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HGC 16: New Year's Resolution 1080p

Happy New Year, everyone! The Handsome Genius Club is back from Christmas vacation with the first of 50 episodes for 2009.

And since it's New Year's, your lovable host, ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES, is talking New Year's Resolutions with co-host TJ HABIBI and guests CHRIS MAVERICK, BIG RON LARMONDIN and "Your Bro" DAN-E-O. Plus, NOAH PANICO reviews Darren Aronofsky's new film "THE WRESTLER", a bunch of NERD NEWS and more info on Kingdom's upcoming appearances for SPACE Television in Canada.

Go to to check out the show!!

2 comments: on "HGC 16: New Year's Resolution 1080p"

donny went to pickel barrel for new years with asylum said...

how nice of dan to give the handsome genius club a little rub by a guest we got two whte guys trapped in black bodies....hyyyyyyyyyyyypppe [dans signature hi pitch harmony]

kathy said...

See what happens when Dan-e-o's not with BDD .... he's an even mouthier lil bitch dissin on anyone cuz Big Daddy's not there to cut him off lol.

Good show again, love Noah he's funny as shit. And thank Tj for the great musak!!