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Tha A List Analysis

To steal a line from JBL, ECW sure is fun to watch. The most entertaining part of the show, though, is that they seem to go against everything that WWE pushes hard for on their other shows. No long, drawn out promos, no juvenile humor, not an abundance of titles. I wonder if Vince even realizes that ECW is doing so well despite going entirely against his vision for the shows.

When I said that there is not an abundance of titles, I should actually say that right now, there is no important title at all on ECW. The only championship on the show has been nothing more than a decoration for Matt Hardy the past few months. Normally, having a belt slip that far under the radar would hurt a show, but ECW doesn't miss a beat. However, that being said, I hope Hardy loses his title next week.

Before I start getting hate mail from three quarters of North Carolina, let me explain. It's no big secret that Matt Hardy is not doing much for the title, and vice versa. But, for a young guy like Jack Swagger to beat the veteran Hardy, who is one of the most over babyfaces in the company, and win the ECW Championship, is a great way to help build a future star. Swagger can help to bring importance to the belt, and can also solidify himself as legit with a good long run. The end result-Swagger and the belt both become more important in the eyes of the fans, and Matt Hardy can continue to do what he does, because losing this title will not hurt him in the least.

It's an argument not unlike the one I made for Vladimir Kozlov prior to Armageddon a month ago, but hopefully this one will manage to come to fruition.

Personally, I'm a mark for "The All-American American". Swagger's gimmick is very timely. Generally, the guy who trumps up being American is a babyface, so it's nice to see a worker on the opposite side of the fence, portraying himself as the self-absorbed, cocky bragadeer that, quite frankly, is becoming a more and more common stereotype of Americans anyway. Not to mention, he's got some great in-ring potential to go with that gimmick. His match last night with Finlay was proof of that.

In other ECW action, The Boogeyman defeated a local indy worker. I honestly thought Boogeyman was about to get released after Jeff Hardy came out with his face painted red and black last Friday on "SmackDown!" I suppose that Boogeyman falls into Goldust territory, where he can work his gimmick so well that he will more than likely have a job in WWE for life, even if he's not doing much.

Val Venis would be a great fit on ECW. Just wanted to throw that out there. Finally, Katie Lea Burchill defeated Alicia Fox. I hope Katie finds her way back into a title hunt, she's one of the better divas in WWE and it would really be a shame if WWE let that go to waste.

Tha Results:
*Jack Swagger def. Finlay
*Katie Lea Burchill def. Alicia Fox
*Boogeyman def. Local Talent
*Matt Hardy def. Mark Henry

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Matt said...

the beginning of alicia foxx's theme song sounds like daneo saying hyyyyyyyypppeeeee. Why do they keep biting from rappers

That's all

Bukkake Devil said...

Thank you for posting an ECW post. I do realize Dan-e-o and Donnie is busy this week with the Oblivion Party, so it does fall to you report all of this week's TV posts.

Criticism you receive is from people that only state you are a moron or a brown-nose. When they actually break down your posts thoroughly with actual arguments, then you should worry. You posting afterwards on post where they don't provide that, well you are giving them what they want.

Unsolved Mysteries: The Moppy & Perry Saturn Episode said...

This isnt directly ECW related, but:

What happened to good ole fashion GRUDGES... you know career long animosity??? We dont get that anymore... one week enemies, next time friends, then frienemies...

and who else thinks making opponents tag the week before is the most over used and dumb as hell match in the history of the new unimproved Pro-Wrestling

Tha Stepdaddy said...

Its an old idea and one I haven't really liked. It's even worse when they get the title. It just makes it worth even less. Who the hell has the other tag belts anyway besdies MnM2.0?! Seriosuly. I cant remember.

Grudges are fucking cool and dont happen as much as they used to. I think thats why HBK/JBL's feud is working so well. It seems like they really just dont like each other. I cant wait till they fight. I miss having that feeling every week.

I'm stil waiting for Swagger. I dont know what I'm waiting for but I'll know when it happens.

Alicia Fox has no ass and that makes me sad. Lea is dull. Where the hell is Burchill going with his career? Why'd they even bring hi back?

Boogeyman finds a way to look even more fucked up every week. Somehow having a full set of teeth makes what he does seem even starnger.

Matt Hardy beat Mark Henry again. Yah...?