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Rated O Radio - Episode 94

Tha O Show Radio
It's Episode 94! And how could it possibly top the porn-star driven intensity of Episode 93? Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o welcome the best damn tag-team on the planet to the studio: The Flatliners, Asylum and Burns are in the house!

Prepare for one of the funniest episodes of Tha O Show ever! To sum it up, today's show is four dudes cracking a lot jokes on each other and laughing their asses off. Almost all regular protocol is thrown out the window as hilarity and hijinks take over.

It is, O-sters, most definitely time to "O"!

Today's episode features...

Tha Os And NOs.

The Notorious T.I.D. on "Tha Pit Stop" discussing this month's strangely untalked-about UFC pay-per-view featuring three HUGE fights.

Donnie and Dan-e-o pit the tag-team of Asylum and Burns against each other for an edition of everyone's favourite game show: "WrestleTrivia!". And the stakes are high!

Tha boys preview this coming Sunday's WWE PPV, Armageddon.

And, of course, The Flatliners stick around for "Tha Round Table".

Today's episode ends off as it should...with the first song created for the upcoming OBLIVION! Tha Indy Wrestling Album: "We'll Probably Kill You!" - The Flatliners' Theme.

Don't forget the OBLIVION! CD release party, GCW wrestling event and Ontario Indy Wrestling Awards night is January 9, 2009. Tickets are on sale through PayPal. Simply click the link on this site to get yours!

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24 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 94"

MKF said...


Anonymous said...



chase said...

I love The Flatliners!!! I just contacted a promoter here in Miami asking to please listen to this show and book them!

Want to see you guys "probably kill someone" in person!

Jim j said...

No Cham Pain
No Video Game Review
No additional guests

and one of my fav episodes ever!


Anonymous said...

Really fun episode. At times it sounded almost like all three announce crews commentating on Survivor Series (clustter) but then someone - Asylum or Burns or Dan would hit a funny one liner and they I bust laughing.

I was dying listening to Donnie do the play by play on Asylum's naked invisible hula hoop.

P.A said...

Great show. It's a shame the round table wasn't longer. You guys should do a backwards show one day and have the round table lead it off and close with the O's and No's. Oh and Santana fought The Executioner (who was being played by Buddy Rose).

MKF said...

A Pulp Fiction episode of Tha O Show MUST happen! Put all the segments in crazy ass spots -- reference things that happened earlier in the show (but we haven't heard them yet).


Anonymous said...

An unrelated note:

From World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Raw Superstar Gene Snitsky as of today, December 11. WWE wishes Gene the best in all
future endeavors.


The White Prophet said...

So just cuz one big corn fed cracker Mike Knox debuts on Raw you can't have another? Snitsky had a goatee, Knox has a beard. So that means he's better?

The truth is, he's not dark enough! Sure, There's room on a 3 hour Raw for guys like R-Truth and MVP ... Tony Atlas can drag his old ass out of retirement and work a match, but two big white bearded mid card dudes on same show? That's too much.

I'm waitin for some whiteist to say, "We all look the same anyway".

Cracker, please.

Tha White Profit said...

You steal my gimmick again, I'll lynch you.


Orangekorn said...

Flatliners theme is Hyyyyyyyyppeee !!

The Black Prophet, your prophet of rage said...

White Prophet and White Profit: Shut both yo cracka asses up or I'll go all Grand Theft Auto on your lilly asses.

donny loves pickel barrel cock said...

thank you for not having the video game review...that shits a fuckin joke im sorry....and thanks for not having cham pain....dan and don you guys did it again..classic show!

i voted for yall in the wrestlingradioawards to....

Anonymous said...

I want Cham Pain back!

Anonymous said...

I want Cham Pain back!

Tha Stepdaddy said...

The only way this show could get any better was if P-Vice and Monica Maple reached through the screen and tickled your balls everytime someone said "Shoot!" This was a damn funny episode.

I lose track of the PPV's and thanks to you guys I think of them and my balls tingle. In a bad way. The Jeff Hardy title chase is done. Its at the point that I seriously dont even care anymore. If he gets it it wont be from HHH and that would've been the best thing about it. Let me tell you how it's gonna go down. Edge will wait until Hardy and HHH take each other out or Kozlov will take Jeff out after he beats Matt and Edge will retain. Sadness.

The Flatliners were funny as fuck. I'm waiting for a Top 5 Reasons why Donnie's Knee segment. Its bound to happen. Excellent show. One of the top 3 episodes for sure. The cool thing is that I dont even have to worry about it being topped as soon as next week.

Timmins Masked Man ME said...

I rented the "Slammy Awards" from Jumbo Video".......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA




Anonymous said...

great episode guys!

O'ster Orangekorn said...

I loved the show like always but was hoping 2 of my favorite segments "shot of brandi" and my ABSOLUTE FAV ! "DAN-E-O's TOP 5" would be on to make it even better..please bring back DAN-E-O-'s TOP 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- O'ster Orangekorn

BigDaddy said...

We wanted to have Brandi on, since Asylum has talked openly about masturbating to her pics on MySpace. Unfortunately, she was busy...

Dan-e-o's Top 5 has become a cult classic.

I'm sure dreads will bust it out soon enough.

srr said...

hahaha, "im invincible"

this show was great i actually laughed alot in this then most episodes.

FINALLY!!!!! big daddy donnie gets cut off FINALLY!!!!! let other people talk yooooooooo.

i hate baseball call me what ever you want sorry, i live in the bronx so dominican guys never let other people play especially if he was a mexican. same goes for basketball, you can only play if your super skilled boooooooring. Thankfully theres other sports like football, soccer, boxint and mma of course. fuck baseball

im still not done with the show yet but the flatliners are funny, wait...

"i hate your bret hart impression donnie"-Asylum

fuck you asylum im not your fan anymore

*tears* : (

Rafael Araujo said...

You don't have to be skilled to play basketball!

don loves pickel barrel cock on yongue and eglinton said...

daneos top 5.. daneos top 5...

daneos top 5 reasons that the draft was kneeeeeeeeeeeee..........