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Just "Shoot" Me!

I swear if I owned an “Mmmkay” I would be blasting that damned thing all morning. “No! No! No!” This is of course in regards to the news of Jeff Hardy being found unconscious in a stairwell at his hotel. So far sites have been reporting that it is a work while the WWE and their “Universe” claim its for real. Fuck you if it’s kayfabe.

I get the whole idea of kayfabe. But there is a time and a place for it. There’s also certain wrestlers the shit shouldn’t be used with. Jeff Hardy is one of them. I know it brings a believability to it by saying Jeff, a guy who has been suspended of Wellness Policy violations and known for shitting the bed when it’s time for him to crack that glass ceiling, but in a day and age where wrestlers die all too soon it’s just wrong to even attempt this kind of storyline.

My reaction when I first read this story was “Work.” And then I said to myself, “This is Jeff Hardy.” Dude lives the old WWE adage of “Anything can happen.” This reeks of the old Cena getting stabbed at a night club story. Thank God his doctors hooked him up and he was able to come back with no scars. Shit, DDP wore those bandages on his ribs forever when they were “cracked.” There is a time and place for certain stories and some guys you just don’t do certain storylines with, damn it!

Imagine reading “MVP has heart problems and found in his hotel.” “Regal found unconscious.” “Scott Hall found dead.” These are all believable because they have the possibility of being true. This is why they shouldn’t be used in storylines. I felt the same way when I saw Vickie and Chavo Guerrero in caskets this past Friday on Smackdown. There’s wrong and there’s really wrong.
Remember that some guys have been found dead in hotels. Brian Pillman and Eddie Guerrero are two I think of immediately.

Creative has to start being more creative. They are aiming this shit towards kids but using very adult and very serious topics. They need to start being more responsible with the things they write. Recently internet loon and one of the most famous jobbers Damien Demento stated that there shouldn’t be “dirtsheet” sites, especially when you can go to and read their Industry News. Well, just said that one of their fastest rising stars is in a hospital after being found unconscious. Every other “dirtsheet” is reporting that we are being worked. We live in a “Universe” where kicks to the head lead to movies (Ted Dibiase Jr.), stabbings lead to starring roles in bad films (John Cena in “The Marine“), and we wait until HHH gets “hurt” so he can film something that we’ll never see.

As Phil Collins once said, “This is the world we live in.” And what a fucked up world it is. If they don't want to give Jeff the belt, just keep jobbing him to HHH. Don't trick us with some serious shit especially when other "entertainers" have suffered so much in real life. Kane survived that horrible fire as a child. Mankind overcame his troubled childhood. And Edge will be coming back after surviving the magical powers of The Undertaker. Work. Shoot. Kayfabe. Bullshit. When the lines get blurred none of us will be watching.

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