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Tha Survivor Series Preview

I've been meaning to do this all weekend, but perhaps there was a reason that I put it off for so long. The most recent Jeff Hardy incident, as reported by O-ster "Recursive" in this week's "Friday Night Fallout", drastically changes the shape of tonight's WWE Championship Match. I've suddenly got a feeling that an emergency phone call was made to Mr. Copeland...

Along with the WWE Championship Match, there are 5 other matches on this card. To me, 6 seems like a small number, which means that hopefully some of the better matches will be allowed to go longer. The only problem is, there aren't that many good matches on this card. Regardless, here we go with the predictalaz...

Undertaker vs. Big Show-Casket Match
Undertaker and Big Show are two of the best big man workers of all time. If they're given a decent amount of time to just work, instead of focusing on the casket gimmick, this match could be solid. As far as a prediction, I honestly don't know which way this one will go, which I suppose makes it even more interesting. Yeah, Big Show's the monster heel, but big run-ins in Undertaker casket matches generally only occur when it's a title match. I'm going to say Undertaker, because it's a big pay-per-view and it's his match.

Team SmackDown! (Natalya, Victoria, Maryse, Maria, and Michelle McCool) vs. Team Raw (Beth Phoenix, Jillian, Candice, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly)-Divas Survivor Series Match
Wow, I am so not interested in this match. Heels and faces on one team almost always leads to people on the same team fighting, which means this will probably turn into one giant catfight free-for-all. If I wanted to watch pointless fighting, I'd go watch "Degrassi". No, that's a lie. I still wouldn't watch it. Hopefully this match will remain sane long enough to see Victoria or Natalya get in some work with Beth Phoenix or Mickie James, that's all I really care to see out of this match. I'm also betting this is when Candice gets hurt again.

The only saving grace of this match is that this is hopefully when we'll get to see Santino cut a promo. I'll say that I think Santino's presence will allow Beth Phoenix to be the sole survivor, but I know I'm going to shit the bed if I start picking survivors.
Winner-Team Raw (Beth Phoenix)

Team HBK (Shawn Michaels, Cryme Tyme, Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali) vs. Team JBL (JBL, Miz & Morrison, MVP and Kane)-Survivor Series Match
Poor Shawn. His team is so knee it's remarkable. I want this match to come down to Michaels vs. either Morrison or JBL, and then have them go at it for a good 15 minutes, but that's really wishful thinking on my part. Realistically, I think Michaels and Khali survive, and JBL, the last man eliminated, takes umbrage at that, setting up Michaels vs. JBL at Armageddon in Buffalo.
Winner-Team HBK (Michaels and Khali)

Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin and William Regal) vs. Team Batista (Batista, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy and R-Truth)-Survivor Series Match
I'm really on the fence on this one, because there's a lot of different ways they could go with this match. The obvious and safe guess would be to pick Batista, but I don't think that a captain will be the survivor in every match. I'm going to go somewhat out on a limb and say that Matt Hardy will be the sole survivor. He's over enough where fans will buy it, and if he's being pushed on ECW, a big win in a multi-brand match may legitimately being some legit legitimacy to the ECW title, and that's a shoot. Props to RJ City for his impersonation of Big Daddy Donnie.
Winner-Team Batista (Matt Hardy)

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho-World Heavyweight Championship

Cena's homecoming, his first title match back. He's had both before, and came up short both times, as I've talked about in recent editions of "Tha Raw Report". They're going to try and milk Cena for all he's worth, and that means we're going to see multiple title matches between Cena and Jericho before the title finally switches. Jericho may not be the best champion ever, but he's miles ahead of Cena, whether the orthodontic crowd likes him or not. I say that Jericho gets disqualified, because, you know, Cena never loses clean.
Winner-John Cena by DQ

Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov-WWE Championship
Am I getting ahead of myself? Probably. This could always be a work. Everybody knows about Hardy's past problems, so they run an angle where he's supposedly out, only to have him show up at the last second, perfectly fine, and win the WWE Championship. However, I doubt that scenario simply because of who the current champion is.

There's also the distinct possibility that WWE will make an emergency phone call in the next few hours asking Mr. Copeland to prematurely end his time off. Slightly more likely than the Hardy work, but still possible. I think an Edge vs. Triple H vs. Kozlov match would be great, personally.

Also, I don't know the exact date when Christian's TNA contract expires, but if it already has, there's also the chance that WWE has already scooped him up and will throw him into this match. They've toyed with the idea of putting him on "SmackDown!" upon his return, and this would be a huge way to bring him back. I'd pop, but again, not likely.

In all likelihood, Jeff Hardy being rushed to a hospital simply means that Jeff Hardy is no longer in tonight's title match. I dig Vladimir Kozlov, and I'd love to see him with the gold, but I can't see creative being willing to put the belt on a guy that quickly, even if it means ending his undefeated streak. As bad as I want the Moscow Mauler to win, I gotta go with Triple H.
Winner-Triple H

Well, there you have it, O-sters. Hope to hear some predictions from you guys, and I'll have the results and a full review up after the show ends.

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D.J.B. said...

Edge was in Boston last night. So it seems the phone call was made a day before Jeff was found half dead on a stairwell.

So Edge got to Boston took out Hardy and did this to secure his spot in the triple threat. Maybe, maybe not, but it seems likely.

Bukkake Devil said...

Undertaker vs. Big Show
Winner-Big Show via interference from Edge.

Diva Team SmackDown! vs. Diva Team Raw
Winner-Team Smackdown(via Sanitno misunderstanding.)

Team HBK vs. Team JBL
Winner-Team HBK (Michaels, Mysterio and Khali)

Team Orton vs. Team Batista
Winner-Team Orton (Orton and Rhodes; Ted DiBiase, Jr. run-in.)

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho-World Heavyweight Championship

Winner-John Cena by DQ; Hopefully WWE doesn't do the same thing as last year with Cena/Orton match, slapping the ref.

Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov-WWE Championship

If Hardy incident is shoot:
Winner-Kozlov, with Triple H going to win the Royal Rumble.

If Hardy incident is work:
Winner-Triple H, with Jeff Hardy being pinned, coming out to the ring without medical clearance.

Could WWE be making the change for a Jeff Hardy Royal Rumble win? It would seem unlikely to put that much faith into a guy that has had a few issues, but look at last year's Rumble.

And more importantly, why can't we have a curtain jerk match, Hardcore, Falls Count anywhere, Survivor Series match. I know it is a blowing your load type match, but I would pay to see that match, Just because it has never been done.

D.J.B. said...

I forgot to include my predictions in the last comment.

Cena vs. Jericho
Cena wins because according to the E it's been too long since he was champ.

Taker vs. Big Show
Taker wins

Triple H vs. Kozlov
Triple H wins because, well because he's Triple H.

Team JBL vs. Team HBK
Team HBK picks up the win. Something tells me that they'll make me vomit and Rey-Rey will get the win.

Team Orton vs. Team Bati
Team Bati wins, Batista and Hardy

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown
Team SmackDown because Michelle McCool has "connections."

D.J.B. said...

This was reported by Bill Behrens. Note that DJB was the first one to say this, earlier today before this was posted.

Various sources confirm that the story WWE posted on early this morning is a "work", and that Jeff Hardy was not found unconscious nor was sent to the emergency room.

As we reported earlier, Edge is in Boston, having arrived yesterday.

It is assumed by most that the Hardy story will be flushed out on the PPV as an attack by Edge.

Not sure this was the best way of doing an angle, and it will make trusting for news of any type difficult at best in the future, if this was indeed an angle that started there.

Anonymous said...

i got money saying that the jeff hardy thing is a work and the story will be edge took him out