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The following recap is by Niall Robb, the newest member of Tha O Show family. Welcome Niall who hails from the UK on board, and let him know what you think of his recap for TNA Epics!

TNA Epics week 4 – King of the Mountain Matches

The opening video package runs and Mick Foley welcomes us to the show. We are looking at the King of the Mountain Match. The small explanation that we are given is that it is “It’s a reverse ladder match” haha.

Slammiversary 2004 King of the Mountain Match for the NWA Championship

At this point, the ring is still square. The men in the match are AJ Styles, Chris Harris, Raven, Ron Killings (Champion) and Jeff Jarrett. This year, there will be seven people in the match which unfortunately is quite similar to the Money in The Bank ladder match which has also suffered from inflated numbers of people involved. The match is a blend of high-spots and dangerous moves. Vince Russo is at ringside I think. AJ hits the styles clash to become the first man eligible. Harris hits a spear on Raven 45 seconds after the Jarrett was pinned and gets the three count and therefore is eligible.

Big Edit.

The clock shows zero and Harris comes out of the penalty box which shows that we have missed at least four minutes for the terms of both Harris and Raven but probably more than that. Jarrett and Raven start to fight so I think that it is possible that these are the two men who are not eligible. Raven hits a DDT on Chris Harris to become eligible. Jeff Jarrett pin Ron Killing to become eligible also. All of the men are now eligible to hang the belt after AJ Styles pins Jeff Jarett. It must not matter that AJ was already eligible. The finishing sequence comes when Ron Killing was on top of the ladder with the belt, Jeff gets out of the penalty box and hits Killings over the head with a guitar and after a little bit of a cluster and extended sequence hanging the belt up wins the NWA Championship. This was a fine match and I enjoyed it alright.


The next match is from 2005.

Slammiversary 2005 King of the Mountain match for the NWA Chamionship

Monty Brown vs Abyss vs Raven vs Sean Waltman vs AJ Styles.

Monty Brown almost instantly gets the pin on Raven to make him eligible. The fans start singing the Abyss song. “The penalty box” West tells us “is sometimes and advantage as it gives you time to rest up” I thought you could only rest up when you were actually tired? Oh well. The clock at the bottom of the screen does not coincide with when the referee lets Raven out of the penalty box which is reason for West to say “Maybe he has a different clock.”

Nice catch there Don. Monty Brown pins Waltman so that makes him doubly eligible. Raven gets the pin on AJ to make him eligible 50 seconds after Waltman was pinned. The edit takes place and AJ now has 7 seconds left after forming a bond with Waltman in the box before the edit. Confused yet? I am. Abyss pins Monty Brown which makes him eligible. Thus far in the match, there have been no ladders used. AJ hits a spinal tap onto Abyss who was on a table.

AJ then pins him and therefore is eligible. On the top of the ladder now, Waltman hits an x-factor on AJ from the top to become eligible and to sent AJ to the penalty box. All men are now eligible. There are a series of spectacular and amazing moves and the finish then sees Raven hanging the belt to make him the King of the Mountain. This was also and OK match. It was fun but not amazing. See it if you have nothing better to do.


The main event is introduced by Mick Foley. It is the King of the Mountain. He mentioned turkey legs or something. Hmm.

2006 Slammiversary King of the Mountain match for the NWA Championship

Jeff Jarrett vs Sting vs Ron Killings vs Christian Cage vs Abyss with Jim Mitchell

After an edit as there has been nothing of note so far, someone is eligible because someone is in the penalty box. Sorry, but TNA is really vague. Jeff Jarrett is in the box. After this was aid, Christian pins Abyss to become eligible. Christian and Jarrett brawl outside the ring and Ron Killings and Sting fight inside it while Abyss is in the penalty box. When Abyss gets out, he works with Jarrett in setting up some tables. They are Two tables wide and two tables tall. Jarrett hits the stroke from the apron on Killings to become eligible.


There has been another edit. Abyss and Sting are the two men who are not yet eligible. Abyss gets the pin on Jarrett after they begin to disagree. Sting is the only man not eligible. Sting pushes the ladder Abyss is on to throw Abyss into the tables stacked up outside.

Sting become eligible when he pins Jarrett but the referee is knocked out so he holds the ref’s hand an makes him hit the mat himself. Earl Hebner tips the ladder and knocks Sting and Christian outside to the floor. Jarrett climbs the ladder and hangs the belt while fans pelt the ring with plastic bottles. Hebner is rushed out of the ring and to the back. Haha. Rudy Charles steals the belt from Jeff and gives it to Jim Cornette “Who’s the champion? Who’s the champion?” again, the Pay Per View hyping Impact.

My Thoughts:

Perhaps just how I feel today but this show wasn’t as enjoyable as weeks before. I wouldn’t really recommend watching it. The edits really got to me this week especially in a match that doesn’t really make that much sense when it is played with no editing atall.


·Jeff Jarrett won the NWA Chamionship in the 2004 King of the Mountain match

·Raven won the NWA Chamionship in the 2005 King of the Mountain match

·Jeff Jarrett won the NWA Chamionship in the 2006 King of the Mountain match

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Well, I wish I could post on this damn site! I have the grammar of a 50 year old english professor and more charisma than the guy who wrote this... well... a broom has more charisma than whoever wrote this.

Either way, thanks. I don't get this show so it was a decent recap.

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WTF, mate. None of that made any goddamn sense.

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quality recap fellow englishman

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Haha, allow me to give some constructive feedback. Try to let your personality shine out more. :) Fantastic way to recap the show, but it's long to read without any entertainment value. Try adding some colorful commentary to your match, so to speak.

Keep up the work though, it's great for a first. :)