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Final Resolution Results

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- In the controversial "Feast Or Fired" match, the four briefcases were claimed by the following superstars:
Hernandez of the Latin American Xchange
Homicide of the Latin American Xchange
Curry Man
"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

Lethal's briefcase was opened following the bout, revealing he has earned a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Alex Shelley disputed Lethal's ownership of the briefcase, as Lethal grabbed it from Shelley before he could exit the ring with it!

- ODB, Roxxi and Taylor Wilide beat The Beautiful People and Sharmell when Wilde got the win on Angelina Love

- Thanks to an assist by referee Shane Sewell, Eric Young beat Sheik Abdul Bashir to win the X Division Championship. After the bout, a enraged Bashir bloodied the referee. However, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette came out and took the title from Bashir and refused to give it back!

- Christy Hemme beat TNA Knockout Women's Champion Awesome Kong by disqualification after Kong's manager Raisha Saeed got involved

- Beer Money Inc ("Cowboy" James Storm and Robert Roode) retained the TNA World Tag Team Championship over Abyss and "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan when Storm used what looked to be a pair of brass knuckles on Abyss to get the pin.

- The Motor City Machineguns asked Mick Foley to overturn the decision from the Feast or Fired match, which would give them Lethal's Tag Team Title shot. However, when Shelley and Sabin went to the ring to wait on Foley's decision, TNA newcomer Suicide made his surprise debut and attacked the Machineguns!

- Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle defeated "The War Machine" Rhino (with Mick Foley serving as special enforcer) after Al Snow made a surprise appearance to distract Mick Foley! With Foley's back turned, Angle nailed Rhino with a chair and hit the Olympic Slam to get the pin. Afterwards, Angle told Foley he's demanding his rematch with Jarrett at "Genesis", and he's coming to kick Foley's ass after he's done with Jarrett!

- The Main Event Mafia defeated TNA Frontline in the featured bout, with Sting's TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Samoa Joe was on the verge of defeating Sting when Kevin Nash interfered and hit Joe with a low blow, allowing Sting to hit the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win!

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romello said...

I watched this shit fest last night and to quote Richard Pryor"Give me EVERYBODY'S money back" TNA has awesome talent on it's roster,but much like a dude who goes to a strip club in a wheelchair.They just can't do anything worthwhile with it. The Main event could have been interesting,but putting your World Title up for grabs just devalues the belt and is just fucking dumb! The Knockout division is still top notch,and as hard as Christy Hemme gets my dick,she has about as much business being in a championship match as Batista does a microphone. All in all another epic cluster fuck by the flying monkeys at TNA.

Christian said...

Welcome back Fallen Angel.
And the break-up of LAX seems imminent with the both of them getting a shot at gold.
Most of us didn't even knew that Suicide would debut at the show.
I think that there are a select few who knew of him coming to Final Resolution,so a stupid way of hyping up a new superstar.
They Feast or Fired match was the best on the card and after that it went all from bad to worse.

Troy said...

Someone wake me when this shit is over

The Great Sudoku said...

really WTF. How is Al Snow even relevant?

TNA continues to bring in talent from WWE, now they're bringing in second-rate talent.

Come on TNA, stop trying to being a second rate WWE! Its time to showcase your in-ring action and put that over as being better than what you see in the WWE. You want an Impact? How about instead of bringing in Al Snow you brought in The Great Muta?