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Tha "iMPACT!" Playback

Okay first of all what's with the wack rap video and song for Hard Justice? TNA give me a call if you some real hip-hop. I got you all day.

The show kicks off with the return of Chrsty Hemme defeating Sojo Bolt with the FFG. No match of the night. Hernandez vs Douglas.

Hernandez and Douglas mix it up, but Hernandez man handles home boy, kills ‘em with a powerbomb. British Invasion, well invades, then Big Rob takes out Hernandez. There’s a match I wanna see: Hernandez vs Big Rob…

Lashley Interview, now why does TNA love to mention WWE? It doesn’t help. I’m not a Lashley fan, yeah he’s big, big and corny. He’s too much of a nice guy and that’s a red flag on anyone to me.

Stevie Richards retire please…you suck! And Abyss is just Kane to me, how much can you really do without repeating stoylines? Jesse drops the ball and Young & Brashir get the win.This leads to Rhyno giving the Gore to his student Jesse Neil. His best wasn’t good enough Rhyno says. I agree.

But I didn’t lose my mind screaming at a hot blonde in an interview like Rhyno. Can you say Roid Rage?

On to the Knockouts Four way, Tara vs. Awsome Kong vs ODB vs Angelena Love. Now that just sounds good minus Awsome Kong. I love The Beautiful People, I can’t say that enough. Lock me in a room with them anytime.

Flying half naked women, ya gotta love the Knockouts! Tara manhandles Kong a bit, which you don’t see very often. Will Kong start fighing men like Chyna did? Deaner kisses Kong and Kong gives him the Awesome bomb then Tara sneaks up and gets Kong in the roll up to get the win. Pretty good match over all.

TNA overdoes the video packages to me with some wack music at times. Dixie holla, I got you!

Team 3D interview, these guys look serious, I think Booker and Steiner might actually lose at Hard Justice. Can you say 23 Time Tag Team Champs? Hard Justice preview next No DQ, Steiner vs Brother Ray. A lot of pre match banter, Ray calls 'em old? Aren’t Team 3D old too? That sets off Booker and Stiener.

This one turns into a 4 way real quick, out come the tables, British Invasion hit the ring distracting Team 3D and Steiner hits Brother Ray through the table to get the pin.

Foley and Nash have a contract signing for the Legend’s Title Match at Hard Justice. Nash keeps it all business, but Mick decides to display how crazy he is and puts himself through a table. Mankind Classic. The, the W word? Did you just call me a wrestler>

Don’t call a Superstar in the WWE a “wrestler”, you might get Fiiiieeerrrdd…I like this feud, Nash and Foley because its fresh and not as overdone as a lot of match ups. I don’t expect much technical wrestling here but hey it's not quite Rock vs Hogan but that sorta novelty here if you get my drift.

The third match in the Best of 3 Series for a Heavyweight Title match at Hard Justice. Matt Morgan’s accompanied by Angle and AJ Styles is accompanied by Sting. My money's always been on Morgan in this series and I prove correct. Matt almost dominates AJ and kills him in the end with a devastating big boot to the head. After the match MEM hit the ring and Angle tells Morgan there’s one more thing he’s gotta do and then he’s in the Mafia.

Morgan turns down Kurt’s offer and says no one demands anything of him. This makes no sense. The guy herbs himself tryin to get in the MEM, here’s his big chance. All he has to do is lie down for the boss and he says no? Dude, do it and your in, get the belt later. No now he’s a tough guy.

You’ll never get in MEM now Matt. iMPACTful "iMPACT!" tonight. All I can say is I’ll be watching Hard Justice.


Chisty Hemme def. Sojo Bolt

Hernandez def. Doug Williams

Eric Young & Sheik Abdul Brashir def. Ryhno & Jesse Neil

Tara defs. Awsome Kong, ODB, Angelena Love,

Scott Stiener def. Brother Ray( No DQ)

Legend’s Title Contract Signing for Hard Justice
Mick Foley vs Kevin Nash

Best of 3 Series – Matt Morgan def AJ Styles to win Tournament

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Hipnosis said...

WTF Abyss Ain't no Kane guy.....Kane looses 90% of his matches dude lol.....Abyss is what a Monster is SUPPOSED to be

Stevie Richards on the other hand....weird how everytime he changes his Gimmick I accept it but he's the only one that can get away with it....DAMMIT ITS ABOUT TIME Stevie got a push!!

Hipnosis said...

Yo man I just found out Kennedy has a new show up on his website but even more surprising...

TNA World Heavyweight Champion is currently in custody today at Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh, PA and is still awaiting his arraignment on various charges that were brought against him this morning.

According to a new report by PWInsider, TNA sources are under the impression that Angle will be arraigned this afternoon and will be allowed to travel to Florida for tomorrow night's Hard Justice PPV in Orlando. However, the company is said to be already working on alternative plans should he be unable to travel tomorrow.

Many TNA talents were surprised when hearing of the news today, especially when many thought Angle was living with the girlfriend in question (who is still believed to be Trenesha Biggers aka Rhaka Khan). There was also said to be some discussion among TNA wrestlers as to how ironic this situation is after the issues between Angle and Jeff Jarrett arose over Jarrett's relationship with Karen Angle.


romello said...

Kurt must really be missing Karen

Chris said...

I thought the promo with Nash and Foley was pure gold, I can't remember the last time I've actually enjoyed a contract signing. I didn't know what was going to happen and Mick putting himself through the table was perfect. It made it plain that both men wanted the belt for very different reasons and probably most importantly it got me interested in the match, which I wasn't before.