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Choclair AND Dan-e-o At "Raw"?

Ladies and gentlemen of Tha O-ster Nation...we have made contact!

To be more specific, my man Choclair hit me up on Facebook today to ask me if I was going to "Raw" tomorrow. Seems our boy David "Gordo" Strickland put the bug in his ear although, to his credit, Chocs has made public claim (also through Facebook) that he was attempting to secure his usual front row seats for "Raw" tomorrow night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and have me up in the mix.

As of this writing, my phone call to the number provided to me by one, Chiznock, has gone unanswered. Pictured above is Chocs in mid-promise this past March. More to come on "Operation Front Row At 'Raw' Cuz Chocs Has Been Promising This For Years"...stay tuned.

5 comments: on "Choclair AND Dan-e-o At "Raw"?"

Hipnosis said...

Take some pics at RAW for the O-Nation bruh

Dan-e-o said...

UPDATE: Chocs has called. He's still working on getting the extra ticket for me. Chances are...I'll be watching from home.

He HAS, however, agreed to appear on this week's episode of Tha O Show regardless of what happens tonight.

Apparently you O-sters have been emailing him gettin on his case about his lyric in "Northern Touch" and how he must own up to it.


lol said...

kayfabe he didnt get u a ticket

Anonymous said...

So.....did you go to RAW?

D. Ross said...

Yeah, man. What's going on? Were you there?