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Tha President Of "O" Is Here!

January 20, 2009 will go down as one of the most notable dates in the history of life. Today, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America. Wow!

What can be said that hasn’t been said already? And that will be said a million more times before this week is through. This is truly a monumental moment in time. Some argued this past November - when I first posted a piece about Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain in the election to become president - that this was not a feat so extraordinarily impressive.

Instead, it was regarded by some as merely another accomplishment added to the long list of satisfactory achievements by blacks.

I maintain that today’s inauguration of a black President (let’s just put this whole “he’s half-white” thing to rest already people. You KNOW you don’t consider him to be white) is a moment in time that most people, black and white and everyone in between, NEVER thought would happen.

In his inaugural address, Obama referred to himself as “a man whose father, less than 60 years ago, might not have been served at a local restaurant (but) can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath”.

It cannot be stated any clearer. Black people have experienced lifetimes fraught with prejudice, discrimination and unrelenting hate. Some may view this as an arguable blanketed statement. Meanwhile, the litany of evidence and personal experiences that could cooberate such a claim is so extensive, it would be exhausting to even begin listing them here.

But today, I have no argument. Today is a celebration. Obama’s presidency is not about race. It’s not even about racism. Today is about change. Today is about a brighter future for us all. Today is as positive a day as we’ll ever see in our lives. And hopefully, even better days are ahead.

In his inaugural address, Barack Obama focused his attention on the concept of unity and equality amongst all. Echoing the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - whose birthday was recognized as an appropriate national holiday in the U.S. just yesterday – Obama spoke about working in conjunction with “old friends and former foes” in an effort to bring a greater sense of peace to the world.

Without saying so, it was evident to me that he was referring not just to other nations but to the citizens that make up the very powerful yet divided country he now controls. That being said, today I feel hopeful. I was asked today if I felt that, at some point, there may be an assassination attempt on this new national hero. For the first time ever, I didn’t even consider that possibility.

Over 2 million people gathered in Washington, D.C. to witness this historic occasion. I decided to focus on that positive instead of the tragic possibilities of having evil destroy this celebration of Dr. King’s dream coming true.

I am hopeful that the change that Obama has spoken at length about will come. It may come slowly…as he has affirmed a number of times…but I believe it will come. We are in a happier time today than when Dr. King was leading marches in an effort to see a day like today.

Today, we are in a happier time than yesterday. A time when the nation’s president was equal parts tyrant and buffoon.

Today we celebrate. A true president to “O” for is at the helm.

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Dante Ross said...

I just pray that folks are patient. Too many people I know are expecting instant results. Is it a coincidence that I may have a new job the day after he is elected? Perhaps. Let him settle in, everyone. And I wont get into the half-Black debate. I have two kinds of Native American in me but you'd never know unless I grew my hair and showed my laughable afro.

Obama wins. 100th episode this week. his year is already fucking Otastic!

Buy Oblivion.

Downtown said...

People are already expecting more than one president can ever offer. I remember speaking to one lady after the election, she had so many ill conceived notions that her mortgage payments would go down %200, her bills will be cheaper, her job will payout more, and it made me sad that in her eyes he can only disappoint.

If you were broke this morning, your probably broke right now and will be tomorrow as well. Knowing America, the Messiah complex that has been given to him, will lead down a sad road.

Does this mean Obama can buy Canada now? I'm sure China will loan us the money, we're good for it.

Then again, we might have to wait til after Harry and William duke it out for reign as King. I say Harry will put his brother's bloody head on a pole and TNA will make a match around it.

Bukkake Devil said...

Damn everybody who has to says he is only half-black, half white. Anybody say that crap about his half-sister, who is Indonesian-American? Or about his wife, who nobody can debate is the first Black First Lady. People will point out the stupidest things to talk about.

Being Half Vietnamese, Half German/Irish, you would think I wouldn't have people talk to me like I am Hispanic, but that crap happens.

Obama has a chance to make an impact in the way the United States is viewed by other countries. He has a chance, like any other President, to leave a legacy that will be remembered in history. If he gets the opportunity, that is debatable.

Dan-e-o, thank you for the article. I was hoping, and actually believed, you would be posting this article. One question, what did you think of the opening segment from Raw?

White Profit said...

That picture was photoshopped. He's white.

Kathy said...

Man, some of your O-sters sound like dumbasses...but seriously Dan-e-o Happy Obama to you !! Can't we all just get along

Brad said...

As someone who grew up in a very diverse society (I'm 17) i can proudly say that this is another step towards change (granted its a huge step) and therefore equality. So what if he's half white, this is monumental and one hell of an accomplishment for any man. Best of luck to Barack Obama, and while he obviously won't solve every problem overnight, he can take the steps towards solving them. Happy Obama to Tha O Nation.

Anonymous said...

Um... Aren't you getting a little too excited considering you're Canadian, Dan?

Christopher Casúr said...
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Christopher Casúr said...

Ugh...Downtown, it's so true. Countless people voted for Obama because they believed they would get a free ride from the government, and they simply looked at him as not being the Republican, despite the fact that Bush was undisputably a RINO(Republican In Name Only). People changed their entire attitude towards the Republican party simply because of the actions of one man. And Obama played his cards perfectly, managing to benefit from it. I can't take anything away from his campaign, as I said before, it was the most smartly run campaign perhaps ever in American history.

However...Dan, have you read any of his proposals and plans? Or his Senate voting record, for that matter? Have you also noticed how many of the once very public criticisms of the Bush administration quietly went away over the past few months? Excessive taxes and a wasteful, oversized government are not going away simply because Obama is now the Commander In Chief. If anything, they will be even more prevalant. Sure, the world will like us better, but I'd rather be hated and be free than be loved by everybody and be under the thumb of big government.

Jews and Indians said...

Good to hear that the most discriminated group in history finally had their day.