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Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 122

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 122 and deja vu - Dan-e-o is MIA! Yes, your bro Dan-e-o Fag-e-o is missing for the second week in a row. First he was tanning (we hope) in the Dominican with his boyfriend Pedro, and now your bro has finally returned to his home away from home, Los Angeles The Blue Oyster. He's a jet flying, limo homo ridin, kiss stealin, wheelin-dealing son of a bitch cocksucker.

So back by popular demand, once again, in Dan-e-o's stead - tha co-founder of online wrestling radio and the host of The Pit Stop segment ... NOTORIOUS T.I.D.!!

This week's show is free flowin, and ass kicking. We make no apologies to those we are about to offend ... cuz the list is too long.

On today's show...

Tha Os And NOs.

Tha Black Prophet returns with another rant. This one leaves Tid and Donnie laughing hysterically.

The Notorious T.I.D does his weekly Pit Stop.,,

We have Tha News...

We take a listen to an "O-sters With Somethin' To Say".

We attempt to find out "What's Sheiky Doin?"

We call Cham Pain to settle some filthy internet rumors...

We run Tha Round Table ... and more...




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26 comments: on "Tha O Show Radio Program - Episode 122"

Anonymous said...

Tragedy comes in 3s.....

Billy Red
Ed McMahon and now Farah Fawcett!

OK, scratch Farah ... I meant MK

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tid's Gayborhood!

Anonymous said...

"Everyone's lookin at me like I'm a sandwich" - TID


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


mkf said...

I love how Tid and Donnie can eat 2 hours and talk about nothing but im still entertained.

Now all you need is Conrad on the phone!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed to say I've never called Tha O Phone but I also never called "The 69 Line" back at Virtually Canadian!

canter said...

I wanted to hear Tid's opinion on the match between Freddy Joe Flyod and the singer frmo GWAR where loser must LEAVE EARTH!!!!!

Bill Skullian said...

I hate Tid

Anonymous said...

Too bad we didnt have any talk about Dan-E-O's Espana Soccer Team getting beat 2-0 to the good ole United States.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Dan-E-O feels about his Espana team getting beaten 2-0 by the good ole United States.

Anonymous said...

Great show! Prophet had NO WORDS for Tid!!

Jim J said...

No O's for new TNA champ Kurt Angle??????? That's GOT TO BE an upgrade from Foley!

k said...

USA: 2
Dan-e-o's pride: 0

Dan > Tidd

Anonymous said...

It's only racist if u laugh

Anonymous said...

Prophet Rules!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bad news....Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50.

Hipnosis said...

We just lost Michael Jackson WTF!?!?

Rest in Peace...DAMN

FFF said...

damn donnie, with all the girls you get sending you shit, it's amazing you haven't managed to find yourself a wife yet.

Anonymous said...

Hart Dynasty is the most over thing on ECW?

Kids, don't do drugs,

miriam said...

I'm so depressed about MJ, i'm actually happy it happened AFTER Tha O Show was taped so I can distract myself with something els.e

BigDaddy said...

Never done drugs.

And yes, they are the most over thing on the show.

If you think "over" only refers to faces - I understand your confusion... Otherwise, ask the agents, or anyone who works on / with ECW and they will concur.

Anonymous said...

great episode. I'm glad Dan wasn't there and was able to be in LA

SCMike said...

I love Dan E O and all, but last week when the show ended I found myself saying "Damn, wish I could get some more TID."

Then today I download the new show, and BOOM there is TID!

Words can't describe how satisfied I am right now.

romello said...

TID is the SHIT!Donnie and TID together make for an AWESOME show. Could do without the Black Prophet,because gimmick bit is soooo beyond tired. Like Santina,nice run,now get the fuck out! Looking forward to hearing more TID on show in the future.