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Rated O Radio - Episode 97

Tha O Show Radio
Episode 97! It's the last day of 2008 and your boys Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o - never ones to take a week off - are back with a brand new edition of Tha O Show.

No "best of" clips, no "year in review", no 2008 countdowns. All new shit y'all!

So before you get drunk and count in the new can count on your boys to bring you tha O's!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs.

The Notorious T.I.D. on "Tha Pit Stop" discussing this past weekend's UFC 92 PPV.

Dan and Don go through some O Phone messages left by you - Tha O-sters! And a winner of an OBLIVION! CD is crowned!

Tha Black Prophet chimes in after a very "brother" dominated UFC event last Saturday.

America's most hated Survivor contestant and former TNA star, Johnny Fairplay debuts on the show for "Road Stories".

And Johnny Fairplay returns for "Tha Round Table"!

Taking us out this week is "Legendary", a tribute to "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde from the upcoming OBLIVION! album.

Don't forget the OBLIVION! CD release party, GCW wrestling event and Ontario Indy Wrestling Awards night is January 9, 2009. Tickets are on sale now through PayPal. Simply click the link on this site to get yours!

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25 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 97"

Anonymous said...

Those weree the most entertaining messages? wow

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Tha O Show staff and tha Nation of O! Can't wait for the first episode of the new year. HYYYYYYYYYYPE!

Lubcho said...

Donnie, Regal vs Punk is this Monday.

Anonymous said...

Regal VS Punk already????? I agreed with what Donnie said. They shoulda WAAAITED!

mkf said...

Wow is right. I should've called the O Phone and won.

Anonymous said...

Fairplay was actually pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year O Show!

craig said...

I disagree with Dan-e-o.... And so did Tid if you listen to what he said. If you have to worry about your JOB then sure you might tap out fast and not get hurt and miss bookings but if you are being a tough bitch you aren't going to submit - just like Tid said he wouldn't.

kathy said...

that was all you had to work with? and i was afraid i'd sound like a tool if i called the o-phone. thats shitalaz
funny ass show again tho.

Happy New Years Guys...Good luck on jan 9,09

Anonymous said...

I think tha O phone is about to get flooded!

Anonymous said...

your show wud b gud if u jus got down to wrestling. no 1 cares bout your christmas presents and u your not celebrities so jus shut up and do your job

Anonymous said...

yo man, tha o show is wrestling, mixed martial arts and SHIT TALK radio. they are doing their job, and a damn good one too.

mkf said...

To that annonymous cunt ... They aren't celebs? Dan-e-o should change their name to AS SEEN ON TV!!

And I was a fan of Donnie years ago! To me, a celeb is anyone you have heard of - but they haven't heard of you.

And the show is OWNED by THEM - they decide what they talk about.
They say all the time, Tha O Show ISN'T a wrestling show... It's everything in one. That's why we love it.

You want a typical boring wrestling show - theres a million of em.

the new black prophet sucks white balls said...

black prophet didnt sound like tid this week...who u guys get to fill in?

Anonymous said...

U.S. government senator Henry Waxman issued a letter to the Officer of the National Drug Control Policy dated today with a recommendation that pro wrestling organizations, namely WWE and TNA, have not effectively dealt with pro wrestling's steroids issue.

After conducting interviews with WWE's Vince and Stephanie McMahon and TNA's Dixie Carter, Waxman concluded: "the information provided during interviews indicate that steroid use is pervasive in professional wrestling and that the organizations involved have not taken adequate steps to address this problem."

The letter reveals that during WWE's first year of steroid testing under the new Wellness Policy, 40 percent of wrestlers tested positive for steroid use "even after being warned in advance that they were going to be tested."

Subsequently, regular exemptions were made to lax the policy. Dr. David Black, the independent third party hired to administer the drug testing policy, became fed up with the program and WWE's handling of it.

Waxman quoted Dr. Black that "it was becoming difficult to deal with talent who were being suspended" and he was "unaccustomed to programs that suspend and you're not suspended," referring to WWE amending the policy that a violation of the policy would lead to certain suspensions, but not from PPV and live TV.

Related to TNA, the letter from Mr. Waxman states that when TNA installed its drug testing policy 12 months ago, 15 out of 60 wrestlers tested positive for steroid use and an additional 11 wrestlers tested positive for other drugs.

Waxman concludes: "The evidence obtained by the Oversight Committee indicates that illegal use of steroids and other drugs in professional wrestling is a serious problem that the wrestling organizations are not effectively addressing."

He recommends the National Drug Control division "examine steroid use in professional wrestling and take appropriate steps to address this problem."
provides the interviews done by congress to the key figures.

I will say a few things about two of the interviews that I have read so far. The first is that Stephanie is a lot more cordial and open about answering questions. She has no problem navigating through what can be considered loaded questions, and not coming off as confrontational. She came off as she was happy to answer any and every question that they had, and give truthful answers - even when it might not paint the WWE in the greatest light. Steph came off as a great spokeswoman for the company, owning up to mistakes that the WWE has made, and mentioning how they are looking into fixing them.

Vince, on the other hand, came off as a spoiled brat who knew he was guilty. Constantly debating the semantics of questions, acting like a petulant child because he was being forced to answer questions and not promo his way out of them. McDivett I will be honestly shocked if by the end of this investigation he doesn't do something to get himself disbarred. Yes, he's a pitbull of a lawyer, but he was very much playing the part of someone that was trying to protect a guilty client.

I have had to deal with lawyers like McDivett before, and they usually end up doing more harm than good for their clients. Especially in an enviroment like this where WWE is already cast in a bad light.

Anonymous said...

Here is one quote of McMahonism done in the interview.

Q I'm also interested in your views about whether there
are risks within professional wrestling if wrestlers are under the
influence of ‐‐ let's start with illegal drugs ‐‐ wrestling in the
ring, performing in the ring under the influence of illegal drugs.

Mr. McDevitt. Define what illegal drugs you're referring to,
please, so we have a clear record.

Mr. Leviss: I guess illegal performance‐enhancing drugs.

Mr. McDevitt. Well, if you talk to pharmacologists, they'll
tell you almost every drug is a performance‐enhancing drug.

Mr. Leviss. I'm not talking to a pharmacologist, am I?

Mr. McDevitt. No, you're but confusing in your questions.
If you would ask what drug you're referring to, then he'll answer your question.

Q Well, do you consider or does the company consider being
under the influence of steroids as a possible safety issue in the

Vince. I don't know.

Q You don't know whether the company considers that at

Mr. McDevitt. He answered your question.

Mr. Leviss. I don't understand your answer.

Mr. McDevitt. You ‐‐ if don't understand his answer, that's
not his problem. You ask the questions; he gives the answers.

Mr. Leviss. This is not about problems, Jerry. This is
about making sure that I have a clear understanding of his answers
to my questions.

Mr. McDevitt. No, it is not about making sure you have a
clear understanding about anything. It's about answering the
question you ask him. He has answered the question you asked him.
If you don't understand, that's your problem.

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy Donnie, you don't need to try and punk Casur on your show to make up for all the damage he's done to this website. You're better than that, don't lower yourself to his level. Firing that rotund mountain of a troll will make sure that your fine website never gets misrepresented again.

Anonymous said...

Dose anyone know were I can see 'The wrestler' on the net.

I'm from Ireland and it i not in any cinema's,

iron butterfly said...

casur is a carrier of a very rare disease. "o cancer". prolonged exposure can cause damage to the nation of o.

the cancer must be removed.

srr said...

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO DOWNLOAD THE WRESTLER AND YOU HAVE BITTORENT GO TO BTJUNKIE.ORG AND SEARCH FOR THE WRESTLER. ( if you dont have bittorrent just google it and download it, its worth it)
hope that helps.

i saw it in the theater a week ago so ill also email my thoughts

its cool that you guys respond to the reports, you should keep doing that. great show as always

LOL, cant believe i was on tha o show! but man was my voice funny. its like that simpsons episode where bart makes homer record his voice, and then he plays it back to homer and homer does a big scream! i felt just like that. maybe next time ill add more machismo in it

thank you donnie! it means so much yo/ ( unless your kayfabing and noone called at all!)

buy oblivion

Anonymous said...

Damn, Vince is gonna end up screwing himself if that's how he portrays himself in these interviews.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spoiling the ending New Black Prophet. I've been looking forward to this movie since BDD first mentioned it, now I know how it ends.


Cenaslayer said...

The Ultimate Warrior thing is a work,its different parts of an interview pieced together,its from a video on Youtube.

the new black prophet sucks white balls said...

^^so vince doesnt like cock?

is that interview really a work?

and the only reason vince was mad at randy savage is because he got skull from stephanie before he did.......

BigDaddy said...

His spoiler of the end of the wrestler was deleted. Sorry I didn't see it sooner