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Tha SmackDown! ThrowDown!

Jeff Hardy is the champion. Wow. Earlier this year, following his suspension I really wondered if wrestling fans would ever be able to say that. Critics can say what they'd like about his title win, but the near ten-minute pop he got at the opening of "SmackDown!" last night tells the story. Memo to WWE: this guy is your top babyface, he gets the kinds of pops that you wish Cena and Batista got. Sorry, Donnie, you can say this win doesn't mean much, or doesn't make sense, but listening to the fans both Sunday night and last night, they don't seem to agree.

Hardy kicked off the show, and after a huge pop, got on the stick. I still think that less is more with Jeff Hardy promos, because as over as he is, I wouldn't rate him as one of the better talkers in the company.

However, last night's promo was fairly shoot, so I'll give him a bligh. Edge, on the other hand, is the man when it comes to promos.

Edge knows how to play the crowd, and moreover, knows how to play off the Hardys. There's a ton of history between Edge and Jeff, and it's nice to see that WWE is doing the smart, and fairly obvious thing, in mentioning that. These two guys have been fighting since 1999, and they've only gotten better since then. And while I can't stand Vickie's mic work, and am two flubs away from calling her Vickie Adamle, Edge is the best in the company right now at being the psycho heel.

The midcard on "SmackDown!" deserves a huge nod. I remember this time, one year ago, stating week after week that this show would have been so much better if they had a stronger midcard, and it's becoming more obvious as the weeks go by. As disappointed as I am that MVP is now being held back, he's still a decent midcarder, as are R-Truth, Shelton Benjamin, and Hurricane Helms. Props to the writers as well, because even when the midcard consisted of two guys, they still managed to make the United States Championship mean something, and with a likely title switch next week, that hasn't changed a bit. Take note, "Raw". That's how you make something important, even if it's not something that constantly yells "You can't see me!"

I'm a little perplexed as to why John Morrison and The Miz are the holders of Raw's Tag Team Championship, yet are seemingly feuding with Jesse and Festus (this was the dark match last Sunday at Armageddon, for what it's worth). As much as I enjoy both tag teams, it doesn't make sense, because logic would tell you that Miz and Morrison will ultimately win this feud. It would be stupid to have both sets of tag titles on one show.

Edge beat Matt Hardy. I never thought I would be mentioning that with such a dull demeanor, but fuck, man. Matt Hardy won the ECW Championship, and has done fuck all with the belt since then. He didn't defend it at either of the last two pay-per-views. Babyface champions usually are involved in stories that deal with them having to overcome the big nasty heel to retain the title, but Hardy never defends the damn thing. I hate to say it, but he's growing stale in his role as champion. I'm sort of wishing his chase with Mark Henry had lasted longer.

While Miz and Morrison are off doing their thing, the Colon brothers seem primed for a feud with Ezekiel Jackson and The Brian Kendrick. I'm actually looking forward to this. Both Colon brother can work, as can Kendrick, and an extended feud will give me a chance to see more of Ezekiel Jackson. He may be a good worker also, only time will tell. The best part, though, is that if Carlito's busy in a feud, we won't have to deal with the weekly "Is Carlito staying?" gimmick. Yeah, that's right, Donnie, I talked about it, what of it?

Let me make one thing crystal clear. I really, really, REALLY hate the divas division. Most of the girls can't work, the belt is ugly, and now, in the midst of a heel turn, Michelle McCool suddenly seems to have turned face again. What the hell? Maryse, who is a heel, won a championship match, and afterwards, goes up to Michelle McCool and talks smack, only to have her hand slapped away when she tried to touch the belt. What the hell is going on with this division? Come on, man.

I love that WWE is protecting Vladimir Kozlov. I realize that ultimately, his undefeated streak will have to come to an end sooner or later, but considering how many times in the past they've given a guy an undefeated streak, only to have him disappear in three to four months, it's great that this guy is being used properly. I've said it before, but I'll say it again-he's got the look, he can work, and the extra time that Vince took to prepare him was time well spent, because he's going to be a top heel for years to come.

The main event picture on Friday nights is awfully strong right about now, which is great news considering how much less "Raw" has done with far more talent.

Tha Results:
*R-Truth & Hurricane Helms def. Shelton Benjamin & Montel Vontavious Porter
*John Morrison def. Festus
*Edge def. Matt Hardy
*Ezekiel Jackson def. Carlito
*Maryse def. Maria (Maryse earns Divas Championship Match)
*Jeff Hardy def. Vladimir Kozlov by DQ

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Anonymous said...

Typical Casur, no respect for anyone. Without Donnie, you'd be nothing more than some screaming fanboy mark, but you feel like you're free to bash him in your articles.

You're a punk. I hope someday you run into a guy like Johnny Devine. He'd tear your fat ass apart and teach you some respect.

long time oster first time poster said...

i agree with anonymous. casur's just some kid who writes for you guys, but he acts like a hotshot and has pissed off a lot of people in his time writing for the site. just look through the archives and see how many readers were turned off to your site by him.

this guy makes for bad press, in my opinion he should be fired from tha o show staff. the site will be way better if his articles are replaced with real opinions.

Anonymous said...

ecw still has that talent clause with smackdown aswell as raw, so y the hell moan that we see them 3 times a week, there the best tag team out there

Big Poppa Smurf said...

I don't understand why so many people get on Chris Casur's back.

I can't watch the product myself, and is the first place I come to for my weekly catch up on Raw, ECW and Smackdown, because of articles by guys like Casur.

This past week, the site has had articles posted that were written by affilites at, and I didn't want to read them. They were articles telling the spots in the match and how everything unfolded minute-by-minute.

I know a lot of work must go into writing them, so I have respect for what the Angry Marks do, but Casur just states thing to the point, with key points in matches thrown in, which is what I like and what I look for.

The fact that he has an opinion about something is good in my eyes. It makes me want to check it out for myself and see what I think. If something is written neutrally, usually I don't care. If someone writes something like "Edge's promo was AWESOME this week" I'm inclined to look on YouTube or something and see for myself.

As far as bashing Donnie, erm, when? The only time BDD was mentioned was when Carlito was brought up, and it wasn't really a bash at Donnie, just playing up an angle that started on the radio program.

If anone doesn't like Casur because he is opinionated, why listen to Tha O Show? Most of what is said by Don and Dan (and guests) is opinion.

Anyway, didn't mean to rant, and Casur, I'm sure you can defent yourself. You don't need my help.

Keep up the good work Chris.

Downtown said...

If it weren't for Casur (and DJB) this sight would be blank. Wrestling isn't just about events, it's about emotion and through emotion comes opinions and thoughts.

Those that merely complain should try and have a unique thought or opinion, sitting up at 1am or 2am trying to come up with them and putting them out there intent on creating a cohesive article.

Simply put, show up or shut up. Write an article of your own, send it in as quick as you can. It just might get posted. I'm sure CC and DJB would love to read them.

Then again, maybe, just maybe you have no interest in having people criticize you week in and week out.

As far as the show, Hurricane Helms needs to bring back Sugar Shane intro gimmick with the dancin and cheerleaders. I'd mark out big time.

Tha Stepdaddy said...

The tag match was just okay. MVP seemed really winded early on. They need to stop with him losing every week. It makes no sense anymore. This isnt the same kinda losing Santino did where it didnt hurt his credibility. But MVP could be a part of the future of the sport and this is a shit year for him. I hate Helms shorts by the way. As Dr. Girlfriend once said: "Are they long shorts or short pants?"

Morrison can do no wrong to me. Dude is fucking fantastic. And Festus looked different somehow. Not sure what it is. Did they drop the storyline of him being in love and pass it to Kane?

The Edge/Hardy match had so much potential to be better but felt very flat to me. I know Matt is working hurt and all, so why do that sloppy ass moonsault from the top rope?

Ezekial vs Carlito lost to Bathroom Break extended its record to 144-2-1.

Skinny Bitch vs Skinny Bitch. I dont care. Michelle McTaker looks too much like his damned ex wife. Makes no sense. Gotta upgrade, baby.

Jeff is our new champion! He did it for all the rejects (crickets) and screw ups (crickets). Dude, your brother has the underdog markey cornered. Jeff has had more chances than Matt ever will. He cant get his ass whipped against Kozlov the way he did, do sloppy ass WITW (or the Thigh Graze) and have me think hes a threat to anyone. I want crazy ass Jeff back. The one that beat Taker.

And stop knocking Casur for his writing. Especially when most people wryt liek dis n evry fkn pst.

romello said...

Props to Casur for his weekly reports. I tend Bar on Friday nights and never get to see SD.,so Casur's reports are keeping me in the loop. To those who feel the need to bash him,mighht i suggest that out there in the world,exists a dick you perhaps could suck,mainly MINE!

Mach23 said...

where is and what the hell happen to Umaga? did he jus disapear from smackdown or are they trying to remake his character AGAIN since his cousin Manu is on raw? wtf

Mach23 said...

Wow i found this on wikipedia, Fatu suffered a torn PCL at a SmackDown live event in Johnson City, TN on August 2 during a match with Jeff Hardy.

Maybe if he is healthy to come back he can make a royal rumble return?

Skitlez said...

Fuck, Morrison is so money. I marked out big time on the Slammy Awards special when he said he'd like to thank "Admiral Akbar". Hype. I'd like to see the Colon's and M&M have a long program for the straps. M&M is on every show anyway...

Oh yeah, and Casur rules...