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SummerSlam 2009 Recap

Live from Staples Center in Los Angeles, the city of angels. It’s SummerSlam 2009!

I’m amped this year! I’ll never forget going to SummerSlam when it was in Toronto where Randy Orton won his first historic title.

If memory serves me correct Dan-e-o was in attendance with me that night. Hey Dan! Were you at the first ever SummerSlam that originated in T-Dot? The Big Event ! Hogan fought my then fav Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorf at the CNE. You know I was in the house!

First match of the night, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio takes on his former student Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler dominated from the top. Later in the match, Rey missed a 619 and Ziggler hit him with a low leg drop and got a two count. He gave Rey a run for his money, the crowd was split chanting for both men, but Rey finally hit the 619 and the Hurricanrana to get the pin. Great start to SS ’09!

Up next it’s MVP vs Jack Swagger. I’m not much of an MVP fan and Swagger’s growing on me. This was defiantly the worst match of the night. Both cats didn’t get much crowd reaction when they came out. MVP dominated off the start of the match but Swagger eventually turned it around. A lot of mistakes in this one. MVP gets the win after a Playmaker. Not much here and who cares? MVP is too cocky for me with not enough talent to back it up.

Third match of the evening, Cryme Time takes on The Unified Tag Champs The Big Show & Chris Jericho. Show and Co come out to new music, sorta. Thank God. Vince holla at me mang. Maybe I should just do one and send it in! Anyways, Jericho grabs the mic before the match and disses the crowd. Oh Canada! Chris and JTG start the match but Chris tags in Show right away and he dominates JTG until he manages to tag in Shad and the two big boys rumble.

They go back and forth with the tags until Shad and JTG clothesline Big Show over the top rope. Jericho fights back like a good ol Canadian boy and gets JTG into the Walls of Jericho until JTG fights his way to the ropes and the ref makes Chris break the hold. Jericho distracts the ref and The Big Show knocks out JTG when the ref wasn’t looking. Classic veteran tag team tactic. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep them titles. Over all this was a decent match even though I didn’t expect Cryme Time to win. Show and Co is a better choice to carry such a big title and it’s two bonifide stars together. I expect a long reign for these champs.

Two giants clash in the next match. The Great Khali takes on Kane trying to get revenge on Kane. Kane was manhandled by Khali throughout the match which I hate to see. Until Kane pulled in Khali’s brother and handler and managed to get a DDT on Khali to get the pin and the match. Thank god…Khali is big, ugly and overdue like milk. Get him outta here.

On to one of the most anticipated matches of the night. The return of DX as they take on Legacy Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. I loved the Tank that DX came out on! Is it me or does the DX intro they do that Road Dogg used to do, not make sense the way HHH does it? Triple H started the match with Dibiase. HHH took control till Ted hit a crotch shot and tagged in Cody. The two went at it for a bit till HHH tagged in Michaels. Legacy did a good job keeping the upper hand throughout the match. I loved so many points of this match.

Near the end HHH pedigreed Rhodes and then Dibiase finished Michaels. Both men are out cold trying beat the count. Once to their feet Shawn pulled Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere to annilate Rhodes. DX gets the win! Without a doubt the best match of the night so far….

Extreme time! ECW Champion Chistian takes on Regal. Regal comes to the ring with Koslov and Jackson to intimidate Christian, once they leave the bell rings, Regal turns around while takin off his robe and Christian hits him with the Killswitch and gets the pin for whats gotta be the fastest ECW title match in history. He catches a beat down by way of Regal, Jackson and Koslov but who cares he retained in style. Go Canada! Captain Charisma does it again!

WWE Championship time! Randy Orton vs John Cena. Great match, wow did the crowd ever get spit, it reminded me of Rock/Hogan with the split chanting Orton/Cena. These guys went back and forth goin finisher for finsher. Orton snaked his way around the ring the whole match. Orton gave Cena a vicious DDT that Cena gets up from and then Cena gets out of the punt before goin to the top ropes and hittin Orton in the back of the head. Double clothes line and both men are out tryin to beat the count. Orton sucks out and hits the ref and runs out trying to retain cheaply.

McMahon restarts the match and we go back to action until Orton grabs the belt and walks out making the ref call for a count out. McMahon restarts the match again and Orton has no choice if he gets counted out or DQ ed he’ll lose the belt. Orton slithers in and gets the pin with his foot on the ropes. He gets the win but another ref comes in and reverses the decision. Restart again.

Cena gets Orton in the STFU and is sure to make Orton tap when a fan interrupts the match. Finally after all the camotion they restart AGAIN. Orton hits the RKO and gets the pin to retain his WWE title. Legitimately. I thought they would give the belt back to Cena. Thank god they didn’t. Randy is a great heel and a great champ. Even I was surprised he retained even when it looked like he was sure to lose with all the restarts and the deck stacked against him.

Main Event of the night: Heavyweight Championship on the line in a TLC match with Jeff Hardy having the upper hand in this match against CM Punk. That being said, Punk goes in…taking it to Jeff with everything he can, tables, ladders, chairs as if he’s been down this road as much as Hardy. Jeff took some great falls in this one, especially when he tipped the ladder and landed on his neck. Props to Punk for the superplex off the turnbuckle on to a huge ladder.

Awesome! Moments later Hardy’s up and delivers the Twist of Fate to Punk then goes off the top rope to hit Punk's knees. Now Punk’s takin’ the abuse, Hardy throws Punk over the top rope and through a table, then Punk attempts to come back and Jeff goes off like a mad man pulling out all the stops. Being sadistic as he is he sets up a huge ladder outside the ring with Punk out cold on a table and does a Swanton Bomb off the ladder and on to Punk and the table.

The crowd starts a “holy shit” chant and deservingly so. The paramedics come out and try to restrain Hardy while Punk goes for the belt. The race up the ladder ensues with both men battling and grabbing the belt at the top until CM Punk kicks Hardy off the ladder and grabs the belt to win the Heavyweight Championship.

Could this be Jeff’s exit? Just as soon as Punk goes to celebrate the lights go out and the bell toils! Just then from the middle of the ring the Undertaker rises through the canvas. (Wonder how they did that one?) He Choke Slam's Punk and makes a very valid point! Dark days are ahead for CM Punk. Great match either way and definitely the best match of the night!

Awesome SummerSlam over all. I was disappointed that I missed the Diva’s Battle Royale. I love the Diva’s!

Tha Results:

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler
MVP def Jack Swagger
Unified Tag Champs: Big Show & Jericho def Cryme Time
Kane def The Great Khali
DX def Legacy
ECW Champion Christian def William Regal
WWE Champion Randy Orton def John Cena
CM Punk def Jeff Hardy for Heavyweight Championship

5 comments: on "SummerSlam 2009 Recap"

Anonymous said...

Damn, dude. Were you drunk?

Anonymous said...

That CM Punk hater made another crazed 'shoot' rant.

Christopher Casúr said...

That was an interesting read.

I'm not a big Mysterio fan, but the more I think about it, the more I like that Ziggler is chasing. I'd like to see Dolph win the title eventually, but I also don't want to see the belt be hotshotted, even if that means the belt stays on someone I don't particularly care for.

MVP and Jack Swagger are two future main eventers. Or, at least, they are in a world where things make sense. They're great workers, and MVP is money on the stick.

Had a hunch that WWE wouldn't put the tag titles on a legit tag team. As the Hart Dynasty slowly continues their death march into midcard oblivion.

Kane and Great Khali...I'm with you, Gordo. You want to cut money, these guys have done less than nothing in the past several years. Time to just let them go already. Vote Bob Smither!

DX beat Legacy. Saw it coming from a mile away. The grand question, though, what?

So Kozlov and Big Zeke just had a two month long dick waving contest, only to end up as William Regal's entourage? That's the best they could come up with? For shame, ECW. I expected better writing out of you guys. The show was again made to look knee with another quick match on pay-per-view. Poor Regal.

A "fan" (I don't know if it was a plant or not, so I'm using that term loosely, although I'm fairly sure it was) jumped out during the Orton match. Certainly a unique addition to the match. Wasn't Vince acting all heel on SmackDown! the past few months? Why the sudden face actions tonight?

So Punk is the latest wrestler to be given a feud with The Undertaker after winning a title. I can dig it, although if Punk had trouble giving the GTS to JBL, it's gonna be a total bitch trying to give one to Taker.

I agree that this was a pretty solid SummerSlam. WWE did a good job of making this feel like it really was one of the marquee events of the year.

kathy said...

I am sooooooo sad that Jeff isn't the champion anymore. why oh why

Joe the 5'9" said...

The Big Event wasn't the first SummerSlam.

The first SummerSlam was in 1988 in New York.