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To Oblivion! And Beyond!

Staff Note: The following is an article written by the newest member of Tha O Show writing team. Please welcome professional wrestler, Shawn Morgan.

So I was sitting in my office the other night, and I decided to text message Big Daddy Donnie to ask him what he likes better: Windows Vista or XP. He gave me his opinion, which was Windows Vista. (Please feel free to leave your opinions, as I'm curious.)

Donnie then followed by asking me if I'd be interested in contributing opinion columns to Tha O Show. After doing some thinking about it rather quickly, I thought, why not? I enjoy taking on creative challenges, so why not this one?

Plus, I have a surprise in store for future articles to kind of stray from the norm so to speak from other contributing O Show writers. Stay tuned.

I was trying to figure out what to write about, and came to the conclusion that Oblivion! is coming up. Now if by chance, your unaware of the show Oblivion!, then I'm not sure how you found yourself at this website when the advertisement is plastered all over the site.

This is going to be a big night for Tha O Show, as it seems they have put a lot of hard work and dedication into putting their CD together, as well as a wrestling show fans know they will get their money's worth (hence the reason I'm not booked), as well as an awards ceremony that has the potential to be a memorable celebration of our great business, and give an honorable nod to those who have strived to become the best they can be inside and outside those ropes.

The reason these awards will be so special in my opinion, is that they will be decided upon by our wrestling peers. That means that an actual awards ceremony, hopefully attended by the mass community of Ontario Indy Wrestling, will be decided upon the people who put in the hard, grueling work, and understand the hard road it takes to be able to perform in front of the hard working paying audience that provide us the privilege of being able to perform in front of them.

It's such an honor to be recognized in such a public manner by your peers. I wish everyone nominated the best of luck, and I am already quite aware that I have no chance in hell in winning Most Improved Wrestler of the year.

If Josh Alexander doesn't win... well that just wouldn't be right. No offense to anyone else, he just hands down, to me anyway, is one of the best guys around here, and I look forward to being able to enjoy watching him on TV someday in the not so distant future.

Not that I wouldn't be honored to win myself, because believe me, I would be, I just think the world of him and his work. I'd say you owe me a beer for putting you over so damn much lately Josh, but I probably owe you gas money or something...

This night will also be special for me for another reason. A guy who has become a pretty good friend of mine in the recent months, and someone who I look up to tremendously, "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde will be coming out of retirement for one night only to take on the man who he was originally set to take on in his retirement match, "Textbook" Tyson Dux.

Growing up in the business, I’d be watching him and he'd get hurt, and just keep going. I always wondered how he was able to flip anywhere from 23-82 times during his sky drill press. I always wondered "how the hell does he do that?!?” Well getting to know Danger a bit better over these past few months, I think I've come up with an accurate assessment...

He is insane.

Now I mean that in the nicest, most respectful way possible. The man is nuts. And I admire him so much for it. He will go to the end of the earth to make sure he is the best at what he does, and it's freaky what he'll do and what he will put himself through in order to achieve that success. He is a true warrior, who battles with passion running through his veins, and true fighting spirit in his heart.

There is no possible way that a man with that much passion can't be torn at the fact he is no longer an active competitor. Now, mix all that together, along with a technical and psychological mastermind as an opponent, Tyson Dux, and you have the recipe for one HELL of a spectacular wrestling match, and one hell of a spectacular evening for wrestlers and wrestling fans alike.

Now I'm not 100% sure on what will be happening with the music, but I'm stoked to see how it unfolds. Personally, I have no idea who all has O Show music, and which songs will be on the CD (perhaps the gentlemen at Tha O Show could provide this info), but I do know that some of the songs I've heard were really well done. From what I've heard, The Flatliners and Sebastian Suave certainly got their money's worth as I think their music adds a dimension to their characters that perhaps your prototypical Rage Against The Machine song can't quite get across.

I've given Dan-e-o numerous compliments for the amazing job he did when he sang The Flatliners down to the ring at an LLW show. You don't see that type of stuff happen at an indy show very often.

So folks, O-sters, wrestlers, and wrestling fans alike, I’d like to say that I look forward to seeing you all there on January 9th for this special evening in Toronto. Tha O Show, GCW, and Emmanuel Melo, who runs the website dedicated to Ontario Indy Wrestling are really trying to do a good thing here, and trying to bring a little honor and prestige back to a business that hasn't been treated with the honor and prestige that perhaps it should be treated with. I hope that we, the OIW community pull together, and make this an annual special occasion and show the business, and its hard working performers the respect it rightfully deserves, if only for one night a year.

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MKF said...

Welcome to Tha O Show Samoa Moe!!

Dan-e-o said...

Welcome to the team asked for it, you got it. Here is the O-fficial track listing for OBLIVION!: Tha Indy Wrestling Album.

1) Tha O Show Theme

2) We'll Probably Kill You! - The Flatliners' Theme

3) The Ultimate - HHV's Theme

4) Bow To Your Saviour - Sebastian Suave's Theme

5) You're Dead! - The Notorious T.I.D.'s Theme

6) RICO! - Rico Montana's Babyface Theme

7) Girl Dynamite - Jennifer Blake's Theme

8) E.O. (Wrestling Personified) - Eddie Osbourne's Theme

9) The Handsome Genius Club Theme

10) Built To Destroy - Hayden Avery's Theme

11) Tha Prescription - Dr. Mask's Theme

12) Oh My Goddess! - Persephone Vice's Theme

13) Secta De Uno - Rico Montana's Heel Theme

14) Mr. Everything - Lance Malibu's Theme

15) Fangin' & Bangin' - Vampire Warrior's Theme

16) Legendary - Tribute To "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde

O-sters, remember to vote for your favourite track for Tha O-wards. Samples will be available soon on my MySpace page and Tha O Show's MySpace page. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

welcome man, gd 1st article,

im lovin fangin & bangin, defo gettin my vote