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Tha Raw Report

Shouldn't I be excited about the "Raw" brand main event at Night of Champions? Well obviously I'm not. I wasn't even excited about the exact same damn match when it was the main event of a WrestleMania not that long ago. Hopefully though the rest of the card will be appealing.

I mean I seriously, solely based on the "Raw" brand main event will not spend the time and effort of looking up a live stream to watch NoC. John Cena is still promoting 12 Rounds, is this part of the promotion? The movie wasn't bad, but we know what happens when either he or Triple H is champ, and that's pretty bad.

John Cena's promos to me seem better to me than they were a while back, but refering to a match between himself and Triple H as "two of the greats" takes me back. Well actually it takes me to the middle. Not rapper Cena when we all enjoyed it, but a year into his "Raw" run when everyone wanted to puke.

The match itself was much better than I had imagined and I will go ahead and heat seek and say that all Cena's matches aren't horrible. No five stars or anything, but he can be carried to an incredibly solid match, but to me that still isn't the sign of a good worker. I'm a few weeks late on this too, but I'm glad he got a new shirt. The last one was wearing on my nerves.

This thing with Montel Vontavious Porter and Sherri Shepherd-Porter (maybe soon to be)is it shoot or is work? Are they trying to get the View a new audience or branch MVP and WWE out to make people realize that they're still there?

Speaking of everyones favorite Ballin Baller I enjoyed to an extent the VIP Lounge. It was better when he was a heel, but I digress. MVP is the MVP of "Raw" and maybe the entire WWE. I don't mean Most Valuable Player, I mean most viable property. I'm going to put it out there that if the E doesn't have world gold around his waist by next Mania they've dropped the ball.

The seed for Orton/MVP was planted post-draft and then neglected. I would much rather see MVP taking on Orton at NoC than the tired triple threat. MVP can talk, work and do damn near anything else the E asks, so why not take advantage of it and belt him up?

Having MVP in a feud with Jack Thwagger screams "busy work." Thwagger isn't going to get the necesary rub from MVP that he needs, and surely to God a short run with the ECW belt doesn't make the E think Thwagger can give MVP a rub. Move guys up, don't keep them in one spot for too long. MVP's already been in this spot too long.

MVP came to "Raw" a champion, only to lose his belt to Kofi Kingston who hasn't done anything with it. He won a triple threat to retain and a triple threat on Superstars. Then lost a non-title match to Evan Bourne. It's time for guys to start using the loss of a belt as a stepping stone again. MVP could have lost the US title and moved onto something bigger and better.

This regime at the top doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon with the exception of Edge (heal the wheel and hurry back) and that shouldn't be the case. Even Batman finally went away and allowed Dick Grayson to don the cowl and become the Dark Knight. So Trips and his rogues gallery need to step aside.

I read today that the E is thinking about scaling back on the number of PPV's that they've run, along with rebranding a few and also giving an incentive to buy. None of these will help immediately in my opinion but I think that all of these together will do more good than bad in the long run.

Allow me to jump back to Edge for a second. Having Carlito turn on Primo (even though "Raw" was taped last week) really screwed up a few things. Now who is going to stop the bleeding now that one half of the unified tag champs is out for nearly a year? Unless of course the E swerves and have Carlito and Primo reunite to win them and say it was only frustration that caused it. Either way it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

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D. Ross said...

I know that no one planned for Edge to get hurt, but his injury brings weight to my arguement of the tag team division being weakened. With The Colons being in a feud with each other (which will lead to nothing) who else is left to fight for the belts? Cryme Tyme? Legacy? Another slapped together team? They have shot themselves in the ass with this one.

If Orton doesn't have the belt after this next PPV I will have no reason to even care what happens on Raw. MVP is being treated like a house slave. There is no reason he shouldn't be in contention for the heavyweight belt. His matches with He Who Shall Not Be Named proved that he is a far better contendor than that sham CM Punk.

Mach23 said...

the only tag team(out of the 3 or 4 left) that havent touched gold is the hart dynasty. They should give them the belts to run with and try to build tag teams to go against them. At first the only thing they can do is slap people together. But if they can find some people that have good chemistry they could go a long way in rebuilding the tag divison. Kofi and evan bourne should be a tag team idk but there just has to be more people out there. Back when wrestling was good the tag division was good because they had a spot on the show and having tag teams is better than having close to 100 singles wreztlers which will just lead to more people getting let go which is dumb. There should be a good team they can put together because they have a lot of people who can wrestle and never get a chance to show it on tv or are underapreciated. Having them in a tag team will fix that. Almost everyone started in a tag team or group in the 90's and thats what led them to being better when they were a singles. Another thing is there should be more groups or factions even if it is just small like 3 to 4 people because right now there is only 2nd gen groups and there is no point for them to feud.

Anonymous said...

Debiase Sr. showed that he still has the ability to capture the audience and keep them interested in what he is saying.

He was over like grover but has not been on T.V. in a while. The young "superstars" need to be picking this guy's brain for info and tips.

I wish the would give Debiase Sr. a on-air role on RAW. He would have been the perfect guy to buy Raw other then Mr. Trump.

Chris said...

Jericho should keep the tag belts and have a guest tag team partner ever week. Or not. Seriously though why are there two (sets of)tag team championship belts, drop one because there aren't enough tag teams to support them both.

I have to say I really like the guest host idea on RAW.
I've only started watching the E after a year long hiatus when the buyout occurred. More because I was interested in the Jericho/ Mysterio angle than anything else though.
Guest hosts I'd love to see
Iron Sheik, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man and David Arquette just off the top of my head.
oh, and lastely is Vince on prozac or something? a Macho Man DVD?