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Tha A List Analysis

With the dawn of a new school semester, my schedule has now relegated me to covering ECW, and let me say first off that Jack Swagger is entertaining as all hell in the ring. He's incredibly athletic and he's got a lot of upside to him. If used right, he could be a prime time player in WWE for years to come. That being said, he should never be allowed to talk again. Holy freaking Jesus, him on the mic is more ridiculous than a 10-2 hockey score. Sorry, but this is my column now; Buffalo Sabres references will pop up now and then.

Donnie has mentioned in the past that it's hard to take a heel seriously when their hair looks silly. Well, it's equally challenging to take a heel seriously when they have a high voice and a very prominent lisp. Is the art of the valet really that far gone in WWE that they can't find a mouthpiece for this guy?

The worst part is, Swagger can cut a solid heel promo. He did a great job of heeling on Teddy Long and later Finlay, but he falls into the category where his genes put him at a disadvantage from the word go.

I'm looking forward to a feud between Swagger and Finlay. It's the obvious choice since there aren't many wrestlers on the ECW roster, and it's also obvious because Finlay is both a face and a skilled veteran, both of which will help to give Swagger rub. I feel kind of silly giving props for something so blatant, and more than likely inevitable, but hey, good booking is good booking, regardless of the situation.

The Boogeyman is apparently back on TV. He's still not the greatest worker, but he can work his gimmick like nobody's business, and in a business that is supposed to be emotion driven, that counts for something. I don't want him main eventing pay-per-views, but there's certainly a place in a wrestling company for a guy who can work his gimmick. Just ask Goldust or Santino Marella.

The aforementioned Finlay took on Paul Burchill. I'm glad in a way that Burchill was spared during WWE's recent firing sprees. Part of me thinks that with the word being that the spree is not yet over, that Burchill's time in the company may be numbered, but then again, I mentioned that back in August too, and five months later, he's still here.

Mark Henry and Tommy Dreamer had a solid match. Henry's really stepped up his game ever since he was put into a top spot on ECW; it's good to see that he's been able to stay healthy and be an entertaining part of the show, because God knows that for a long time, neither of those were true. Henry has turned it around, and the fans are benefiting because of it.

Dreamer, conversely, is more than likely near the end of his run after having given much to the business; he's been contemplating hanging up the boots for quite some time now, so his deadline angle is the perfect way to not only do that, but also get a ton of heat and rub for whatever heel is able to run him come June. I wonder if maybe Dreamer might just perhaps be a sleeper to win Money In The Bank this year. It's not likely, and there are other ways that they can get more bang out of the MITB gimmick, but it's a possibility.

Swagger vs. Finlay seems the likely ECW offering for the upcoming pay-per-view, which will be a solid match, no doubt. It may very well be more entertaining than the "Raw" Elimination Chamber to boot.

Go Steelers.

Tha Results:
*The Boogeyman vs. Ricky Ortiz (No Contest)
*Finlay def. Paul Burchill
*Mark Henry def. Tommy Dreamer

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Zyrone said...

Hey Casur, quick question that has nothing to do with ECW. Do you think that Victoria's retirement was a shoot? Cause if it was I feel bad for the girl. She was, in my opinion, one of the few females in the E that could work and had been around long enough to help mold these models/ dancers/ gymnasts/ call girls/ crazy black chicks/ crazy white chicks/ an Asian/ and several rats into Trish Stratus knockoffs with no passion for the biz. A very thankless job that her and others like Molly Holly, Lita (when she's not breaking something), Jazz, Ivory, and the aforementioned Trish. Damn shame for her to go out like that.

America's All American American Boy From America Jack Swagger said...

ChriTHtophher Cathur how dare you talk thhit about my lithhp. You call yourthelf a writer and you make fun of my lithp. You athhhole. By th' way buddy, my hair ith awthum.

BigDaddy said...

When did i say it was hard to take a guy seriously if his hair looks silly?

mach23 said...

when u were trashing on y2j and his hair style

Christopher Casúr said...

If it is a work, I don't see the point of it, since God knows they stopped using her properly years ago. I agree that she's been a great worker and a real company soldier; add her name to the long list of workers who WWE underutilized. Given that WWE gave it such little play compared to Trish or Lita's retirement, I'm inclined to say that it's a shoot.

Jack Thwagga-
Try as I might to come up with an equally sarcastic and funny retort, I could not. Whoever wrote this, props to you, because it's excellent. Rack it.

Captain Canuck-
"I will never buy a heel with feathered hair." Your words, brah.

Matt said...

How long before they give up on Rickey Atlas Ortiz Dabone. I wana like this guy, but he hasn't done one thing to grab my attention since he started. His promo with the boogeyman, and backstage, were painstakingly awkward. Hopefully he gets better

Downtown said...

The day of the manager seems to be gone, and for no other reason than money that I can think of.

Recently released (and former ECW GM) Estrada is really what got Umaga over. Umaga is a fine worker and does his gimmick well but it needs a manager to complete it.

Why can't Swagger have one of the no talent hookers in the back talk for him?

Marty Wright should not have to worry about his job. 45 years old, works what I think is the a very hard gimmick to sell amazingly and keeps the body type that Vince wants. Why couldn't he challenge for the ECW title on a second tier PPV? Not main event WM, or even win, but get a good PPV pay day.

Anonymous said...

by Mike Johnson @ 11:08 PM on 1/28/2009

The Associated Press issued the following this evening:

Mickey Rourke won't rumble with WWE superstar

HOUSTON (AP) — A spokeswoman for actor Mickey Rourke says he won't be taking his role as a professional wrestler into a real-life ring after all.

Paula Woods told The Associated Press on Wednesday night that Rourke will not wrestle WWE superstar Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25 in April at Houston's Reliant Stadium.

Woods wrote in an e-mail that the Oscar-nominated actor "will not be participating in Wrestlemania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career."

Rourke portrays professional wrestler Randy the Ram in the acclaimed movie "The Wrestler." He made a surprise announcement about the wrestling event Sunday night on the red carpet before the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Rourke had said he was going to toss Jericho "around the ring like tossed salad."

There's a small chance that this is a work, but I think it's off.