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Buy OBLIVION! - 2 For 1 Deal Now For MP3s

Since Episode 100 of Tha O Show, O-sters across the world have taken advantage of the buy OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album promotion to get two albums for the price of one!

It's as simple as purchasing your copy of OBLIVION! from our Official Online Store (either the CD or mp3 version) and then sending your name and address to so we may confirm your order.

NOW, by popular demand from Tha Nation of O, you may ALSO receive a free mp3 of your choice if you purchase any mp3 from OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album for just 89 cents. Same rules apply!

REMEMBER...if you've purchased your copy of OBLIVION! at a live event, it's as simple as e-mailing in a photo of yourself with a copy of your CD. The free unreleased album is a collection of Dan-e-o and Secret Suburbia songs - old and new -that have NEVER been previously released on any album.

The free album will be e-mailed to you in MP3 format. You may recognize some of these titles from past episodes of Tha O Show. Here's the track listing for Tha O Show Giveaway - Exclusive Unreleased Album:

1) Spittin' - Dan-e-o
2) Dear Hip Hop 2007 - Dan-e-o feat. DL Incognito
3) Mister - Secret Suburbia
4) Hurt - Dan-e-o
5) Strong Hold - Sikadime feat. Dan-e-o & Rishaard
6) Land Of A Foreign Time - Secret Suburbia
7) Summer Fling - Dan-e-o feat. Conwell & Giselle
8) Fangin' & Bangin' (Original WWE Version) - Dan-e-o
9) Million $ Dream - Dan-e-o feat. Botany Hill
10) Devil In A Blue Sky V2 - Secret Suburbia
11) It's Over - Dan-e-o
12) Nuthin' Gonna Hold Me Back (1992) - Dan-e-o

And if you weren't sure yet what kind of dopeness you'd be getting on OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album, here's the track listing:

1) Tha O Show Theme
2) We'll Probably Kill You! - The Flatliners' Theme
3) The Ultimate - HHV's Theme
4) Bow To Your Saviour - Sebastian Suave's Theme
5) You're Dead! - The Notorious T.I.D.'s Theme
6) RICO! - Rico Montana's Babyface Theme
7) Girl Dynamite - Jennifer Blake's Theme
8) E.O. (Wrestling Personified) - Eddie Osbourne's Theme
9) The Handsome Genius Club Theme
10) Built To Destroy - Hayden Avery's Theme
11) Tha Prescription - Dr. Mask's Theme
12) Oh My Goddess! - Persephone Vice's Theme
13) Secta De Uno - Rico Montana's Heel Theme
14) Mr. Everything - Lance Malibu's Theme
15) Fangin' & Bangin' - Vampire Warrior's Theme
16) Legendary - Tribute To "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde

Do tha math O-sters. That's 28 tracks for just $9.99! OR 2 tracks for only 89 cents!

What are you waiting for? Buy OBLIVION!

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