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ECW On SyFy Recap

We open with the Christian v. William Regal match, such as it was, from this past Sunday. They show us Christian hitting the Killswitch before Regal could even disrobe, then getting a 3-on-1 beating from Big Zeke, Bad Vlad and Master Regal. Cue up DON'T QUESTION MY HEART because ECW's on the air!

Regal's heel music hits and he comes down to the ring in a sharp suit with an even sharper sneer on his face. He's flanked on either side by Zeke and Vlad, who also get into the ring and then wait for him to step through and take center stage. Regal: "You're looking at the reason why ECW as you know it will never ever be the same again.

For weeks, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson were playing a game of one-upsmanship you thought would lead them on a collision course. But that doesn't surprise me, because you people lack the creativity, the imagination, and most of all you lack the influence that I posess to shop the entire world and unite these two incredible physical specimens. Now Christian, I hope you're listening, because the countdown clock on your reign is about zero, and your time ends now." Christian's music interrupts and he hits the ramp, belt over his left shoulder, mic in hand.

"The only thing reaching zero will be the amount of people watching this show if you keep talking." Sorry Christian, but that would be if the Abraham Washington Show was on, but nice try anyway. "I beat you in a record 8 seconds. Let me make sure everybody heard that, 8 seconds, a SummerSlam record breaking EIGHT SECONDS." Regal keeps screaming "NO NO NO NO NO NO" as he does. "Look Bill - do you mind if I call you Bill?" "Yes I do." "Okay Bill." "Don't call me Bill! Bill is a name for commoners. I am not a commoner, you may call me William." "Whatever Bill! Right now what I'd like to do is move on to other challengers, ones that I haven't beaten in like, 8 seconds."

Tiffany hits the top of the ramp. "Enough talking, it's time for action. Christian you did take advantage of him before he was ready, but Regal if you want a second chance you'll have to earn it. If you beat him you earn your opportunity, and if you don't, you won't. Gentlemen, that match is tonight. Good luck to you both!" Tiffany and her music leave and Regal has a smug smile on his face, probably because he'll have Vlad and Zeke beat Christian up before the match takes places. Sheamus v. Goldust after these commercial messages.

Promo for the WrestleMania 25 special on NBC this weekend. BTW PWI is reporting that the special WILL air in New York City after all on NY Nonstop, a special channel owned by NBC available to all area cable subscribers. Originally it was though the special wouldn't air due to the New York Giants vs. New York Jets pre-season football game on the regular NBC affiliate. The special will air at 9:00 PM EST.

* Sheamus the Angry Celtic Warrior v. Goldust the Face Painted Freak

Speaking of facepaint, Sheamus overpowers him in the corner early to slap him around, but Dustin quickly turns the tables, whips him into the corner, then nails him in the neck from behind. Sheamus gets control back quick enough with a headlock but Dustin fights out to his feet. That only results in him being thrown off the ropes right into a punch, which Sheamus follows with a series of drops to the chest for a near fall. A knee to the back and an ab stretch follow. Dust responds with an atomic drop and a clothesline, followed by a drop down jaw punch. Snap powerslam gets two. Bulldog by Goldie and a flatliner for 2.9. Sheamus rolls out to save himself and the ref backs him up.

Sheamus hooks the legs and drags Dustin out to the floor and the two start brawling as the ref makes his count. Right as Goldie whips him into the steps the ref counts ten. RESULT: DOUBLE COUNTOUT. Sheamus turns tail and runs as Goldie stares him down. Teaser for Regal v. Christian as we go to break.

Backstage the Bella Twins beg Shelton Benjamin to do his Louis Armstrong. He does. Zach Ryder interrupts, Benjamin tells the two to split while he takes care of business, and Tiffany interrupts before they can fight. She tells Ryder to go get ready for a tag match, he asks who his partner is, and she smiles and says Shelton Benjamin. Benji tells Ryder not to forget his hair product and leaves as we go to a replay of Hurricane's victory last week.

He'll have a match with Paul Burchill on Superstars this week. Courtney Taylor is backstage with Pirate Paul and his "sister" Katie Lea. "Oh look sis - a brand new backstage interviewer. What are you going to do - dress up in a Wonder Woman outfit like her predecessor?" Katie Lea thinks she'd look good in a costume.

That's right - PG rated with bisexual overtones. Interesting how tiny Coutney looks next to Katie, who seems to be twice her size... in EVERY way. Paul insults her and a bunch of other things... but I'm too busy looking at Katie to notice a single word he said. He leaves in a snit and Katie follows, rubbing Courtney's arm on the way out. Commercial.

WWE is bragging that they had 50 million hits after SummerSlam when we come back from break.

* Shelton Benjamin & Zach Ryder v. Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu

We get an inset promo from both babyfaces. Reks: "Even though Yoshi and I are from opposite ends of the Pacific, we both share the same vibe." Tatsu says something in Japanese and does the "let it hang" hand sign. Reks: "I have no idea what he just said." I think he said you're a gaijin with bad dreadlocks, but that's just me. Sunset flip gets a near fall early as Reks and Benjamin duel. Benjamin takes Reks out of his shoes and socks with a clothesline. He drags Reks to his corner for a tag but Reks is busy checking over his outfit and hair and misses it, and Reks takes advantage. Ryder makes a blind tag when it's convenient for him and gets in to slam Reks head to the mat over and over.

Ryder crossfaces him and the crowd cheers on a Reks comeback. Tags are made but it's Tatsu who gets the hot tag and starts to run wild, before Benjamin catches up to him and tosses him off the top rope. Ryder screams "GET HIM, GET HIM" and Benjamin throws him over the top rope into the ring. Striker says that counts as a legal tag and he's right because Tatsu hits a YAKUZA KICK on Ryder and covers him for three. WINNERS: YOSHI TYLER REKTATSU-SAN. Ryder plays innocent and Benjamin lays him out with Paydirt after the match before leaving.

After commercial break we get to see all of the WWE stars hanging out with all the Hollywood stars last weekend. We see fans getting painted tattoos, getting kissed by the Bella Twins, painting with Jeff Hardy, and all that.

* Christian Cage {C} v. William Regal (Non-Title Match)

Zeke and Vlad accompany Regal to the ring again as we get a promo for the Breaking Point PPV, sponsored by Batman: Arkham Asylum. Christian comes out shortly after to his remixed "Just Close Your Eyes" music. I still miss the Waterproof Blondes version.The ne'erdowells clear the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Regal has Christian backed into a corner early.

Christian recovers, counters into a Killswitch, and Regal backs away waving a warning finger at his opponent. First near fall is Christian's. He puts Master Regal in a headlock but Regal fights it off, so Christian snaps him over to the canvas as one lone fan holds up a DX sign. Regal gets jacked in the jaw and rolls out to the floor. Christian hits a sliding dropkick but before he can suicide dive over the ropes Regal's posse comes over to flank him, so Christian pulls up on the ring apron and stares at all 3 as we go to break.

Another promo for the WrestleMania 25 special on NBC this weekend when we come back. During the break Regal tossed Christian to the floor and took control of the match, and next on his agenda is an exploder suplex. Christian avoids the knee trembler and hits a springboard sunset flip for a near fall. Regal again goes out to the floor, though he pulls Christian down with a flipping arm wringer. The ref gets to 9 before Christian rolls back in. A whip to the corner backfires as Christian goes on offense, but Regal cuts him off with a knee to the gut and a hard right.

Regal makes a cover while on the ropes and some redneck fan screams "That's illegal right there!" Christian tries to bridge a pin from his knees to no avail. Bad Vlad looks on as Regal grinds Captain Charisma into the mat with a modified capture hold. Regal sets Christian on the top rope after he breaks free, only to eat a series of punches and a flying crossbody for a near fall. I think Striker was making another comic book reference as Christian's comeback was made with punches - true believers must know his will can endure, yadda yadda something.

Christian lands a tornado DDT and is too hurt to make the cover right away, so he only gets two when he finally drapes an arm across. Regal with a hard left to the face then falls on him for a near fall. Regal is thrown to the floor, where Vlad and Zeke look on. Christian pops Vlad in the face on the floor, and a pissed off Zeke yells at the ref, so while the ref is distracted Vlad hits a spear from outside and Regal hits a knee trembler for the three count. WINNER AND NOW #1 CONTENDER AGAIN - WILLIAM REGAL.

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