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WWE Tidbits

WWE is none too pleased with Rey Mysterio for his Mexican newspaper interview over the weekend claiming he had a prescription for the drugs that WWE suspended him for. WWE is still deciding what to do with him at Tuesday's taping, and it's entirely possible now that instead of just having him drop the belt to Ziggler, they could actually decide to humiliate him in some way to boot.

There is a new version of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling being shopped around to networks based on a pilot shot a few months back in Los Angeles. The new GLOW is said to be the same as the old concept with "a 2009 spin."

Bob Barker indicated in an interview with 105.7 FM in York, Pennsylvania that he will be the guest host for the September 7th edition of Raw in Chicago.

The Air Canada Centre website is listing Trish Stratus as the guest host for the September 14th Raw.

Former WWE wrestler Chuck Palumbo is now making custom motorcycles.

Last but not least in case you were wondering about Wrestlicious, they still have no TV deal in place, and contrary to rumors that Bischoff-Hervey Productions would get on board to help promote it, nothing has ever happened on that front.

Good ol' J.R. just can't resist blogging! As a result Jim Ross has a brand new blog entry with some MORE thoughts on Rey Mysterio.

Couple of quick, Rey Mysterio will NOT be in Montreal performing at Breaking Point no matter what advertising you have or are seeing. Rey getting suspended by WWE is still so personally perplexing. I have no idea the circumstances nor have I discussed this matter with any one in WWE so all I know is that the rules were violated and the offender has been sent home without pay. The amount of money Rey will not earn as a result of this misstep and subsequent suspension is considerable and will likely be equal to the equivalent to an entire year's earnings for main event level talent back in the day.

Ross also had this to say about Jeff Hardy's future:

Bottom line, is that I do expect to see Jeff Hardy back in a WWE ring some day but I have no idea when. Plus, I could be wrong. Jeff may absorb himself in other projects of interest and not want to return to the never ending grind of in ring activities. One can make an argument that Jeff has "wrestling in his blood" and that may well be true. I know when I hired the Hardy Boys that they were huge fans and just getting in a WWE ring was a huge thrill for the two brothers who have been life long fans and grew up watching Mid Atlantic and WWE Wrestling. Jeff Hardy has made me proud on many occasions but his performances the past few months have been amazing, awe inspiring and profoundly professional.

Speaking of Rey Mysterio, here are our final poll results on who should replace him as IC champion:

Dolph Ziggler - 30 (42%)
John Morrison - 14 (19%)
Evan Bourne - 13 (18%)
Fit Finlay - 6 (8%)
Mike Knox - 5 (7%)
Jack Swagger - 4 (6%)

It was announced by the Orlando Magic Dancers via Twitter that Trinity McCray, one of their girls, has been signed to WWE and will begin training Monday.

At his most recent appearance for PWG, Bryan Danielson spoke about signing with WWE and said he had to take their deal because of the medical bills he would be facing working the independent scene the rest of his life. Danielson's final indie dates are below:

* Friday 9/4 Reseda, CA vs. PWG champ Chris Hero - Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
* Saturday 9/5 Berwyn, IL vs. Silas Young - AAW
* Sunday 9/6 Chicago, IL vs. Naruki Doi - Dragon Gate USA
* Thursday 9/10 Philadelphia, PA teaming with Roderick Strong vs. ROH Tag champs The American Wolves - Ring of Honor
* Friday 9/11 Philadelphia, PA vs. Roderick Strong - Ring of Honor
* Sunday 9/13 Nashua, New Hampshire teaming with Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw - CHIKARA
* Friday 9/18 Dayton, Ohio vs. Chris Hero - Ring of Honor
* Saturday 9/19 Chicago Ridge, Illinois vs. Tyler Black - Ring of Honor
* Friday 9/25 Boston, MA vs. Davey Richards - Ring of Honor
* Saturday 9/26 New York City vs. ROH champion Austin Aries - Ring of Honor will be covering his appearance for Dragon Gate USA next weekend.

Michelle McCool recently defended her use of the Styles Clash in an interview:

Yeah, that seems to be the hot topic with some Twitter "fans!" 99% of the time I move on. Sometimes, and normally only when people are out of line with their message, I answer to entertain myself. Regardless, the answer is always the same. From headlocks to rollups, it's all been done before – yadayadayada. Plus, it works! Why would I not want to do it?

Ric Flair has yet to pay back the money advanced to him by Ring of Honor for his role as ROH Ambassador, which he pulled out of back in May - and they are only one of several groups who claim Flair owes them a refund. Threats of lawsuits are starting to pile up. What makes this even more curious is that Flair fired the Gillespie Agency as his representatives and when he did so a lucrative film deal about his life went out the window.

WWE had been interested in using Flair in a non-wrestling role on Smackdown a few months ago, but as of right now they have no interest. On top of all that there was an (unspecified) incident with Reid Flair last week that seems to have shocked a lot of people, and the only business deal Flair has left right now is his new North Carolina Lottery gig, which begins on September 22nd. (PWI) Hopefully Naitch can get it together and soon.

WWE is showing WCW footage on their Vintage Collection TV show. The August 29th edition included these matches.

* Curt Hennig vs. Chris Jericho from WCW Nitro on December 29th, 1997
* Bret Hart & Owen Hart vs. The Steiner Brothers from Coliseum Video's WWF Wrestlefest '94
* Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H from WWF Smackdown on April 12th, 2001
* Sting vs. Ric Flair from WCW Great American Bash 1990

WWE has changed their October Smackdown house show cards. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk as a #1 Contender's Match has been changed to a World Title Match, while Christian & Tommy Dreamer vs. William Regal & Sheamus has been changed to William Regal, Vladimir Koslov, and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Christian, Tommy Dreamer, and Tyler Reks, and John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho has been changed to John Morrison vs. Kane.

Last but not least the Honky Tonk Man is doing podcasts again on his website.

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