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HGC Radio 41: Big Satanic Chili Cook-Off

The Usual Suspects rule the day on Episode 41 of the HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB RADIO SHOW. The show kicks off with a special report on the death of Michael Jackson by O Show co-host DAN-E-O on the scene in Los Angeles. Then, HGC host ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES welcomes BIG RON LARMONDIN back to the show to discuss a variety of topics including seeing THE WORDBURGLAR perform live, Ron's superhuman consumption of alcohol, this weekend's NHL Draft, the video game documentary "King of Kong" and why parades suck!

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Then, for the very first time, it's THE PANICO BROTHERS together on the show. NOAH and SAM share their very different but very funny stories about how they celebrated the recent "summer solstice". Plus, a "WHERE'S BILL COSBY?" update, the NERD NEWS, a new edition of THE PITCH and this week's LUCKIEST F**KER and STUPIDEST BASTARD OF THE WEEK.

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