhino's. Back out to the announcer's table, Tenay and Taz run down the results of the card sofar.

Bobby Lashley vs. "The War Machine" Rhino

We start with trading fists, Lashley slings Rhino into the corner, charges, Rhino with an elbow up, but Lashley levels him with a clothesline. We go out of the ring, Rhino slings Lashley into the railing. Rhino with a few punches, rolls Lashley back in. Lashley cuts him off, whips him off the ropes, Rhino reverses and pulls him into a Spinebuster, covers, two count. Rhino throws Lashley into the corner and beats him down, drops a knee to his head.

Rhino pulls him out for more boring beatins, Lashley begs off to another corner, Rhino chokes him with a boot, another knee to the chest. Rhino with a reverse chinlock, using the knee to the back to apply pressure. Lashley works his way up, elbows his way out, Rhino cuts him off with a club to the back, steamrolls Lashley with a clothesline, cover and a two count, and back into the chinlock submission. Lashley again elbows loose and counters Rhino's charge with a forearm uppercut.

Both men are down, both pop up, Lashley takes down Rhino with a trio of clotheslines, throws him in the corner, another clothesline, a half-dozen shoulder blocks to the gut, puts him on his shoulders, drops to a knee, gutwrenching Rhino. Rhino is bleeding from his head. Lashley tries for a Spear, Rhino throws the referee in front to eat it. Rhino counters with the Gore, covers, a second referee comes in to count, two count. Rhino tries for another Gore, Lashley counters it with a punch to the face, goes for the cover, 1-2-3.

WINNER: Bobby Lashey. A punch to the face? Really? That's his finish? He's ripping off Big Show now? And what was the point of the blade job? Ugh.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Fatal Four-Way: champion "The Godfather" Kurt Angle vs. "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles vs. "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs. "the Icon" Sting

We do all of our introductions but as Angle's introduction is finishing up... HERNANDEZ CRASHES THE PARTY! HE IS CASHING IN THE "FEAST OR FIRED" BRIEFCASE! "I didn't show up to wrestle for five minutes on the pay-per-view.

I'm cashing in my briefcase!"Angle is LIVID, laps Hernandez in the face. Hernandez clothesline him, hits him with a big shoulder tackle that sends him halfway across the ring. Hernandez wraps his shirt around Angle's neck and throws him across the ring again. Hernandez picks him up for the delayed vertical suplex... delayed... delayed... 25 seconds... 30 seconds... 35 seconds... 40... 45 seconds in the suplex before Hernandez drops him! Hernandez clothesline Angle out of the ring afterwards, then jumps out of the ring and hits a double axehandle smash.

And the bell finally rings.

Sting and Styles quickly double-team Matt Morgan, but the big Morgan takes them both down easily. Styles is tossed one-handed into the corner, Sting eats a headbutt. Out of the ring Hernandez executes a suplex on Angle on the ramp. Morgna throws Styles out of the ring hard. Hernandez and Angle fight up on the ramp. Morgan gets a pin attempt in the middle of the ring, Sting kicks out.

Hernandez tries for the Broder Toss on Angle, but Eric Young runs out and hits Hernandez in the back of the knee with a club. Young picks up Hernandez and nails him with a piledriver on the stage. Medics roll out quickly to check on him.

So much for Hernandez. Damn shame.

Back in the ring, Styles and Sting have taken the upper-hand on Morgan, double-team suplex, Morgan rolls out. Sting and Styles now take each other one-on-one, do-si-do whip off the ropes, Styles floats over Sting and hits a dropkick. Styles then throws himself to the outside on Angle and Morgan. Morgan gets back to his feet as Sting finally gets up and approaches the apron, Morgan pulls him out of the ring and throws him into the guardrail.

Morgan then pulls up Angle and they agree to work together. Sting pairs off with Morgan. In the ring Angle tries for a piledriver on Styles, Styles reverses it and tries for the Styles Clash, Angle grabs a leg and rolls it into the Ankle Lock, Styles escapes, Angle peels out of the ring for a breather, Styles flies out of the ring with a flying headscissor takeover on Angle.

Morgan and Sting now get in the ring, Morgan punches Sting into the corner, backs up to him, peels of the elbow pads and nails him with the reverse elbows, backs up and hits a clothesline, then picks him up for the side slam, instead of slamming him he just flat out drops him arrogantly, covers and a two count. Angle with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Styles. Angle rolls in and talk strategy, and together tey lay out some punches on Sting.

Morgan hems up Sting, Angle punches his guts out. They trade positions and Morgan gets in a few shots. Angle dashes across the ring to cut off Styles with a knee to the head, sending him back out. Morgan with his own knee to Sting's head. They take turns trying to squash his head.

Styles flies back in and springboards into Angle, takes him out, attacks Morgna, bounces off the ropes for a cross-body block, Morgan catches him and delives a overhead release slam. Sting kicks Morgan in the midsection, then kicks to the knees. Angle gets to his feet and Sting clotheslines him over the top rope, Morgan clotheslines Sting from behind, covers, Styles breaks it up. Styles beats down Morgan in the corner, Angle back in and waits for Styles to turn around, nails him with the belly-to-belly release suplex.

Angle then kicks Sting in the back until hef alls out of the ring. Angle picks up Styles and slams him to the mat, Morgan picks up Styles and throws him across the ring. Angle grinds his boot into Style's face, Morgan does the same, then nails a big legdrop on Style's chest.

Angle uppercuts Styles into the corner, whips him out, charges, Style side-steps him and Angle eats the ringpost, falls out of the ring. Morgan right there to capitalize, standind dropkick on Styles as he gets up and turns around. Morgan brags to the crowd, then chokes Styles over the top rope, backs up and bounces off the rope to deliver the leg lariat to the back of the head over the rope, rolls up Styles for the pin, two count.

Morgan whips Styles off the ropes, Style grabs the ropes, Morgan charges with the boot kick, Styles ducks it, Morgan hung up on the ropes, Styles with the Pele Kick. Angle bac k in the ring though and htis the German suplex on Styles, but he turns around and Sting is right there with a missile dropkick off the top rope!

Everybody is down now, selling their injuries. Sting and Angle up first and start slugging, Morgan up and Sting is serving up elbows on both men, body slams for both men, Stinger Splash on both men in the corners.

Sting mounts Morgan for a 10-round count of punches, Angle pulls him off and hits him with the T-Bone suplex, covers, Style sbreaks it up. Angle kicks Styles in the midsection, goes for the Angle Slam, Styles rolls through it, grabs a leg, nails the Styles Clash on Angle, cover, Morgan breaks it up. Morgan with the big kick to the face on Sting, Styles splashes Morgan in the corner, gets whipped out, Styles blocks Morgan with a boot to the face, flies off the top rope, Morgan returns the boot to the face.

Morgan calls for the Helivator on Styles and executes, goes for the pin, Sting makes the save. Morgan picks up Sting for the Helivator, but Sting counters with the Scorpion Death Drop, covers, two count as Angle breaks it up. Angle whips Sting into the corner, charges, Sting sidesteps it, grabs a leg, goes for the Scorption Death Lock, Angle rolls through and counters with the Ankle Lock. Morgan is up and delivers the Carbon Footprint to Angle, charges Sting, Sting grabs the top ropes and Morgan falls out of the ring.

Styles gets to his feet, looks across the ring to Sting, Angle laying ont he mat between them. Sting stares him down, then leaves the ring and takes out Morgan. Style srealizes the opportunity given to him, steps out onto the aprong, slingshots into the ring over the top rope, 450 splash! Styles hooks the leg, 1... 2... 3!

WINNER and NEW TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION - AJ STYLES! Pyro goes off, confetti falls from the ceiling. Referee Earl Hebner hands him the title, Christopher Daniels rushes into the ring and picks up Styles in a big bear hug! Fans flood the ring to celebrate with their champion! Jeremy Borash squeezes his way through the throng for a post-match interview.

5 comments: on "Killa Kev's No Surrender Recap"

Hipnosis said...

HELL YEAH!! AJ Styles is CHAMP!!

Glad to see Hernandez and Young pushed in this way to get heat on Eric and push Hernandez still

Bobby Lashley though....would have been better if Rhino gored him twice then Piledrived him through a table saying he injured lashley while Lashleys gone doing his MMA match and getting heat on Rhino for f*cking up lashleys neck and ribs before his fight....I mean WTF a punch?...I THOUGHT RHINO WAS GETTING A PUSH?!


Anonymous said...

Rhino is just a ECW as been.
TNA should get rid of him like a few other rejects. Time to move on and show us new talent that Vince or Heyman asn't touched yet!!

Andrew Gray said...

Can't believe they fucked over Hernandez and the briefcase gimmick like that. So dumb.

Oh wait, I can believe it. But it's still dumb.

Christopher Casúr said...

Hernandez will get his chance, be patient. In the meantime, it's nice that TNA doesn't treat their version of Money In The Bank as a "Get A Free World Title" card.

Andrew Gray said...

Except they made Hernandez look like a moron.