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Learning How To Leave A Legacy

As the entire world is very well aware, today Michael Jackson's life was celebrated in an incomparable memorial at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Viewed by an audience of millions across the world, "The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived" - as Berry Gordy so appropriately put it - was memorialized in a ceremony fit for a king.

I am not embarrassed at all to say that I was finally moved to tears today as I was glued to CNN's coverage of this monumental yet sombre event. I was moved by the words exclaiming Smokey Robinson's awe at witnessing a ten year old who could sing his song "Who's Lovin' You" better than he could.

I was moved by Al Sharpton reminding the world of Michael's unparalleled charity towards those less fortunate than most of us and his ability to unify people from all over the world.

I was moved by Martin Luther King III's acknowledgment of Michael's ability to guide us all to be the best at whatever our callings are.

And I was deeply moved by Marlon Jackson's request of Michael to hug Marlon's twin brother Brandon who died at birth for him.

I have been a Michael Jackson fan practically all my life. Having fallen in love with Thriller at the age of five and NEVER losing that love, I, like so many others, was inspired to become an entertainer as well.

Watching Michael's memorial service today though, I learned more about Michael's impact than ever before. His ability to bring together people of all colours, nationalities and religions through his music is an achievement that will never be matched.

I was so inspired today by the reminders of my idol's actions during his life that I felt compelled to write about it. As a result, I am more confident in myself now than ever before. More inspired to be happy - regardless of critical or financial success - than I could ever imagine.

In a first for me, I wish to share something I've written with my audience before I've even recorded it. I intend to include this piece as part of my next musical project:


Yo, just finished watching Michael Jackson's memorial
Unimaginably impactful and historical
Heaven's oracle taught that the world can be horrible
But he implored you to find the devine from the deplorable
How did you make an aberration adorable?
How did you steer off infection when killer bees were swarmin' you?
How do I ensure the impossible is affordable?
How do I make a change 'cause my voice is recordable?
Mike, I thought of you when I was writing this verse
To fight off the curse, the opposite of which you'd find worse
As you ride in that hearse, may I convey with pride I have burst
It finally works! I've realized I shine on this Earth!
While you were a strong stomper, I was just a meek creeper
But MLK said be proud if you a street sweeper
And Al Sharpton ruffled and woke up the deep sleepers
And told your kids it's strange the world fought a peace keeper
You know what I find strange? I find it strange that you're gone
You know what I find wrong? To write your name in this song
In the past tense! It's strange I'm remaining this strong
'Cause since I was born, the top is where your reign has belonged
I cried today, but Michael Jackson I'm alive to say
With platinum and gold you have paved and aligned the way
For me to see my future's filled with many brighter days
And I'm here to leave a legacy behind to stay


3 comments: on "Learning How To Leave A Legacy"

D. Ross said...

Damn that was nice! I watched the memorial and its still weird to speak about him in the past tense. That was very good and I am glad that folks didn't start acting stupid. It was very classy.

I liked the way they spoke of him as a normal guy, not just as a superstar. I can't wait to hear your song. When you were here I was gonna ask if you would do something. Of course I should've known you would. Take care, dude.

D.J.B. said...

Yo Dan, from the heart on both instances I feel you. The memorial was incredibly moving on all fronts. That piece you just wrote man, that's something that everyone will feel. I can't wait to hear it to music bro.

I agree too with Dante that it was handled with more class than I'd imagined, and that's what Michael deserved.

As a fellow lifelong fan (though not as long a life) I won't hear Michaels music any differently. As great as his music is I really don't think that while hearing it the music will allow me to be sad. I don't think Michael would want that either. God Bless and take care bro.

Anonymous said...

I held it together till his daughter started talking. Heavy, Heavy stuff. I'm sick of watching the news and everyone questioning if he was a good father or not. Does THAT answer it for you MEDIA! His song THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US actually brought a tear to my eye. Heavy song. Much Love and respect Dan. Peace Love and Music, J Rock