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Tha A List Analysis: OK UK

This wasn't the best ECW show in ages, but it was good enough, and good enough still to be Tha A Show. I mean, really they're in the UK and they have to get a local guy face time. It just happened to be against Mark Henry. Sorry guy.

The highlight of the night though was the much anticipated match between Matt Hardy and Finlay, who happens to like to fight. Finlay that is.

Do you really need any other reason why ECW is great? John Morrison is one of the five guys who the future of this company rests on his shoulders. JoMo, Orton, Punk, DiBiase, and Cena to an extent, I hate to say it but it is true.

John Morrison is charasmatic, he can work, and he can work all types of other workers. He goes toe to toe with Michaels and H, then he can go toe to toe with Cryme Tyme and make himself and his opponents look good every time. That's what the company has to have.

The 5-1/2 man tag team match was great. I thought so anyway. Jack Swagger is impressive, he needs work, but he's impressive to be as young and as green as he is. His Goldberg-esque streak isn't just for the fact that it's Goldberg-esque but hey take it where you can get it right?

You can't go an article without me singing the praises of Matt Striker and Todd Grisham. These guys are it. It doesn't get better, point blank, period. I never thought I'd say that about any wrestling announce duo on TV, but I have and I'm glad it's these two. They have chemistry, and they make up for one anothers flaws.

I have this funny feeling that everyone who tried to disagree with me on the overness of Matt Hardy will shove this edition of ECW in my face. "Dude didn't you hear that the crowd was 50/50?" Yeah, I heard it, but I also realize that it's in the UK and Finlay is a face anyway. Next.

The match itself was good. I don't have that many complaints, actually I can't think of any offhand. Matt Hardy retained, Finlay still looks strong, leaves the door open for something down the line. I personally would dig a Finlay heel turn. Hardy can't go heel at this point. He's actually a pretty entertaining heel if you remember.

I know I've said this before, but I really wish ECW was two hours, but then again I know the E would change the formula and ruin it. Maybe have two ECW's a week. ECW could do it, it has the talent that doesn't get used, so it could actually work. I just hate that Elijah Burke isn't on any roster anymore.

There are some EB articles on the web, but I haven't read them, I don't have much time for dirt sheets anymore. Maybe some dirt sheet reader can enlighten us on what really went on there in a comment. I'd like to know because EB had tons, and I mean tons of upside. One little complaint though. Is this Boogey thing going to happen anytime soon?

Quick Results...
*MnM & Jack Swagger def. Cryme Tyme & Tommy Dreamer
*Mark Henry def. British guy
*Matt Hardy def. Finlay to retain the ECW Championship

5 comments: on "Tha A List Analysis: OK UK"

Anonymous said...

So is Cryme Time on ECW now???

mak said...

JoMo? Thats lame.

Downtown said...

Please don't give WWE any ideas, One of the reasons I love ECW is that it's only an hour. I have to force myself to watch 2 hours of Raw or SD or TNA when I feel like it.

Morrison has really came leaps and bounds over the past few years. He's gonna have to go back to singles again soon, maybe Mercury will comeback and he can team with Miz.

pyro said...

JoMo was a Matt Striker comment a few weeks ago. I kind of like it and DJB has used it since he heard it. Gotta love constructive criticism though.

I thought the show was great, and once again I look forward to the ECW articles week in and week out, whether it's Casur or DJB. Keep up the good work ECW and keep up the good work guys.

RObbie Nekoda said...

Striker calling the Stroke AND the Flatliner?

What a guy.