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HGC 14: Strange Visitor From Another Show

Great things are happening for the Handsome Genius Club, folks! First of all, your hero and host, ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES, is going to be making some appearances on SPACE: Canada's 24-hour science fiction station. Yes, the man with the face for radio is going to be a pop culture pundit on the talking picture box!

In fact, a crew from Space is in today filming some of the show in prepartion for AKJ's upcoming appearances. And as if that wasn't good enough, DIAMANTI DAMONS, the current Miss Howard Stern TV, joins us IN STUDIO, to discuss being on the Stern show, her decision to start doing porn and her wild personal sex life. It's a hot conversation with an even hotter girl!

Go to to check out today's show!!

Plus, there's your regular assortment of Nerd News, another edition of "Who Said No To Us This Week?", a promising update on our boy YOSHI, NOAH PANICO with reviews of both "Twilight" and "Punisher: War Zone" and much, much more on today's HGC Radio Show.

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Anonymous said...

Another porn star? HYPE!