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WWE Tidbits

Despite being released from WWE, commercials for this Monday's "Raw" are advertising Mr. Kennedy as being on the show. The ads were clearly sent out before WWE decided to release him and it's too late for WWE pull them, but it's amusing nonetheless. In the meantime the following statement was posted on Kennedy's website:

"Ken is physically 100 percent healthy, and very optimistic about his future in the business. More details will follow." He also posted a new video on his website trying to prove to he isn't injured, which is simply a 20 second video of him making a bunch of goofy hand gestures.

According to PWInsider the release of Ken Kennedy did stem from Monday's main event but was not related to Kennedy getting injured again. Instead Vince McMahon made the decision to release Kennedy after he almost hurt Randy Orton with a back suplex that dropped Orton on his previously injured collarbone.

The belief is that Orton complained about Kennedy's work, and that Vince saw this as the last straw and decided to cut him loose. TNA is interested in Kennedy but have to wait until September to bring him in due to Kennedy's no compete clause. Jim Ross also had a few words on Kennedy in his latest blog.

Sorry to hear that 33 year old Mr. Kennedy was released at the end of the week by WWE. Kennedy got the old "future endeavored" send off that has happened to many. If Kennedy can remain healthy, one would like to think that he his string of injuries is behind him, and can continue with his career in the relatively near future many feel Kennedy has the skills to be a main eventer on a consistent basis.

Kennedy is a studious guy and likely won't find it difficult to secure work. Sometimes a fresh start is good for a wrestler and I hope that's the case for Kennedy or what ever his next wrestling name will be.

He also had a few thoughts on the passing of John Tolos.

Our condolences to the family and friends of former wrestling great John Tolos who passed away at the age of 78 a day or so ago and who is considered one of the best hands on the mic ever and especially in his hey day. Tolos is famous for his run in Southern California and his 70's rivalry with WWE HOF'er Classy Freddie Blassie.

Neither man was ever considered to be a fabulous in ring performer but all they did was sell tickets because what they did they did well and both could verbalize and paint vivid word pictures that enhanced the all important emotional investment from the paying customers and sold tickets. Wrestlers who can verbalize and especially those that can ad lib and be spontaneous on the mic greatly enhance their opportunities to become stars. That art form seems to be fleeting which is not a good thing.

For those interested here is the funeral service information for John Tolos.
June 3rd @ Crawford Mortuary
8717 Tampa Avenue, Northridge, CA
Get Directions
Visitation from 5 to 8 PM Pray @ 7 PM

Service to be held on June 4th @ 10 AM
St. Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church
9501 Balboa Blvd, Northridge, CA 91325
St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Home - Northridge, California

Also if anyone would like to send John's son Chris a sympathy card, here is his address:

Chris Tolos - 23012 Bigler Street, Woodland Hills, CA. 91364

Brian Fritz has an interview for the Orlando Sentinel with Dusty Rhodes where the American Dream talks about WWE needing a youth movement.

SLAM! has an interview up with Kevin Nash where he talks about how he considered returning to WWE but opted to stay with TNA due to the quality of life and not having to be on the road.

Good ol' J.R. also had time to write a new column.

Last but not least Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Edge & Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage match is being advertised as the dark main event for the July 21st "SmackDown!" taping at the Richmond Coliseum in Virginia.

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