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Tha A Show Analysis

One hour is all you need for good programming. WWE ran a "Did you know?" tonight in which they proudly proclaimed that in 2009, they will produce more original content than either HBO or Showtime. All I could think in response is "Who really cares if the majority of your content is terrible?"

I can't watch "Raw" anymore. Can't do it. "SmackDown!" is watchable, but I'm usually busy on Friday nights. That leaves ECW, which is unquestionably a solid pick for viewing. No bullshit, no hokey pandering, just good promos and good wrestling. And best of all, no friggin' Sheamus this week!

Zack Ryder has impressed me lately. Yes, his gimmick is pretty cheesy, but at least it's something somewhat original. All that time that he wasted as Edge's flunky, it turns out he actually has some charisma. Shelton Benjamin, his opponent, apparently had a face turn that I missed. I still see good things in Benjamin's future. He's athletic and can work; there's no reason he should not at some point hold championship gold. Especially if he's on ECW.

My patience is beginning to wear thin on the Ezekiel Jackson/Vladimir Kozlov story. Every week, one of them beats a jobber, only to have the other come out post match to beat up the jobber some more. Never anything different whatsoever. Go somewhere with this already. Preferably somewhere good, but go somewhere, because right now it's starting to look like WWE is just stalling.

Yoshi Tatsu and Paul Burchill squared off in what seemed like a throwaway match. The reason I say that is because before the match, Burchill attacked Hurricane Helms (then in interviewer attire), and after the match, Helms attacked Burchill. Hopefully they find something for Yoshi Tatsu to do sooner or later. So far, he's just been having errant matches with random heels, and that can only go on for so long before somebody backstage drops the axe.

Dan-e-o won again last night! Tyler Reks looks a lot like the dreadlocked lyricist, in my opinion. The problem is, aside from looking like Light-Skinned Dynamite, he comes across as your average cardboard cut-out worker. The surfer gimmick doesn't strike me as anything that will add much to his character. Hopefully he proves me wrong, since I do enjoy having him around so I can make jokes about Dan.

Speaking of jokes, why did ECW feel the need to replay the D-X skits from "Raw"? Seriously, ECW will only get one match (if they're lucky) at SummerSlamFest, they should be using ECW airtime to promote that match. Especially since it's going to be a very underrated match.

William Regal is the new number one contender for the ECW Championship. There is no way that I will be satisfied with anything less than Regal walking away from this feud as the ECW Champion. It has to happen. He's a great worker, and he's been so badly misused and underused throughout his entire WWE tenure. He plays such a great heel, but because he's never been a "cool" heel, he's been oft swept under the rug.

I'm so fucking sick of Abraham Washington. Corny, outdated one-liners just aren't doing it. Take some lessons from Regal on how to really be a heel, bro. Although I did enjoy his hockey crack. Nothing pisses off Canucks more than talking trash about the good old hockey game.

Tha Results:
* Shelton Benjamin def. Zack Ryder
* Vladimir Kozlov def. local competitor
* Yoshi Tatsu def. Paul Burchill (Disqualification)
* Tyler Reks def. local competitor
* William Regal def. Tommy Dreamer

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Victor Wildcat said...

Haven`t seen it this week, but you think last week had good promos with that Shelton Benjamin 'smurf you' garbage?

Though I agree Raw is so bad I'm embarrassed to watch, I've missed it like 5 out of the past 6 weeks and really don't care. Smackdown I also miss because of being busy on a Friday night and ECW is a far better product than either. The jury is still out, but I don't really think I like Yoshi Tatsu because he looks like a clown (good worker though.) Tyler Reks is the exact opposite, great look but just the way he moves is so awkward and I really haven't been impressed with his in ring work; he's a lot like Kozlov, he's not the most solid worker, but something about him just works. Speaking of Kozlov, way to make him look like a mat technician by putting him in the ring beside Ezekiel Jackson, dude is a monster and all, but he reminds me a LOT of Ahmed Johnson (that's definitely not a good thing.) Though to be honest, those two as a team would make me pop huge, everybody knows you don't necessarily have to be a great worker to be a great tag worker, maybe that's what these two need to make an impact, in my honest opinion I think if it was done right, they could be future tag team hall of famers... if the E even cared about tag teams that is.

FML, these last few years of wrestling on TV has ruined the sport for me. I honestly book UFC dates off work to watch, but miss wrestling shows and PPVs alike if I'm caught up playing video games... sad.